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    Among many quality features in Enthusia, the ability to run Time Trial on certain sectors instead of the full course is especially engaging. I've used this great feature to build my own License test as an alternative to Driving Revolution mode that sometimes can't escape from its limitations. This project was built for people who would like to start playing Enthusia again or polish their driving skills even further.

    All you have to do is select "Time Attack" from the main menu and follow instructions of each test described down below. If you need to turn on a driving assist, you can do it by accessing "Options" from the race menu (press Start button). If you need to alter a car, you can do it by accessing "Grid" from the race menu, clicking on your car and selecting "Settings". This is an example of how general format for each test will look:

    Course: Tsukuba Circuit (S1)
    Car: Alfa Romeo 147 GTA (stock, OFF)
    Car: Alfa Romeo 147 GTA (LSD - Full 'lock', ESC & TCS)

    The first line says the test will be held on Sector 1 of Tsukuba Circuit, so you should select the track and that particular sector in the Time Attack menu.

    The second line says you have to choose the Alfa Romeo 147 GTA from the car menu, leaving car settings as they are (stock) and turn off all the driving aids (OFF).

    The third line explains what to do if certain restrictions are dictated. In this case you would have to move the LSD slider to far right (Lock) and turn on both driving aids.

    Also, very important, I do not accept Black Flags unless specified. You get those by colliding or going off the course. The run must be clean.

    Every other exceptions regarding tracks, conditions, etc. or certain tips are going to be mentioned under the label "Specials".

    And that is it! Basically, the concept follows the License system Gran Turismo series pioneered and eventually polished to perfection. If you have enjoyed those, make sure to give the tests below a try. Have fun and post your times if you want, I will add them to Rankings below each test. :)


    B-1: Driving Basics: Starting and Shifting
    Course: Ocean Bridge (Full)
    Car: Daihatsu Copen (stock, OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 0'34.300, Silver - 0'34.600, Bronze - 0'36.000

    Specials: Welcome to your first driving test! You're going to practice accelerating and shifting. You can rely on automatic transmission for the sake of test completion, but to beat the best result, you'll have to switch to manual and pay specific attention to the car's peak power light gauge on the rev limiter. The power output on this engine reduces as you rev past the peak point, so change the gears accordingly.

    0'34.242 - Gold - @Wolfe
    0'34.245 - Gold - @Elusion428
    0'34.349 - Silver - @Batimm01
    0'34.375 - Silver - @Mark II Blit
    0'34.389 - Silver - @darkracer99

    B-2: Basics of Cornering: Fast In - Fast Out
    Course: Tsukuba Circuit (S3)
    Car: Mazda Atenza Sport 23Z (stock, ESC & TCS)
    Goal: Gold - 0'18.000, Silver - 0'18.400, Bronze - 0'19.250

    Specials: You are now going to be introduced to the very first basics of driving. The car is equipped with driving assists to keep you safe, so no extra caution is required. Dive into the corner with the brakes applied and step on the acceleration pedal once you reach the exit point.

    0'17.857 - Gold - @Wolfe
    0'17.884 - Gold - @darkracer99
    0'17.888 - Gold - @Batimm01
    0'17.915 - Gold - @Elusion428
    0'17.996 - Gold - @Mark II Blit

    B-3: Basics of Cornering: Slow In - Fast Out
    Course: Pacific Gateway (S1)
    Car: Mazda Demio (stock, ESC & TCS)
    Goal: Gold - 0'30.000, Silver - 0'30.400, Bronze - 0'32.000

    Specials: Although it is possible to clear the first right corner at full speed, by doing so you will risk missing the ideal braking point, which can affect your exit speed on the second corner and consequently - your uphill speed. Make a compromise by reducing your pace on the first right corner so that you can climb up the hill faster.

    0'29.861 - Gold - @Elusion428
    0'29.877 - Gold - @Wolfe
    0'29.915 - Gold - @Mark II Blit
    0'30.680 - Bronze - @Batimm01
    0'30.749 - Bronze - @darkracer99

    B-4: Basics of Cornering: S-turn
    Course: Victoria Garden (S1)
    Car: Daihatsu Storia X4 (stock, ESC & TCS)
    Goal: Gold - 0'16.400, Silver - 0'16.700, Bronze - 0'18.000

    Specials: The S-turn you're going to challenge is a bit tricky because of the blind walls surrounding the road. Build good exit speed on the first corner and try to clear the following S-turn at full speed. Proper steering inputs are required to make it happen.

    0'16.302 - Gold - @Elusion428
    0'16.371 - Gold - @Wolfe
    0'16.395 - Gold - @Mark II Blit
    0'16.726 - Bronze - @Batimm01
    0'16.954 - Bronze - @darkracer99

    B-5: Basics of Cornering: Multiple Corners
    Course: Route De La Seine (S2)
    Car: Toyota MR-S V Edition (stock, ESC & TCS)
    Goal: Gold - 0'20.400, Silver - 0'20.700, Bronze - 0'21.500

    Specials: Tackle few corners coming one after another. Taking a good cornering line will be an important prerequisite to beating the test successfully.

