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Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by motortrend, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. motortrend

    Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

    Do you think we will be able to control the top from opening or closing or do you think it will be open for some races and closed for others? Do you care to have control over a convertible top? Do you think that having the top down in the game will affect aerodynamics? I made this thread to discuss convertible cars and how they will be in the game. What I want is the tops to be well modeled and I don't care if we don't see animations or have any control over them as long as cars can be driven with the top up or down.
  2. Crooooooow

    United States MD

    I'd probably not be excited if you could. It wasn't much when you could operate the top in Midnight Club LA.
  3. happycorey

    United States Florida

    In GT4 the top was down on some/most cars in practice races. Never for actual events
  4. Strikey182


    When taking pictures of your car, it would be cool to be able to take the top off, but for races? considering a lot of cars you have to be still or going very slowly when the roof is getting put down, it would be pretty pointless to be able to change during a race. However deciding in your garage whether you want it to be up or not during races would be pretty cool, but i think the performance should change respectively :)
  5. GT Mode Practice it was usually down, Arcade mode, you had the choice, you could race time trial and head to head against (1)AI with the top down but not single player (vs 5) with the top down.
  6. Aero2000

    Sweden Eldsberga

    I would liked to have the control over the top on all convertibels and targa cars, when I select the car, but not during the race...

    Sorry my english
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  7. opladener


    Yeah, it wouldn't make much sense to open/close the top during races.
    Besides, there are too few buttons on the DS3 already.
    Just make it an option when selecting the car from the garage.
  8. crazytortise


    I don't care if the top is up or down. I'll play the game to race which is what it is, a racing game. Not cruise around with my arm hanging out the door with the top down and wind blowing through my hair.
  9. SigmaViper11


    I think, it should be a choice in everything. Specially with a roll cage installed. Why not?
  10. I'm sure that it'll be an option in the pre-race screen.
  11. happycorey

    United States Florida

    I doubt there will be a choice, but it was nice to have the cars modeled with the top down in most cases.
  12. Revelation1115


    it would be cool to be able to put the top down coz convertibles were made to do that
  13. Don't forget the Cigarette in the mouth and the loud music with the shades :dopey:
  14. MGS2 Snake


    Convertibles are not sometimes the best, because of that
    folding roof in the back.Ok, sometimes thay might look awsome,
    but... Its just style over substance.
  15. I'd like to know what happens if your driving your convertible on, oh lets say Circuit D La Sarthe and all of a sudden it starts raining :dunce:

    Either rain will be set on some circuits so convertibles have their tops on, or convertibles won't be allowed to race on circuits featuring rain or what I said above. It'll start raining when your driving around with no roof
  16. hugo24

    Australia TAS

    Should def be able to drive with the roof down, the Ferrari California in GT5P felt like a convertible because cockpit cam you could see the sky and out of the car better. In Forza it had the roof on and was nothing like the same experience. If I have a supercar convertible like the R8 convertible I don't want it to feel like i'm driving the coupe.
  17. finnracer

    United Kingdom Brighton

    But what will be the situation with standard convertables??
  18. Johan


    The cockpit starts filling up, and the car gets heavier and heavier ...:dopey:
  19. finnracer

    United Kingdom Brighton

    Unless its made by BL, in which case it has plenty of gaps to flow out!!;)
  20. Accelerate


    Seeing as they are GT4 models and convertibles in GT4 had the roof down, I don't see why not.
  21. Sasek

    Poland Proland

    Convertables cars in my opinion they are not for racing... They are heavier than cars with roof, usually understeer or oversteer due to lack of roof or with worse aerodynamics. It would be a nice addon to the game, but only for premium cars. I will don't endure the absence of the dashboard in standard cars. Useing the roof material would be funny because it should wave on the wind, except that the car would have a hard folding roof. Then yes. Mounting a safety cage to race in that car would be contrary to the purpose, I think.
  22. IMO convertible cars in games like Granturismo just miss the sole purpose of having one. The wind in your hair, so unless you put a fan in front of you when the top is down. The top should just stay up :)
  23. Folkedahl

    United States MN

    I remember reading in GT4 the convertibles could only have the top down with one or two cars on the track because it was too much to render the driver and more than one other car.

    I would like to have the option to put it up or down before the race.

    You guys saying convertibles aren't for racing are playing the wrong game. There have always been lots of cars in GT games that don't exactly belong on a racetrack. That's one of the reasons I like GT so much.
  24. GT-Roadie

    Germany East Bavaria

    Do not say, that convertibles are not for racing, because the most racing cars before the 70s had no roofs!
  25. terminator363

    Bulgaria Canada

    I don't really care, I had it in NFS Porsche, I never used it.
  26. SigmaViper11


    True, but I've never seen a 427 Shelby Cobra with a solid roof.
  27. I really love that the convertible cars are roofless in the garage and the dealership in GT5P. It really adds character.
  28. xNEVER-ONEx


    roll bars would have to be a pre requisite for competition racing for converitibles
  29. Griffith500


    Yes, and when it rained, you got wet! :p
    Convertibles are not the same as open-top cars. ;)

    Also, I watched an episode of Best Motoring International where a slew of convertibles were tested around Tsukuba, and all of them were faster with the top down. :crazy:
  30. FlourescentBlak

    PSN:FlourescentBlack and FlourecsentBlack

    I hope you can choose top up or down in the garage or the pop up menu before a race.

    I like convertables. The Art Morrison vette in GT5P is awesome in cockpit view.
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