CSL Elite Wheelbase + vs. PS4 Starter kit

United States
United States
I'm planning on upgrading from Thrustmaster T300RS (broken) to Fanatec hardware. I might be overthinking this, but wanted to see if anyone had some details about the wheelbase that comes in the PS4 Starter kit compared to the CSL Elite Wheel Base + stand alone. Is the stand alone a newer version or have any different features or compatibility? The "+" is throwing me off.

I'm going to be using it for GT Sport initially and eventually F1 and GT7 on PS5.

Here's my two options and my choice would depend on the wheel base. I really want the Formula V2 wheel!

CSL Elite PSL Starter kit
Clubsport Formula V2 wheel
LC add on kit


CSL Elite Wheelbase +
Clubsport Formula V2 wheel
CSL Elite Pedals LC

The first package comes with the PS4 round wheel and is only about $100 more, so would lean that way if the wheel bases are identical.

Any opinions welcome!
*tagging @DomB_Fanatec for expert advice