    0'20.187 - Gold - @Elusion428
    0'20.262 - Gold - @Wolfe
    0'20.351 - Gold - @Mark II Blit
    0'20.449 - Silver - @darkracer99
    0'20.626 - Silver - @Batimm01

    Coffee Break: Overtaking
    Course: Autumn Hill (Full)
    Car: Honda Insight (stock, ESC & TCS)
    Goal: Gold - 1st place, Silver - 2nd or 3rd place, Bronze - 4th place or lower

    Specials: Let's see how you handle situation with multiple drivers competing. Select "Free Racing" from the main menu after you had selected "Free Race Difficulty" - Hard on the main "Option" menu. Choose 3 laps when selecting the track. We'll ignore black flags on this test, but try to avoid them as much as possible. On the race menu select "Grid" and replace all opponents with the cars below, in order as stated:

    1st Honda Fit 1.5T
    2nd Peugeot 206 cc
    3rd Opel Vita GSi
    4th Nissan March
    5th Mini Cooper 1275S Mk1
    6th Honda Insight (you)

    1st place (No black flags, 3'01.009) - Gold - @Wolfe
    1st place (No black flags, 3'03.121) - Gold - @Elusion428
    1st place (No black flags, 3'04.166) - Gold - @darkracer99
    1st place (No black flags, 3'04.572) - Gold - @Batimm01

    B-6: Driving Basics: Throttle Modulation
    Course: Cosmic Eggway (Full)
    Car: Mazda Eunos Roadster S-special (stock, ESC & TCS)
    Goal: Gold - 0'38.000, Silver - 0'38.400, Bronze - 0'40.000

    Specials: It takes time and practice to master throttle modulation, so the sooner you start, the better. Drive a lap on the track and try to avoid using brakes. The first corner can be tackled from a wider angle than you may think. Use different layout of rumble strips on the second corner as an indicator when to fully step on the throttle. The test must be completed from a standing start. Once you cross the finish line, restart the test, don't continue with lapping.

    0'37.884 - Gold - @Wolfe
    0'37.923 - Gold - @Mark II Blit
    0'37.973 - Gold - @Elusion428
    0'38.235 - Silver - @Batimm01
    0'38.341 - Silver - @darkracer99

    B-7: Driving Basics: Understeer
    Course: Tsukuba Circuit (S3)
    Car: Toyota Vitz RS Turbo (stock, OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 0'17.600, Silver - 0'17.900, Bronze - 0'19.000

    Specials: This is your first time driving a car without driving assist. Learn to deal with understeer by driving a typical front-wheel drive car. If you brake or accelerate too sharply, the car's cornering line will widen.

    0'17.484 - Gold - @Wolfe
    0'17.491 - Gold - @Elusion428
    0'17.541 - Gold - @Batimm01
    0'17.572 - Gold - @Mark II Blit
    0'17.647 - Silver - @darkracer99

    B-8: Driving Basics: Oversteer
    Course: Marco Strada (S3)
    Car: Nissan 180SX Type X (stock, OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 0'13.400, Silver - 0'13.800, Bronze - 0'14.700

    Specials: You'll be learning to deal with oversteer by driving a moderately powerful rear-wheel drive car. The banked section prior the corner entry will likely reduce grip on the rear axle on your way in, so use that momentum to point the car into right direction. Gently open the throttle as you clear the corner to prevent the car from spinning out of control.

    0'13.231 - Gold - @Wolfe
    0'13.321 - Gold - @Elusion428
    0'13.418 - Silver - @darkracer99
    0'13.591 - Silver - @Batimm01

    B-9: Graduation Test: Practical Cornering 1
    Course: Löwenseering (S3)
    Car: Audi TT Roadster 1.8T Quattro (stock, OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 0'34.600, Silver - 0'35.900, Bronze - 0'37.500

    Specials: This test summarizes everything you have learned so far. The car is slightly heavier than the previous ones you have driven, so be gentle on steering. Good luck!

    0'34.471 - Gold - @Elusion428
    0'34.487 - Gold - @Wolfe
    0'35.049 - Silver - @Batimm01
    0'35.409 - Silver - @darkracer99


    A-1: Intermediate Cornering: Long Corners
    Course: Rev City (S1)
    Car: BMW Z4 3.0i (stock, OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 0'22.000, Silver - 0'22.350, Bronze - 0'23.500

    Specials: Driving line on this test is going to be affected by your throttle modulation, so examine the corner carefully. The car must not hit the outside wall after clearing the checkpoint. If it does, you fail the test.

    0'21.846 - Gold - @Wolfe
    0'22.077 - Silver - @Batimm01

    A-2: Intermediate Cornering: Blind Corners
    Course: Victoria Garden (S2)
    Car: Audi A8 4.2 Quattro (stock, OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 0'24.000, Silver - 0'24.400, Bronze - 0'25.000

    Specials: It is hard to predict when to fully open the throttle when you can't see the exit. The car you're going to drive is very stable and can tackle the sections precisely, but downshifting at proper moment can turn it inwards, improving your speed. Use this to your advantage.

