DR/SR: Meh, it’s really not that important

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  1. Pearl Jam

    Pearl Jam

    Not meant to be critical of you guys and gals who chase the highest ratings you can, but to me it’s irrelevant, I’m currently at C/B and I just take each race as it comes..I go up a level; aww sweet.. I go down a level; I don’t enter the pits of despair, it just is what it is.
    I’ve been playing games since (I’m guessing) a lot of you on here weren’t even born:lol: and to me gaming is just meant to be fun, sure it’s nice to be a winner sometimes but at the end of the day it’s all just a game, so if someone divebombs me at the last corner and robs me of a victory then I’ll be pissed off for about 2 seconds, take a swig of beer and just laugh it off...I’m really loving the game again now I’m playing with a wheel, but that’s just it... it’s just a game at the end of the day, in the grand scheme of things it don’t really mean much.....

    and again, this ain’t to belittle you guys and gals who are a lot faster than I’ll ever be, just my wee humble opinion :cheers:
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  2. Crazy Taylor

    Crazy Taylor

    Even less if you don't do sport mode and only race in lobbies.
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  3. Mc_Yavel


    You have the right mindset. It is not that important.

    It's not a level up system.

    With the actual penality system SR.S does'nt mean your a clean driver.
    But for matchmaking you are first match with people of same SR. I do my best to keep my SR.S rating only for the hope of being with other clean driver.

    DR is for your pace and it's only a reflection of how fast you are compare to the whole crowd. I'm kind of happy to be in DR.A but i'm not chasing A+. If I ever drop to B it only means I will have more chance of victory since my pace is a bit better than B.

    It also dependent of your time of play. I'm not playing at peak hour wich in the end help maintain my DR.A because the room are field from DR.S to DR.D. My top 5 starting position on the morning put me in the second half of the grid during peak hour. So I may be DR.A or maybe not that much.

    I was born when you start playing game. cheers:cheers:
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  4. fastone371


    United States
    I found the best way not to become frustrated is to simply stay away from Sport Mode. I race in lobbies and belong to a couple of different leagues. Between both of those I keep plenty busy. The frustrating thing for me about Sport Mode was racing someone clean and taking my time passing them so I could keep it clean only to have them drive over me on the last lap. Winning a video game is just far too important to some people.
  5. kilesa4568


    I like the SR side of it but I gave up on DR long ago.

    I was hoping DR would be a good indicator of skill but there's all skills at all ranks with resets, tanking and farming. I've no idea who's who so I try not to look at it.
  6. O604


    I understand the feeling. I'm constantly frustrated.

    But harsh reality is DR and SR are important in Sports Mode. It's all based on those 2 variables.

    Another harsh reality is not all of us are instant stars. Some of us need to accept our mediocrity because the only way out is to "git gud" or as prefer to think of it, keep trying.

    A positive way to think of it is, the more room you have to improve, the more challenges there are in the game, therefore you get the most out of the game. :D

    Even in real life there are factors you can not control. There are cheaters. There are bullies. There are penalty errors. And there are accidents. Lots of accidents. Real racing is not that different from the game in those aspects.
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  7. daan

    daan Moderator

    My thoughts on the matter.

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  8. SpaceMaN47y0


    United States
    I've long held the belief that since you can make as many accounts as you want to, the whole system is moot. If you're A+/S on one and want to drive with Ds for easy wins, just make another account! It won't skew the ratings in the slightest!

