Endurance Racing in Offline

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I voted yes, but endurance races should not be longer than 2.5 hours, anything longer than that is overkill.
you don't have to participate in races that take longer than you're ok with :P. I too prefer the endurance races that are less than 12 hours, but I still play the 24h ones just because it feels good when you're done.

I think we should have a 24h race for spa, nurburg and la sarthe, and also dozens of shorter ones. When the endurance is just 2-5 hours, it's not really a drag to have a lot of events with different rules and limitations. 4 hours of rwd on wet tracks, 4 hours of MR cars at night, 3 hours in a pre-1970s car (no 2j!), 400, 500, 600 PP limit endurances, anything, really. Designing these races isn't a lot of work. You've already made the stuff that takes a lot of effort to make, this is just mixing and matching what's already in the game.

Accelerated time is a decent idea, but when a whole day is compressed to 24 minutes, that's too extreme. On Nurburgring, you don't even get a single lap in the same kind of lighting. You start in the morning and after a single lap it's already nearing twilight, what's up with that?

24 hours compressed to 4, 6 or 8 hours would have felt much more "real".
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nobody much interested in offline endurance racing??

I'm very much interested in offline endurance racing. But KAZ isn't. That was the entire reason I purchased GT6 so my friends and I could get together and continue the tradition of Arcade endurance races on Fridays. but, we are forced to use GT5 for that.....

Pretty sad that these most BASIC of race settings were left out of arcade... Tire wear, Fuel Consumption, Vehicle Damage... I just simply don't understand it....but I Guess on KAZ's side of the fence.. a Datalogger for his Nismo was more important then providing his customers with a quality product.

And this is why I will never buy another PD Product on day one ( if ever again with the upcoming competition)... Infact, if KAZ wants me to play GT7, he'll have to provide me a free copy of the game. After this debacle that is Gt6 its the least he could do.
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Nice to see this thread get some more posts in it. 👍 Some more votes would be nice as well.

As for me, I will not buy another GT game unless endurance races are in it.
I do not play online much. for me, the biggest draw of a GT game is the endurance racing where i can pick one car and drive it over the course of 4-6-10 hrs etc and learn all the nuances of the car. Are we going to get proper endurance racing in GT6 at all? with or without B-spec??
I would invite you to my serie, it's just 90mins online, but trust me it's a lot of fun!

And on topic, such small things are those that make you lose your hairs... It would take for PD like 20 minutes to create an endurance icon and set up some races... Barely the same time needed to make the seasonals!


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Apologies if some of the following was posted in this thread before.

I too would like to see some Offline Endurance Racing back in GT6 as a separate category and add some of the real-world ENdurance races into the game like the Suzuka 1000, 24 Hours of Le Mans, 24 Hours of the Nurburgring, Rolex 24 at Daytona, Bathurst 1000 or 12 Hours, etc. For some of these races, I'm thinking there should be specifics as to what cars should race to make it like their real-life versions - SuperGT or JGTC for Suzuka 1000 for example.

And if you're going to tackle this race yourself offline, it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a couple of B-Spec Bob's on your side to try to get the car to or stay in front, if possible.
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Nice to see this thread get some more posts in it. 👍 Some more votes would be nice as well.

As for me, I will not buy another GT game unless endurance races are in it.

I agree with not purchasing another GT game without endurance races, not at full price. I would not of purchaseed gt6 until it was $20-30. Kaz races at the Nurburgring 24, how can endurance be missing.