    0'23.801 - Gold - @Wolfe
    0'24.029 - Silver - @Batimm01

    A-3: Intermediate Cornering: Multiple Long Corners
    Course: Löwenseering (S4)
    Car: Subaru Legacy B4 2.0GT Spec B (stock, OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 0'42.250, Silver - 0'42.600, Bronze - 0'43.100

    Specials: Tackle a number of long corners. Pay attention to exit speed on the first double-corner after the bridge and the cornering line on the last one. The car must not leave the road or the rumble strip after clearing the checkpoint. If it does, you fail the test.

    0'42.014 - Gold - @Wolfe
    0'42.628 - Bronze - @Batimm01

    A-4: Intermediate Cornering: Complex Corners
    Course: Autumn Mountain (S2)
    Car: Honda Integra Type-R "class C model" (stock, OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 0'26.500, Silver - 0'27.000, Bronze - 0'28.000

    Specials: You're going to face several corners with changes in radius and entry speed. Pay attention to cornering line on the first sweeper, it can drastically affect your time.

    0'26.124 - Gold - @Wolfe
    0'26.233 - Gold - @Batimm01

    Coffee Break: Gymkhana
    Course: Victoria Garden (S3)
    Car: Toyota Celica GT-Four ST205 (stock, OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 0'36.000, Silver - 0'36.700, Bronze - 0'38.000

    Specials: Time to test your agility behind the wheel. Use handbrake to navigate around the pillars supporting the gate. Try hitting the clutch to build your revs if necessary. No black flags, remember that. Follow the line as depicted below:


    0'35.779 - Gold - @Wolfe
    0'37.942 - Bronze - @Batimm01

    A-5: Severe Driving Conditions: Driving on Snow
    Course: Wintertraum (S2)
    Car: Lancia Delta Integrale Evo II (stock, OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 0'23.800, Silver - 0'24.000, Bronze - 0'25.000

    Specials: This is your first driving on slippery surface. You can keep understeer under control by initiating oversteer on corner entries, preferably by letting of the accelerator pedal. The last sharp corner should be cleared slowly.

    0'23.538 - Gold - @Batimm01
    0'23.568 - Gold - @Wolfe

    A-6: Severe Driving Conditions: Driving on Dirt
    Course: Wild West Enduro (Full)
    Car: MGB Mk I (set rear LSD to first letter R of 'Rear', OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 0'38.000, Silver - 0'38.500, Bronze - 0'40.000

    Specials: Time for some dirt action. You can control understeer by applying the throttle, but be careful not to spin out. The test must be completed from a standing start. Once you cross the finish line, restart the session, don't continue with lapping.

    0'36.936 - Gold - @Wolfe
    0'37.322 - Gold - @Batimm01

    A-7: Severe Driving Conditions: Driving on Wet
    Course: Tsukuba Circuit Wet (S3)
    Car: Toyota Aristo V300 Vertex Edition (stock, OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 0'17.700, Silver - 0'18.000, Bronze - 0'19.000

    Specials: Your second test on slippery surface, albeit with more average speed in play. Apply the brakes carefully and keep the understeer away by controllably drifting around the apex of the corner. Good throttle modulation is mandatory. Keep your entry speed moderate to prevent sliding off the course.

    0'17.578 - Gold - @Wolfe
    0'17.726 - Silver - @Batimm01

    A-8: Advanced Driving: Applied Braking
    Course: Burgenschlucht (S4)
    Car: Mazda RX-7 Infiniti "class B, FC model" (stock, OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 0'17.300, Silver - 0'17.500, Bronze - 0'18.000

    Specials: Time to learn something new. You're going to drive a slightly older rear-wheel drive car. For that reason alone, it will tend to oversteer once you apply the brakes. Try to counter-steer gently to prevent the car's rear end from sliding too much.

    0'17.015 - Gold - @Wolfe
    0'17.253 - Gold - @Batimm01

    A-9: Graduation Test: Practical Cornering 2
    Course: Nürburgring Nordschleife (S4)
    Car: Honda S2000 (stock, ESC & TCS)
    Goal: Gold - 1'17.400, Silver - 1'17.900, Bronze - 1'20.000

    Specials: Welcome to Nordschleife! Because this is your first time driving on this challenging course, we have provided you with a quality sports car and installed some electronics in it to keep you safe. Tackle a number of complex corners and apply everything you've learned so far. Good luck!

    1'16.321 - Gold - @Wolfe
    1'17.243 - Gold - @Batimm01

    AI license.JPG

    AI-1: Advanced Cornering: Complex Corners - FWD
    Course: Pacific Gateway (S4)
    Car: Alfa Romeo 156 GTA (stock, OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 0'37.000, Silver - 0'37.600, Bronze - 0'39.500

    Specials: You are going to drive a powerful FWD car through a set of complex corners. Inner wheel-spin will occur if you apply the throttle too aggressively, affecting your grip. The key is to clear the corners using larger steering radius while delicately modulating the throttle.