    Just sucks that for me, driving clean and staying at top SR means 10th place is an absolute stunning finish. I really wish it would match on DR first, no way I can beat all the Ss As A+s and Bs I get grouped with.
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  9. praiano63

    praiano63 Premium

    For sure only 0,1% of the players are focused on competition and the highest rank .
    Otherwise , the most important thing in my opinion in sport mode is to match with people with the same speed as you , the result are hard battles and a lot of fun independently of the finishing position , but giving all that you have.
    For this happening and continuing all along the race , you need a very fair attitude.
    The problem in GT still in my opinion is that the safety ranking level is too permissive. It's very hard to be at the top of DR but extremely easy to have a maximum A safety rating.
    There is only 2 ways to correct this . Or they have to turn this top SR level more difficult to obtain , or they have to install full damages in sport mode with dramatics consequences after any contact. Or both things.
    A fun fair battle at any level is where is the fun for a huge majority of GT players.
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  10. serlemke

    serlemke Premium

    Czech Republic
    I think full damage, you crash you are gone.
    But here will never be a solution as it's always more common have a r4m account, so they mess up there and go back to the main-makeup-all-time-S-account, childish.
    I also do not like much when fast >=A drivers decide to start in the back, usually they do not respect the lowed ranked ones and stretch trough using brute force, way out of minimal acceptable passing points. It just lacks respect to increase the fun even more, not the games fault.
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  11. Winnie847

    Winnie847 Premium

    United States
    Ultimately it's your decision what to care about and what not to. But I'd be lying if I said that having higher SR doesn't improve the overall experience. Some people literally cannot control their car well enough to achieve SR-S without racing alone in the backfield. Nothing against those people, but I don't really want to race with them if I don't have to or if they aren't my friends.

    I do recognize however, that it's not entirely fair to low DR players who have high SR and get matched with A and A+ drivers with qualy times multiple seconds faster than theirs.

    Also, if you are typically very clean but have a few bad races and get your SR or DR knocked down a level or two, you might be getting matched with players much slower and less clean than you...at which point you basically become the same as that A+ driver getting matched with DR.B's and DR.C's or below. So these complaints can travel all directions.

    I'm an A+ driver, and I don't really feel amazing beating DR.D drivers, but I'd rather race against a full grid than just a few A or A+ drivers.
  12. pedrocor


    For me SR is important.
    Like others said, it's flawed as the penalty system is also flawed but usually you have better races matching with SR - S or A than with SR D.
    But, maybe people with higher both DR and SR that's not so much the reality, they just know better how to go around the penalty system.
  13. praiano63

    praiano63 Premium

    You're right , in this case it must be a progressive damage from light to full. Who have more skills to control a car is less forgivable in case of contact.
  14. sturk0167


    United States
    I agree that it would be nice for DR to be weighted more heavily, when it comes to match making.
    Given the choice, I think a lot of C & D drivers would choose to race drivers at their skill level, in spite of SR differences. Spaceman should be getting top 5s and wins against the people who are at his level.

    If the pole sitter is A/S with a Q time of 1:30, and the guy starting 16th is D/S with a time of 1:42, that's a match making failure. I guarantee the 1:42 guy would rather have the pole sitter be D/C with a time of 1:41.

    Maybe there just isn't enough people signing up for the races.
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  15. breeminator


    I think that is mainly it. For the FIA races in EMEA you get very tight DR clusters, so you might have a lobby where everyone is SR 90-99 and DRs range from e.g. 34k to 36k. Daily races will never match that, but at popular times, in EMEA, you usually get plenty of reasonably well matched DR players at 90-99 SR.
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  16. darth_tails


    Just making a small contribution but this is a subject I realised when I quite sport mode earlier this year.

    I wanted to get better DR/SR but in all my efforts trying to "improve" I ended up hurting myself to the point where I would get frustrated
    and not want to play the game but then I realised during my time "away" that actually DR/SR is purely just a part of the game and if it's
    good or bad does it really matter?

    With that mindset I came back to the exhibition series of the FIA season and I concentrate purely on my race and making sure my focus is on
    my driving and having a good race, so far my experience has been far more "relaxed" and I'm having my best season so far and my DR/SR
    is staying stable. a few ups and downs but that's always expected.

