DiRT4 -Post your latest photos! :)

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I thought I would keep this separate again from the main discussion/Video threads. I downloaded this and got playing this morning, graphically the cars look better than Dirt Rally in detail but it is the same game engine so there are some areas where it looks worse and some that look great (mainly at speed_not still). There is no photomode and only a limited replay again where you can't change between cars (only your car) but you do get to rotate around the car. The good thing on PS4 Pro is you get to take them at 3840x2160px so they actually look better than on screen!

Handling is a great improvement on DS4 the RallyX cars and tracks on tarmac are fun now! 👍

Here are a few to start the the thread off ;) I managed to make my own 'motion blur' by replays!....

3840x2160px #PS4 Pro

Cool @MeanElf looks like wipeout is on hold then, let us know your thoughts and I look foward to more photos :)
Oh, WipEout Omega definitely ain't on hold :lol: I'll just have to share time with D4 and also HZD (had two gifts yesterday - and Rise of the Tomb Raider will follow in a few days :eek:)

EDIT: Not had a lot of success in staying away from HZD today...hopefully more WipEout and/or DiRT 4 later on.

That first race wasn't evil at all, was it?
DiRT 4_20170618173707.png
DiRT 4_20170618174003.png
DiRT 4_20170618174039.png
DiRT 4_20170618174055.png
DiRT 4_20170618174204.png
DiRT 4_20170618174224.png
DiRT 4_20170618174258.png
DiRT 4_20170618174424.png
DiRT 4_20170618175316.png
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Thanks @MeanElf l I simply try to give them a bit more "pop". If you want grab some screenshots be aware that you can have the wheel and controller connected at the same time. If a replay plays you can simply switch to the controller to pause an move the camera (limited) with the right thumbstick. Press L3 on the wheel to hide the UI 👍