    0'36.662 - Gold - @Wolfe

    AI-2: Advanced Cornering: Complex Corners - RWD
    Course: Tsukuba Circuit Wet (S2)
    Car: Ford Mustang 2005 "class B" (stock, OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 0'41.350, Silver - 0'41.600, Bronze - 0'43.000

    Specials: Another set of complicated corners this time requires a run by a powerful RWD car. Be careful though, as the surface is completely soaked. On approach to corners learn to control oversteer by counter-steering. Don't floor the acceleration pedal too harshly as the car will spin out instantly.

    0'40.483 - Gold - @Wolfe

    AI-3: Night-Time Driving
    Course: Dragon Range Uphill (S5)
    Car: Subaru Impreza 22B STI 'class B' (stock, OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 0'41.400, Silver - 0'42.000, Bronze - 0'44.500

    Specials: This is your first driving at night. Visibility is going to be poor, so use markings on the road and objects around the track to define ideal braking and accelerating points.

    0'40.768 - Gold - @Wolfe

    AI-4: Driving on Undulated Surface 1
    Course: Burgenschlucht (S3)
    Car: Toyota Supra RZ (stock, OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 0'31.000, Silver - 0'31.500, Bronze - 0'33.000

    Specials: Before you reach the final straightway, you will face changes in elevation of the surface on the long left corner. This will effect grip on the rear axle, so use it to shift the weight and turn the car towards the bridge.

    0'30.547 - Gold - @Wolfe

    AI-5: Driving on Undulated Surface 2
    Course: Löwenseering (S5)
    Car: TVR Tamora (stock, OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 0'39.500, Silver - 0'40.000, Bronze - 0'42.000

    Specials: This time you shouldn't use loss of grip to trim the car's bearing. Neutralize car's wild tendency to oversteer by gently releasing the throttle when going over the two crests.

    0'38.988 - Gold - @Wolfe

    Coffee Break: Precision Driving
    Course: Tsukuba Circuit Night (S3)
    Car: Chevrolet Astro (stock, OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 0'19.250, Silver - 0'19.500, Bronze - 0'21.000

    Specials: You are now going to prove that you can drive while relying on your inner senses. Your task is to enter the pit zone and clear the section without touching the grass on the left or the wall on the right side. Likewise, once you enter the enclosed part of the pit, you must not touch the wall or the two poles that appear on the left nor the white, rectangle-shaped concrete surface on the right. The car is extremely wide so your steering inputs must be perfect!

    0'18.928 - Gold - @Wolfe

    AI-6: Special Techniques: Drifting
    Course: Route De La Seine (S4)
    Car: Nismo Silvia S15 R-Tune (stock, OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 0'37.000, Silver - 0'37.500, Bronze - 0'39.000

    Specials: Initiate the slide by flooring the throttle as soon as you run over the crest on the long, circular right corner. Control the drift with steering and make sure to approach the exit of the "coil" from wider angle, otherwise you won't be able to step on the throttle pedal. The last S-turn prioritizes gentle weight transfer, so don't overdo it. Although it is possible to clear the entire test with pure grip style, drifting will allow you to learn one of many benefits of rear axle skidding.

    0'36.589 - Gold - @Wolfe

    AI-7: Special Techniques: Downhill Driving
    Course: Dragon Range Downhill (S2)
    Car: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 (stock, OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 0'44.650, Silver - 0'45.000, Bronze - 0'47.000

    Specials: On previous few tests you learned how the grip can be affected when going uphill, now it is time to do the same when going downhill. Brake before each corner sufficiently, apply the handbrake and floor the throttle. The car is built to produce competitive and safe oversteer right from the start, so use it to clear the corners swiftly. Handbrake timing is crucial. If you do everything as we've advised you, you will clear corners much faster than you would do it with usual grip style driving. You're welcome.

    0'43.390 - Gold - @Wolfe

    AI-8: Severe Driving Conditions: RWD on Snow
    Course: Wintertraum (S3)
    Car: Fiat 131 Abarth Rally (stock, OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 0'28.600, Silver - 0'29.000, Bronze - 0'31.500

    Specials: This is a difficult test on which you have to use momentum of the car to run through the entire section as fast as possible. Needles to say, delicate throttle modulation is ultra-required, but the general speed will also play the important role. The faster you drive, the easier it becomes to climb the uphill section after the bridge and control behaviour of the rear axle. It sounds unusual, but you will see why in reality it isn't.

    0'28.045 - Gold - @Wolfe

    AI-9: Graduation Test: Practical Cornering 3
    Course: Nürburgring Nordschleife (S6)
    Car: Honda NSX Type-R "facelifted model" (stock, OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 2'05.400, Silver - 2'07.500, Bronze - 2'11.000

    Specials: Welcome to Nordschleife - again. This time you don't have any electronics devices to pamper your driving skills, so be careful. Tackle complex corners with changes in elevation. On some corners you'll have to rely on understeer, while on others on oversteer. The last, notorious part of the course coming after Pflanzgarten can be completed with full speed if proper line is used. Good luck!