    I doubt I will ever get it to stay stable enough to remain B which I think is my max but if everyone didn't think about that as much we might
    have better online races with less drama.
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  17. Satomiblood


    United States
    I've felt this way for a long time.
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  18. SpaceMaN47y0


    United States
    @sturk0167 got it right, at least for me. Those of us that are usually D sometimes C drivers do just get shuffled back and dusted. If I recall close, last week my Q was 6 seconds slower than pole (top 2 were a second clear of everyone) and I had trouble finishing the final lap before the cutoff. Its usually my fastest lap too. I don't think I'd get consistent top 5s or podiums but I can pull off a great race once in a while. My 7 wins says so haha!
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  19. Groundfish

    Groundfish Premium

    I saw full c s room yesterday. West Coast 17:00. Slow but clean race...
    @Winnie847 summed up my thoughts well. Nice post!

    I think the best way to get the best experience out of the game in dailies is to set a qual that represents within say .5 or so of what you can do in race.
    You will start with folks right around your speed. FIA is excellent matchmaking too. Plus your sr is protected by race length.
    I’ve noticed a trend here of people complaining of dirty driving in s rooms in dailies.
    Yes it happens. Often though what can cause trouble is qual time and racecraft though. If you spend too much time on qual and get that super for you time you might start with drivers who are faster in race and have good racecraft.
    You are then forced to deal wih pressure.
    I’ve been guilty of this also. Spend too much time getting that qual, but maybe unable to hold it up in race.
    If you are in full serious mode you gotta set that time, but for strictly the best experience a qual close to racepace is best imo. This way you won’t be driving the mirrors right out the gate.
    Often too, and I did this also, those first times among a fast lobby you might push and make mistakes and get a bit physical. If you are not used to it racecraft wise it can lead to anger/frustration. I always save replays and rewatch from multiple perspectives.
    Usually though trouble in s rooms is caused when you get the 99sr for the first time types in there...
    Also it’s important to try to have consistent racepace, I have seen many players that run on absolute edge every lap, when you are doing that you aren’t in control.
    If you have been had on a straight make your choice early move inside to defend or stay on racing line, recognize what’s around you. It’s difficult!
    Part of racepace and consistency is awareness. Plus at mid b and below remember that the drivers are not always in control. Account for it and find a pace you can run comfortably while keeping control. A good mid pack race is great fun.
    In race there’s distractions.
    I’d say if you are not nose to nose side by side entering the braking zone just keep in line.
    Way too many drivers try to make hopeless ‘moves’ at lower levels.
    I think though that although you may need to slow a bit for control you will start to find an appreciation for the fun of racing.
    I harp all the time on the yellow line tcs and cones. Those will help immensely.
    It’s quite obvious observing many players on my alt account, everything in car default basically running the line you will get good results.
    I’m on a soapbox I know, but racing is not every lap 110 percent. Try controlled 90.
    Also in the last lap or two you kinda have to be a pirate. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable. Don’t give opportunity for people. Sometimes if you made a mistake you’ll get passed. It happens. Watch replays.
    Last lap...

    Sr dr doesn’t matter true, fun is what matters.
    I think though that the matchmaking does a pretty good job overall, if a person can accept what their true ability is and apply some effort to drive in control.
    Sometimes unavoidable incidents will happen, but driving within yourself, these should always be the exception.
    Ok off soapbox.

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  20. MikeV27

    MikeV27 Premium

    Ill admit, I got too hung up on the ratings but I think now I see the light! I like to keep my SR maxed since those lobbies are normally really clean and fast. But I have stopped caring about DR, mainly because it was affecting my enjoyment of the game.

    I spent way too much time hot lapping to try and get those last few hundredths of a second out of myself so I could start in a better position. But by the time I was done, I was already too burnt out to race.

    Then there was the added pressure of trying to maintain a higher DR. The higher you get, the harder it is to gain DR points. But at the same time it becomes easier to lose a lot of DR points. One idiot can ruin several races worth of DR gains with a single hit. Which really rattles me during a race, which will probably lead to mistakes on my part, etc. It’s a slippery slope.

