DiRT Rally 2.0, F1 2018 and More 50% Off in PlayStation Double Discounts Sale

Wrc7 is 13$cad here in canada. Really nice game with a controller.
Mudrunner 19cad. Great with controller and wheel.
Edit: i just got mxgp pro on ps4 at 80% off. I thought it will be average at best but i tried it now and wow impressed. The graphics are nice and clear and smooth for now in practice. The sound is great. And the physics and controls are amazingly well done. In standard and in pro physics.
Going to have fun with this. Check it out @barryf1fan , looks sounds feels pretty damn good and real.
Only thing i find a little strange is they set the body posture for back forward on the right stick. Maybe because you need to also shift your weight from side to side independently of the bike steering. Need get it used to it.
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