    2'04.437 - Gold - @Wolfe

    S-License hall.JPG

    S-1: Hot Lap: Rev City
    Course: Rev City (Full)
    Car: Ford GT (stock, OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 1'12.500, Silver - 1'13.500, Bronze - 1'15.000

    Specials: This is a high-speed city run. With very little downforce pushing you down, cornering line is going to play important role on this test. Power-steer may be used to your advantage on some corners, but don't overdo it. The test must be completed from a standing start. Once you cross the finish line, restart the session, don't continue with lapping.


    S-2: Hot Lap: Burgenschlucht
    Course: Burgenschlucht (Full)
    Car: Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec Nur R34 (set front LSD to first 'F' of Front, OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 2'07.000, Silver - 2'10.000, Bronze - 2'15.000

    Specials: Run through the highly-elevated German mountain using virtues of the AWD system. The car is heavy, so be smooth with weight transfer. The test must be completed from a standing start. Once you cross the finish line, restart the session, don't continue with lapping.


    S-3: Hot Lap: Autumn Mountain
    Course: Autumn Mountain (Full)
    Car: Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA (set rear LSD to first 'R' of Rear, OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 1'33.500, Silver - 1'35.000, Bronze - 1'38.000

    Specials: Run through autumn scenario using the vintage RWD car. Oversteer on corner entries is going to appear frequently, try to use it to eliminate understeer. Medium-speed section surrounding the tunnel can be tackled with drifting. The test must be completed from a standing start. Once you cross the finish line, restart the session, don't continue with lapping.


    S-4: Hot Lap: Route de la Seine
    Course: Route de la Seine (Full)
    Car: Peugeot 406 Coupe (stock, OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 1'54.000, Silver - 1'56.000, Bronze - 1'58.000

    Specials: The test car is a heavy FWD coupe. Combat understeer and inner wheelspin while going around complex blind corners. Try to keep the car's weight as still as possible. Proper steering inputs will be required on sharp corners. The test must be completed from a standing start. Once you cross the finish line, restart the session, don't continue with lapping.


    Coffee Break: Speed and Consistency
    Course: Victoria Garden (Full)
    Car: Subaru Impreza Rally Car 'class R model' (stock, OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 0'00.750, Silver - 0'01.600, Bronze - 0'03.000

    Specials: This is your last cup of coffee. Sip it well. Clear the 6-lap race within the time limit of 5'30.000. If the overall race time is higher than 5'30.000, you automatically fail the test. This tests your speed.

    We're also going to test your consistency. Your lap times must be as close to each other as possible. The first lap time is irrelevant for this part of the test (though it isn't for the overall race time). Once you receive the list of all the lap times on the black screen, compare each lap with the one that follows. Deduct higher with lower. The results should be merged together and compared with the goal requirements above.

    The example of how the system works:

    Lap 1 - Forgot that one, sorry
    Lap 2 - 0'54.137
    Lap 3 - 0'54.048
    Lap 4 - 0'54.409
    Lap 5 - 0'54.692
    Lap 6 - 0'53.723
    Total -- 5'29.840

    0'00.089 (Lap 2-3)
    0'00.361 (Lap 4-3)
    0'00.283 (Lap 5-4)
    0'00.969 (Lap 5-6)
    = 0'01.702

    Result: Basically, last five lap times go into consistency valuation. The four results you get from deduction need to be summarized. This driver barely completed the race with the time of 5'29.840. He won Bronze trophy for his effort (Silver requires 0'01.600 or below).

    You can do better than that. Try to reduce your pace a bit to achieve identical lap times. Concentration is crucial. Don't forget to set your race length to 6 laps and place your car on top of the grid. Any AI grid is good as long as it is slow enough not to interrupt your driving and fast enough not to become obstacles in case you find yourself in position to overlap them. I recommend cars within Japanese 276 HP level. The Black Flags can be tolerated on this test.


    S-5: Hot Run: Mirage Crossing
    Course: Mirage Crossing (Full)
    Car: Lancia 037 (stock, OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 2'26.000, Silver - 2'29.000, Bronze - 2'35.000

    Specials: Would you like to compete on Baja 1000 or Dakar Rally? Sure, we'll give you the recommendation. But first, clear our stage with the famous rally car. Power-steer is going to be dangerous, so learn on which parts of the course the car loses control. Stay away from the edges of the course, piles of sand reduce your speed and traction.

    The course is randomly generated, but you can beat the best time regardless of the configuration - hopefully. Good luck!


