~Drift Kings Vids~ (updated March 20th 2007)

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Excellent show of drifting, and just awesome camera angles:cool: So far in this thread, this is definitly the best one:tup:
You need to get yourself a better way of distributing your vids... of the two links on the first page (I assume that's all) 1 was broken (the google vid) and the other one was on turboupload (50k/sec and very annoying to log into)...

A few of the spins in Drift mayhem were pretty impressive (when you hooked into a drift and hit a good line out of the corner), but there were a lot of repetition and incomplete drifts to bring it a bit down... the vid quality was also poor, but I see you've improved that now ;)

That myspace vid had a lot better image quality, but there were still a few issues with the editing: I don't know which editing software you're using, but here are a few things you could look into:
- crop away the black borders
- try and get rid of UI overlays (song title, "play" and replay mode displays etc). You'll have to do this when capturing so be in the right angle and out of fastforward in good time before the actual corner so you can edit that out.
- avoid swapping camera angles so fast to give the vid a better flow.
- for some reason, the myspace vid was VERY choppy. Using filefront and saving to 2mbps WMV should be a better solution (Just take your uncompressed/lossless video file into movie maker and convert it there)

As for the drifting, the newer vid seems better controlled but lacks the aggressive edge of DM. From what I've seen in the WDS, I have no doubt that you'll improve fast though :)
Thank You Ske for your critique.

I use Windows Movie Maker, I downloaded a trial of Adobe Premiere but it dramatically slowed my computer down so i uninstalled it. And for the quality, myspace shows the original quality of the video, google, and youtube destroy the quality.

If you have any recommendations for Editing Software, it would be appreciated. :D

On the Aggresive Note, I think this weeks WDS for me will have a lot of it.
Sony Vegas. period ;)

I looked at some of the Trial Versions, which should i download to try, any specific one or the newest one.

Im probably going to have a couple questions, :D so my AIM is Lamborghini 1260
Indeed very well done King! Your editing really has your own unique ways, and its definitely cool watching it!

May i ask which program u used for it?
I love your videos, 10x better editing than what i do. I can never get the special angles to work well with me
those were pretty nice but i did notice some things like your counter steering you didn't counter steer in your drifts you did alot of playing around with the steering. Are you trying to 4 wheel drift? its was a nice video though nice choice of music it fits this video well.👍 these are my videos www.youtube.com/bunta19
Well AWD Cars dont really need to countersteer, and when i throw my car sideways into a corner, i only countersteer very little until i reach the corner.
Thanks For Watching 👍
for me i use N's all the way, mostly N2's

Btw: Thank you someone for accusing me of stealing my drift videos on myspace, i cant upload anything for a couple weeks because of it. And now if i upload my best video again, ill get permanently banned.
Sorry if i bring up this old thread, Its just that my videos were blocked on google recently, and a while back on myspace. Also my home computer were all my videos were created and saved got its hard drive deleted. I would just like if anyone had any of my videos to send me them please. :)