Course Maker tracks brought back to life

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You've heard right.
After my modding on GT5, I am currently in the process of making a rather massive mod for GT6 which should easily double or triple the length of the game and while doing so this discovery happened rather randomly while working on my event generator for both games, and after a couple of attempts it turns out there is a very easy way to play these tracks again. Now by easy it still means that you need a modded console (discussion about this is not allowed) and basic understanding on how to repack a few game files but its nothing complicated at all, you can use custom tracks in actual events, making modding possibilities quite huge (i.e a f1 championship with f1 track replicas).

The way it is possible is probably the original way that Polyphony Digital used to make seasonals that took place on Death Valley for instance, and reverse engineering the process made it quite clear.

You might be familiar with how course maker tracks are represented in the game, .ted files. These files exist in the game as an encrypted form for the few samples. They are also bundled within replay files (and if you do have replays with custom tracks, I urge you to archive them as a global database is something i'd consider doing.)

Events in the game are represented in a basic format, XML's. You can customize them very thoroughly, and it turns out that they also allow for directly bundling these .ted files in.

Some examples >>
Gran Turismo®6_2.png Gran Turismo®6_3.png Gran Turismo®6_4.png Gran Turismo®6_6.png

This feature will soon be available on my event generator.
If you're interested you may have a read at this very helpful thread to create and/or extract .ted files from your game:
Stupid (& potentially off-topic) question, but I can't get the event generator to work. What do I need to do?
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I didn't know how much I needed to find this. After parting with GT6 years ago and moving on to GT Sport, I've found myself wanting to come back to GT6 again. I recently re-visited my old thread surrounding discussion of the modified track path editor, and the latest reply brought me here. Although I no longer own a physical PS3, I can enjoy knowing that the spirit of track-making lives on.

Yeah, this is precisely what I wanted. Gonna keep a close eye on this for any new developments that might come about, even though it's been a while.
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Is it possible to mod the replay feature by adding more camera angles? Can you utilize the various stationary camera angles found in photo mode to view a race replay?
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In the Entries tab using the car picker, I get an error when trying to add cars to the AI pool or as fixed AI, see the attached image. Any idea what it's about? I tried the two most recent versions of the event editor.

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(The second line says "Object that can have the value null must have a value")
I am betting your Base Skill is blank causing that error.
I just learned about this, is there any way to have a server with those trackfiles which are linked here in the forum? I took quite a break from GT and want to try some of the tracks that are on that list. Portimao for example (obviously) I think it's a great track but all the links to the Sony servers are dead of course...

Will try to get the event generator to run...