    S-6: Hot Lap: Pacific Gateway
    Course: Pacific Gateway (Full)
    Car: De Tomaso Pantera (stock, OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 2'02.000, Silver - 2'05.000, Bronze - 2'08.000

    Specials: Although the test car you're going to drive is quite rigid and stable, it will try to oversteer progressively. Anticipate its movements and control the slide with counter-steering. The test must be completed from a standing start. Once you cross the finish line, restart the session, don't continue with lapping.


    S-7: Hot Lap: Löwenseering
    Course: Löwenseering (Full)
    Car: Nissan R390 GT1 Race Car (stock, TCS)
    Goal: Gold - 2'11.400, Silver - 2'13.000, Bronze - 2'16.000

    Specials: Another high-speed run. This time, however, you have plenty of downforce to rely on and electronic device to assist you. Use black markings on the road as a guide for the ideal line. The test must be completed from a standing start. Once you cross the finish line, restart the session, don't continue with lapping.


    S-8: Hot Lap: Wintertraum
    Course: Wintertraum (Full)
    Car: Renault Alpine A110 (after clicking the LSD adjustment bar, set rear LSD between terms 'slip' and 'differential' , OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 1'46.000, Silver - 1'50.000, Bronze - 1'55.000

    Specials: The test car you are going to drive is a RWD car with center of gravity located towards the rear. For that reason keeping the car under control will be quite challenging. Give the advantage to oversteer as oppose to understeer and carefully trim its bearing. The test must be completed from a standing start. Once you cross the finish line, restart the session, don't continue with lapping.


    S-9: Graduation Test: Hot Lap - Nürburgring Nordschleife
    Course: Nürburgring Nordschleife (Full)
    Car: RUF CTR 'the old RR model' (stock, OFF)
    Goal: Gold - 7'35.000, Silver - 7'40.000, Bronze - 7'50.000

    Specials: Welcome to your ultimate and final challenge at Nordschleife. Driving today's test car is going to be very hard, let alone memorizing the course. We strongly recommend you to drive slowly on the first run and get used to rear end sliding. Driving in higher gear through some corners may be very helpful. The car must not touch the outer grass after crossing the finish line. The test must be completed from a standing start. Once you cross the finish line, restart the session, don't continue with lapping. Good luck!

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    After it took me a few tries to get a gold trophy on B-1, I knew you had put really some thought into this. :tup: One small problem -- the game doesn't keep records for individual sectors, only a full lap or run. That contributed to one do-over because I forgot to note the time.

    B-1: 34.242
    B-2: 17.857
    B-3: 29.877
    B-4: 16.371
    B-5: 20.262
    Break: 1st on Expert difficulty, no black flag, total time 3'01"009
    B-6: 37.884
    B-7: 17.484
    B-8: 13.231
    B-9: 34.487

    Great job. For this Enthusia veteran, the tests were a fair challenge and very reminiscent of my experience with the target times on GT's license tests. Except this time, I didn't feel compelled to resort to any handbrake tomfoolery to get a car to round a hairpin the way I expect it to!

    Now where's my prize car? :p
  3. Matej

    Matej Premium

    Thanks for pointing that out, I didn't notice that at all. I presume the safest way is to record your time once the black graph of your run appears with all of your attempts listed.

    Just wait until you try Coffee Break from A License hall, it is going to be both hilarious and instructive. :p I'm currently polishing several A licenses I've made, still need to add few more. Making this mini challenges finally brought me back to Enthusia as well, and I'm fully enjoying it.

    I added your times above along with mini descriptions below each test. Great runs by the way, I'm surprised you avoided colliding with bots on the Coffee Break, sometimes you simply can't avoid the collision. I'm going to add my times as well (as soon as I find the sheet where all my times were recorded).

    Wait a sec, I'm going to pull it out of my hat in no time. ;)
  4. Wolfe

    Wolfe Premium

    United States
    Thanks! The Morris Mini and the Opel had a habit of weaving all over the track between the first corner and the tunnel, while I needed full momentum coming out of the tunnel in order to catch the Fit by the third lap. It took me three tries to get a clean run, but once I cleared the Mini and Opel, it was easier to pass the others, because the AI is timid about entering the corner onto the wooded road with the temple/shrine. I took one of them down per lap in that same spot.

    With no online play or anything, you get to know the AI after almost eleven years. :)

    It better have the horsepower it's advertised for, none of that dirty oil that saps the last 20hp or 30hp. :p
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  5. Matej

    Matej Premium

    I have updated the OP with A-License tests. Have fun! :)

    How fast is the AI on Expert difficulty anyway? I had no problems passing the Micra or the Mini, but can't remember about others, I should redo the test once again.
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  6. Wolfe

    Wolfe Premium

    United States
    Not the fastest the game offers; I'm pretty sure that's limited to the King of the Year race, although it might be that those AI are outfitted with Level 10 cars. For the most part, it limits the mistakes the AI make and maximizes their confidence. I think it's equivalent to the AI in RS events. They still make plenty of mistakes, though, and some are very exploitable, like the chicane on Marco Strada.

