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I thought we could do with a dedicated panorama thread as a place for anyone making panoramas in Driveclub to show them off.

As panoramic images tend to be very large in size please only post your images here with a maximum width of 800px - you may provide a link to the full size images.

Here are my lastest ones...

Clicking the image will take you to my Flickr photostream, clicking the 'size' link will open the full size image.

2896 x 1094

4986 x 1214

3462 x 1318

I'll repost my older ones in this thread too soon. :)
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Thanks guys, @3stripes there are a number of programs around for creating panoramas. Hugin is a commonly used program but I am using Panorama Plus X4 from Serif Software - it is a very easy program to use (import photos and hit the stitch button - that's literally it!), though it doesn't have the fine tuning some other programs have, it works good enough that you rarely need any more options.
It's not a free program, but it's not very expensive - there is a fully functional trial version but it doesn't let you export the full size image, only the preview size.
DRIVECLUB™_20150909000632 - DRIVECLUB™_20150909000606.jpg
Great pics ^^ @Nato_777 Yeah I think the reflections have been tweaked too as I noticed the car next to mine shone the reflection on to the side of my car recently..It may have always been there with the right lighting but noticed it more lately. đź‘Ť