Does anyone have a good setup for the F-Type GR.3?

Hi everyone, i'm attempting the 24h of Spa with the Jag F-Type GR.3, so i'd like to tune it to make it go faster around the belgian track, hope you have some good tunes :cheers:
Love that car on that track. I use Praiano’s tune and routinely win by over a minute, having lapped most of the field (two fuel stop, fm5 if I’m remembering correctly)
Is there a setup also for GT7 or the GTS one works also on gt7?
Hey, thx for the reminder! I’ve been using your Gr.4 F Type tune and love it; have been working on other cars and never circled back to try this on my Gr.3 Jag.
Thanks a lot for having used and tested my tune. It's a real pleasure for me.
Thanks again :cheers: