Dking's Videos Drift Dojo presents first person drift reuploaded sep 5, 2008

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The second Drift Dojo drift session on kai 2005 History vid. With DT_C and BreakerOhio notice....I am not in my green car yet! That's how old this vid is!

Seems like ur preety good u got setups

Not very many...Most of the vids are from xlink which allow stock cars tuning.

You can see the Motegi Test Drift Z33 roadster...The settings are in the settings vid. Enjoy!
master..,:bowdown: please teach me the art of drifting.., i beg of you.., :bowdown: :)
Oldie, but still good. I can see so much improvment comparing current day to that video that it's amazing. I was just begining to figure out my style there, as was the others.
You want to know how we are what we are? Time. We spent a lot of time drifting with each other on xlink. Can't wait for GT5 so DD can come out in almost full force with a headstart of having good tandem experience.
That video takes me back. I remember capturing those clips on Trail Mountain like it was yesterday though. That was some fun times.
That was pretty good editing for WMM.

How was in the yellow S2000? That was a slick move on the Right hander coming down the mountain. 👍 I'm sure it was planned, but it was still pretty slick.
The only S2k at TM was a green one, it was RL. Nothing was planned. Nothing ever is planned except sometimes we try to all get on at the same time :P
OK, neon green. It was on youtube you know! :dopey:
well im waiting to join this dd clan i been practicing for quite sometime the only way ill improve is by drifting with other great drifters see ya soon:)
First person drift reuploaded! I was going through my computer and found this classic clip...thought I would re-uploaded for fond memories...enjoy!
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