Custom Defaults for Traction Control & ABS, with Poll

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 6' started by grog, Aug 10, 2012.


Would you want the option to set defaults for all of the driving aids

  1. Yes, the more options the better.

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  2. No, I dont need it.

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  3. I dont care either way / indifferent.

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  1. grog


    United States
    I know this isn't a new Idea, it used to be in old GT's, and many players have asked for it.

    So instead of having a "set" Traction control level of 5 and ABS 1 (along with all of the other aids) on every car, allow us to choose our own Defaults for these aids.

    This would be a sort of "Master" setting that all cars would default to, unless changed individually.

    Having to reset these for every car gets very tedious.