CRC T-Mobile Cup Series--Sony 150 Mar. 23rd (Saturday Evenings 7-10 p.m. EST)

Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece
Schedule says Bathurst is tonight, but it doesn’t seem things are updated that much on here
Another league (VRR) was organising a 600km race at Sarthe (took around 2,5 hours I believe?) and many people from CRC took part there. Race will happen next weekend, while the rest of the calendar will remain as it is.
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United States
Schedule says Bathurst is tonight, but it doesn’t seem things are updated that much on here
I keep forgetting that there are people not on Discord. My apologies. Yeah, Bathurst got moved to next weekend to give some of our drivers the ability to refresh after the VRR race.
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United States
Tokyo South this weekend, probably one of the more hyped up races this season aside from the ovals. Hope to have a decent turnout.
1) #96: cshardy62096 @Clayton Hardy (Race Director, Lobby Host)
2) #80: nascarfan1400 @nascarfan1400 (Lobby Host)
3) #1: trobes29 @trobes29
4) #6: The_Eh_Team_43 @Eh Team
5) #9: GTP_Bambi @Whitetail
6) #13: cool_kiwi_12 @PinkKitty13
7) #21: GTP_Crim @DcrRaikkonen
8) #22: GTP_GTRacer22 @GTRacer22
9) #24: Jahgee1124
10) #25: VERT_CJohn @CrazyJohn
11) #28: GTP_formidable @Formidable
12) #41: Mikhail24RD @Mikhail24RD
13) #48: Ax4xGearhead @Ax4xGearHead
14) #51: The-Flash05 @TheFlash05
15) #54: TetsuKobura54 @TetsuKobura
16) #61: WeatherSystems @FireEmblem10
17) #76: RacingHeartGT @YayoiGT2
18) #97: Leadfoot530 @Leadfoot530
19) #99: RSD-Hoodca11 @RSDZack1716
20) #00: bloodyboyblue @bloodyboyblue
I’ll probably be out until Monza. Hate Tokyo and probably won’t have the patience to race that long at Stage X. Mostly just looking forward to the (reasonably sized) oval/no tuning races.

There’s a pretty long streak of tracks I’m terrible at going here. Panorama is one of those, combined with tuning, I was out to lunch last week. I’ll just be even more in the way at Tokyo.
It's cold here
The series is about to enter the Chase, but there is 1 final bonus point to settle for the start of the Chase. The Old Spice 300 at Blue Moon Bay is the last regular season opportunity for a win, 150 laps of strategic speedway racing lie ahead, and you could win it too! The Mustang Gr.3 Road Car is back on the mileage exchange just in time for the final 5 races. If you like close, hard racing don't be shy, we'll be happy to show you the ropes.
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United States
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