    I think i could max out my DR or get very close to doing so, but that would take a lot of time and commitment on my part. If I want to spend that much time practicing then I might as well only do FIA races, so I’m over it.
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  21. Satomiblood


    United States
    I'm confident that I "peaked" once I reached the B/S ratio in early 2018. Sure, I could push myself to be better and perhaps there's still room for even a modest improvement, but the game sort of stopped being fun for me with Sport Mode. The things that led to such a drastic decline in my Sport Mode participation have been matchmaking, tuning restrictions, poor power/weight ratios, and the lack of variety in the daily races. I liked what they did with the "Gentleman's Agreement" for Race A with JDM cars a few months back. That actually made me want to pick up the mode again.
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  22. FoRiZon


    For you, yes. But what about the others who sees your rank, especially the SR.

    It's not that simple.
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  23. DanSHW


    I suggested it a while ago in the penalty thread, the matchmaking should be done entirely on DR, with lower SR ratings giving a performance reduction, eg. SR S get 100% power, SR A get 90% power, SR B get 80% power etc. Too many players tank their SR at the moment to get easy wins, by making you slower, people will need to keep racing clean to be in a position to get wins. People will still tank their DR for wins, but that doesn't affect others' racing, so that's much less of an issue.
  24. golfer07840


    United States

    ^^^^ This 100%^^^^^
  25. Bloodytears


    Russian Federation
    Rating is life, rating is love:). Damn, I pay attention too much and want to get better and play with the best, that is why it is so important. When I see SS AS drivers, count on them and feel more comfortable than when in a lobby with all sorts and where you can expect nothing, and waste your time recovering or driving circles alone in front of the slow pack.
  26. GTV0819

    GTV0819 (Banned)

    As long as you can play the game and feel happy with your hobby, I think there's nothing wrong about it because personally, I have the same sentiments as well. ;)
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  27. 05XR8


    The ratings only mean something when you fill the letters in between. ;)
  28. Draggon


    I've tried to let go of this DR/SR thing but can't. It's a (false?) sense of pride for me and the reward of a lot of work. It took me 9 months and over 1000 races to make it to A/S. I started a second account to just have fun and not be concerned, but when I got close to A/S again the whole thing about my self worth being tied up in my rating surfaced and I quit sport mode.

    It's pretty silly on my part, in 2 years (or whenever) GT Sport goes offline it won't matter diddly.
  29. O604


    Posted before but want to add. I don't think we're talking about DR & SR. I think we're talking about the penalty system and matchmaking.

    DR and SR would be more relevant and people would come back to the game if :

    a) rules were clearer
    b) penalty system was better
    c) matchmaking was better
    d) if there was more incentive/less risk for DR A/A+ to race​
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  30. Sven Jurgens

    Sven Jurgens Premium

    Matching on DR first would work better as long as DR resets get removed. Yet it might just get people to tank their DR instead.

    It would be better to match on race pace. Create a global ranking per track, separate from DR, based on everyone's speed in the last race. Take the average of your laps minus the outliers to compare with everyone else. Ignore slower results, only the fastest counts. That way you can't do anything to get 'easier' races and you will always be matched with people with similar pace on each track. If you haven't raced a combo yet, the server could predict your pace based on DR, to be adjusted up or down after completing a race.

    I disagree that lower SR should reduce performance, instead it should increase the time penalties you get when misbehaving.
    SR.S wall penalty, 1 sec, shortcut 0.5 sec, contact penalties 1 to 5 sec.
    SR.A wall penalty, 2 sec, shortcut 1.0 sec, contact penalties 2 to 10 sec.
    SR.B wall penalty, 3 sec, shortcut 1.5 sec, contact penalties 3 to 10 sec.
    SR.C wall penalty, 4 sec, shortcut 2.0 sec, contact penalties 4 to 10 sec.
    SR.D wall penalty, 5 sec, shortcut 2.5 sec, contact penalties 5 to 10 sec.
    SR.E wall penalty, 10 sec, shortcut 5 sec, contact penalties 10 sec. 3 contacts -> DQ.

    Treat everyone the same on the track, only multiply the penalties for lower SR with a max of 10 sec per incident.

    In reverse increase the payout for higher SR, x5 what it is now in SR.S, x4 in SR.A etc. No payout in SR.E