Drivehub Not Detecting Logitech Pro Wheel

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Not sure what the issue is as I can’t find any similar threads online.

Brand new drivehub. Logi Pro wheel connected to the controller port on the DH. Logi pro pedals connected to wheel.

Power on the drivehub and I get the figure 8 led, Logitech wheel boots up but buttons don’t work on the PS5 and GT7 doesn’t detect a wheel at all. I have tried the latest beta firmware as well as the latest official firmware with no change.

Am I doing something wrong or is this thing broken out of the box?
There is a thread specific to the Logitech DD Pro. Have you looked at that yet?

Solved I didn’t see that there were newer versions of the beta firmware, DoH!
Glad to hear you got it working! In the future, i highly recommend posting in the drivehub thread so that we can see a new post notification and help you faster.

Now that you have it working, have you tried out the boost mode on the drivehub to give the G Pro the full 11nm torque? Also, are you planning on getting a non-logitech shifter, pedals and/or handbrake?