Custom Parts You Wish Were in GT Auto

Custom parts from bumpers to full kits would be the best.
With more rims and interior customization such as additional gauges, seats and steering wheels etc.
And the best for finale RM models!!!!
How about full resto-mod ability on all cars, there are some older cars that cannot get aero, carbon brakes, turbo/SC on stock motors, more motor swaps (within reason)
I would want custom digital gauges (similar to modern racing cars) with max RPM options especially those with high-rpm engine swaps such as the V8 Suzuki swap.

My OCD screams whenever I see the tachometer needle gets stuck at the limit of a normal gauge yet the engine keeps rotating. I play in cockpit view most of the time.

GT6 once had this, so it should be possible within the realms of GT7. Heck, even decades-old Juiced 2 made fully custom interiors possible.
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I would like that the widebody kit for the Porsche 930 were the fender flares from the 934 RSR.
The option to have a Fully stripped racing interior (like in NFS Shift 2) would be welcome as well
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Pandem rocket bunny, LBWK, Veliside bodykits, carbon hood, carbon wings, damascus paints, camo paints, rotiform wheels, nismo wheels
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Since Viper Gr.4's wing (available for the road-going 2013 Viper) is the GTS-R wing, I think that wing should also be available for the GT3-R.

And don't forget about the WRC wing for the GD Blobeye.
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I think I'd rather have entire cars from tuners be added, rather than just have their respective body panels available. For example, I'd really like to see the TRD 3000GT, which is a modified Toyota Supra (A80) for those who don't know. I'd personally say it's very similar to how we have both the Nissan Skyline GT-R (R33) and the Nismo 400R.
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Can't believe no one's mentioned it yet. :irked:

The proper spoiler for the A70.

it would be crazy if road cars had time attack "vehicles aero parts" as "extreme custom part " options ...
they could even implement it on online time rent vehicle...
like nippon tsukuba time attack challenges in real life...or nurburgring audi r8 1:1
more HP, better aero..etc
not like fictional NFS parts..but more like real life hill climb aero parts, or as I said time attack
Is there a popular car game that offers a very potent livery editor like GTS/GT7 where you can share your decal designs, combined with abundant visual modifications? Mods can be included for this!
Do you guys mind if I can revive this convo?

As of update 1.42, despite its limitations, GT7 customization is still good for the quantity of the cars given its attention to detail (the livery editor is one of the best, points for that). There's a good emphasis on tuning as well.

Many cars have cool modifications like the Porsches, AE86s, Silvias, etc. However, besides giving out more engine swaps, I hope there are more important visual components to change like hoods, side mirrors and even more interior mods. Are you guys 100% certain such will happen?
NFS unbound or Heat is your best bet. We're probably not getting much new features in GT7. I think they're wrapping up
Something I think would be cool would be to be able to change which side the drivers seat is on in each car (where applicable). Not for any practical reason, but more to help with the immersion for people using VR and a rig set up.
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I'd be down for more wheel designs, especially various center-lock wheels. Or maybe more wheel designs from the newly-added wheel brands that debuted in GT7, like Spoon and Hayashi Racing.
I want to be able to tilt my exhaust...
Also I demand more tyre width options.. IRL some cars need WIDE WIDE tyres and to choose widths between front and rear!! and althought most of it is covered... simply not enough options for me lol Carx had a great system here. Tears apart GT's customisability imo.. and what is with all the missing real car paints.. feels like half the catalogue is simply missing? And what about new colorshift paints??? WHERE ARE MY NEW RIMS?? Give me another 50 new ones

we need Hood options... duh. Could've reintroduced the carbon bonnet from GT6.. anyways

And things not for Gt Auto:
why must traction control work when in sand ;;?? and why can't I go into reverse at 5mph?? aggravating lack of control
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Racing cockpit for ours heavily modified cars, it ruins the immersion and it's ridiculous to be able to make a full-fledged street car into a real home made race car but still see a stock cockpit.
Racing cockpit for ours heavily modified cars, it ruins the immersion and it's ridiculous to be able to make a full-fledged street car into a real home made race car but still see a stock cockpit.
This is just a matter of resources. It would be too much effort for PD to individually add interior customisation to every car, though I expect it for GT8... The least they could've done though is let use replace the stock steering wheel with a selection of 10 aftermarket ones