    I'll be out of the house today but I'll try the A license when I get an opportunity. :)
  7. Matej

    Matej Premium

    I'm glad to hear that! I should finally clear that Driving Revolution mode and get the Expert difficulty, Hard difficulty is sometimes a bit too easy, depending on the car I take for a drive.

    I'm not sure if I should update my times in the OP. Since I made the tests, it would kill all the fun to submit very best times that can be achieved on each test. I will leave this joy to other Enthusia drivers. :)
  8. Wolfe

    Wolfe Premium

    United States
    This set of challenges took a little longer to complete. For me the toughest one was A-2, and the Coffee Break was more challenging than I expected. I had the most fun with A-6 -- a purpose for Wild West Enduro! A fun little car on a fun little underappreciated track. :)

    You may want to specify Tsukuba Wet for A-7. Someone might miss that part if they overlook the title in favor of the details/requirements.

    A-1: 21.846
    A-2: 23.801
    A-3: 42.014
    A-4: 26.124
    Break: 35.779
    A-5: 23.568
    A-6: 36.936
    A-7: 17.578
    A-8: 17.015
    A-9: 1:16.321

    I'm still waiting on the prize car for the first license test. Will I simply have to wait until Polyphony uploads a patch for that glitch? :(
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  9. Matej

    Matej Premium

    Thank you for participating, your times are on-board. I had trouble with A-4 and A-7 tests, I suppose that depends on the driver. I hope the tests weren't too difficult, golding them should be harder than with B, but easier than with AI and S tests (yeah, I'll try to make those too!).
    Done. The descriptions aren't that good anyway, I just made them to make everything official. We all know how to deal with licenses without reading cheap pencil-pusher instructions. :p The actual training is what counts.
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  10. Wolfe

    Wolfe Premium

    United States
    I'll go for whatever's next. It's a refreshing break from grinding Enthusia Life to upgrade every car in the game to Level 10. :)

    I meant the car/sector combo and trophy times. Those are important enough. ;) I went straight for the next car and sector to load and ended up on the pre-race screen for Tsukuba Dry before reading the title, because the details say "Tsukuba Circuit (S3)".
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  11. Matej

    Matej Premium

    I have updated the OP with AI license tests. Enthusia supporters, have fun!

    True, I used to that as well. After a while it gets boring though, given how you always end up driving on the same tracks with an underpowered car to make sure you get enough points after the race. :)

    Ouch, haven't noticed that! The mistake is now fixed, thanks.
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  12. Wolfe

    Wolfe Premium

    United States
    Excellent coffee break for this license. :lol: It was one of the most satisfying tests to beat so far; I kept the replay. AI-2 was interesting because I had never run that sector by itself before, and it's a convenient one for repeating the twisty portion of Tsukuba. Just FYI, you can get away with straddling the curb without a black flag on the right hand corner after the first hairpin. :)

    I managed AI-7 without using the handbrake, just using the feint, braking, and downshift methods to initiate drifts. ;) AI-8 surprised me because I didn't expect the 131 Abarth to have so little grip at Wintertraum. Nice choice for a challenge; it must be the 1970s-spec tires.

    AI-1: 36.662
    AI-2: 40.483
    AI-3: 40.768
    AI-4: 30.547
    AI-5: 38.988
    Break: 18.928
    AI-6: 36.589
    AI-7: 43.390
    AI-8: 28.045
    AI-9: 2:04.437
  13. jujunosuke


    Guys i love Enthusia so much...
    I love how they pushed the simulation side on console..There is just so few content of this game available on youtube..
    Would that be possible for you guys to make some video about the game?

    Like the license your doing? Maybe some drift?
    Basically any stuffs that would bring a bit of visual to that topics :D
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  14. Matej

    Matej Premium

    And the most hilarious one, I would add! Squeezing with that oversized box between the walls would always give me a chuckle. Have you noticed how the exhaust sound always goes wild when you reach rev-limiter? :lol:

    That is okay, I actually achieved great times by taking tighter line away from the strips. :)

    I'm actually surprised with little overall grip the car has, regardless of the surface. I doubt the car would have won any rally event if it handled that way. Nevertheless, I like it that way as it can really improve your driving skills. It is fun too.

    By the way, have you had any problem on the AI-5 test? That Tamora is really wicked, it took me a while to set good benchmark points.

    I have updated your times, Wolfe! :)

    I wish I could submit some videos, but I do not own a recording device that would bring decent quality worth of mention. I agree about the content though; while we have more goodies on the web than before, all that still can't compare to GT4 for instance.
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  15. Wolfe

    Wolfe Premium

    United States
    I have a capture card hooked up in an unused desktop PC. If I ever get it running again, I have a collection of replays on my PS2 memory card, including the coffee breaks for the GT-Four gymkhana and Astro pit lane run from this thread.

    How about trying out the license tests? :)

    It took me a few tries, but it was mostly a matter of keeping the car settled over each of the two crests. I switched the throttle and brake to R2/L2 a long time ago to help modulate them. The long right hand turn also tightens just before the first crest; going wide during the bend and then turning in at the end helps keep the car straight over the crest.

    I had a couple instances where I intended to make a minor steering correction and ended up twitching off of the track -- typical TVR! :D
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  16. Matej

    Matej Premium

    The S licenses are ready! Check the OP. :)

    Thanks for the tip! To be honest, I thought that R/L side-buttons aren't pressure-sensitive, so I never tried driving with them. But now I'm impressed how delicate both brake and throttle can be modulated. Much better than on standard X and [] buttons, let alone right joystick.
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  17. dylansan

    dylansan Premium

    United States
    Hey, I just wanted to say that this has given me a renewed interest in Enthusia and the drive to finally complete it once I get the time.

    I also think I'm going to whip up a "Mission Hall" a la GT4, though by their nature a 1 Lap Magic won't be as precise or "Rankable". We'll see what I can come up with.
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  18. Mark II Blit

    Mark II Blit

    I have to say, @Matej, this is post of the year for me. For the small crowd that frequents the Enthusia boards, you've put in a lot of effort! These licenses are very challenging and well thought out. Just amazing. I sometimes think I am not completely incompetent behind a steering wheel, but it took me a lot of takes to get gold in the lessons, which was a lot of fun to try for.

    I just bought a new desk that is too thick for my G25 hooks to grip it, but I'd like to return and finish them all soon. In the meantime, here are the first seven in a Youtube playlist. YT defaults to an appalling 480p, but the native 720p quality can be chosen manually for people who appreciate their eyesight.

    B-1 0'34"375
    B-2 0'17"996
    B-3 0'29"915
    B-4 0'16"395
    B-5 0'20"351
    B-6 0'37"923
    B-7 0'17"572
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  19. Matej

    Matej Premium

    I really appreciate it and I'm very happy to hear another player has found the tests fun and challenging! Thank you Mark for playing it, I have added your times in the OP and linked each to its respective video you posted.

    I hope you will give @Wolfe hard time taking down his times next. ;)
  20. Mark II Blit

    Mark II Blit

    My pleasure entirely!
    At the pace that I slice off tenths, it'll be years before I can even get close to the veritable Enthusia king. ;)
    My brain says I'll be very content with just silver, but I'm sure my competitive heart will disagree once I get back to it!
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  21. darkracer99


    These License Tests reminding me a lot of Gran Turismo, i love that game.
    Here is my times:
    CB1: (No black flags,3.04.166)1st place
  22. Matej

    Matej Premium

    @darkracer99 Thank you for playing, I have updated your times!

    I have started fixing grammar and instructions on some tests to make them more graspable.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2016
  23. Batimm01


    Very good idea, they're as hard as classic GTs' license tests in my opinion.
    Well, here's my B times.
    B-1 0'34.349
    B-2 0'17.888
    B-3 0'30.680
    B-4 0'16.726
    B-5 0'20.626
    CB 3'04.572, 1st, clean
    B-6 0'38.235
    B-7 0'17.541
    B-8 0'13.591
    B-9 0'35.049
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2016
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  24. Batimm01


    Alright, I finally done this further. Here are the times for A1-8. I don't have the S2000 unlocked yet, so I will do A-9 later.
    A-1 0'22.077
    A-2 0'24.029
    A-3 0'42.628
    A-4 0'26.233
    CB 0'37.942
    A-5 0'23.538
    A-6 0'37.322
    A-7 0'17.726
    A-8 0'17.253
    A-9 1'17.243
    EDIT: A-9 time added
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2017
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  25. Elusion428


    I'm sooo praying that this is still an ongoing thing lol. Made an account just for this. First of all thank you so so much for putting this out. I was completely unaware that was still an active community for this game, so you can only imagine how excited I was to start digging deep into this challenge. Wish I could devote more time into this, but nevertheless I finally finished everything under License B. It was a toughie this one, but hey that's the proper way :lol:


    B-1: 0'34"245
    B-2: 0'17"915
    B-3: 0'29"861
    B-4: 0'16"302
    B-5: 0'20"187
    B-CB: 1st, 3'03"121, No Black Flags
    B-6: 0'37"973
    B-7: 0'17"491
    B-8: 0'13"321
    Β-9: 0'34"471

    Video Proof for all times (feel free to link them with the times as I think they can be very helpful to anyone who wants to attempt the challenge[onboard view ftw]):

    Will be back once License A is done. Cheers!
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2020
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  26. Matej

    Matej Premium

    Times added and linked to the videos. :) Thanks for doing the tests, I still remember the joy of trying out vast majority of cars and planning combos for each hall. I wonder if I'm still good enough to gold some of those without doing multiple repeats. :lol:
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2020
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  27. Wolfe

    Wolfe Premium

    United States
    Hmm, it appears I may soon have to put in an effort on the Super License. :)

    The last time I fired up this game I discovered the disc is too scratched to load Mirage Crossing and who knows what else. :scared: Good thing I have two more copies and I'm using the worst one for now! :lol:
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2020
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