Epic's GTS gallery (NEW PICTURE AS OF 3/29/21)

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On the run
Years ago, I had a GT4 gallery and made some photos. It's been a long time, but I'm finally back to take up the torch on GT Sport. I'm probably not going to go with anything specific, just take some random pics and post them.

20171012164452.jpg 20171012164503.jpg 20171012164519.jpg
Left: Could have gotten a LaFerrari from a prize spin but no, had to get the car whose name sounds like lemon. I'm sure it's a fine hot hatch but that's not the point.
Middle: And a car with the color of a lemon, because the prize wheel felt like teasing me and giving me this instead of a McLaren 650S that I'm pretty sure was the GT3.
Right: This prize was from the first set of driving school tests so at least this was a bit fairer.
20171012164544.jpg 20171012164610.jpg 20171012164623.jpg
Left: Not a bad prize spin but there was the McLaren Vision GT on there.
Middle: Track day bro!
Right: I don't have anything to say. I think it just looks cool.
20171012164633.jpg 20171012164643.jpg 20171012164653.jpg
Left: Audi owns Lamborghini.
Middle: "Understeer Engineering"
Right: Northern Isle is becoming one of my favorite tracks in the game, as it provides close, fast paced races and can be driven mostly flat out.​

More pictures will come soon, as I have preordered the Digital Deluxe Edition.

Post 2: V8 Vantage
Post 3: My first taste of the full game
The fourth one
The fifth one, featuring inaugural photo mode comp entry of a flying Tomahawk
The sixth one, not featuring a title
Episode VII: Safety Car or something
Post 8: I ran out of titles for this
Post 9: An attempt at a Gulf
Post 10: A Better Gulf
Post 11: Featuring Nissan's weird LMP
Post 12: Flying car or something
Post 13: Happy New Year
Post 14: I fixed the Gulf Beetle
Post 15: Raptor
Post 16: Custom LM55 livery
Post 17: We Couldn't License The Lotus
Post 18: Photomode Competition Week 12
Post 19: Red Bull gives you something
Post 20: Photomode Mulligan
Post 21: Introducing the Audi VGT
Post 22: Something
Post 23: Or
Post 24: Other
Post 25: Introducing Group C!
Post 26: I still suck at titles
Post 27: Get in there Lewis
Post 28: Surprise update
Post 29: Rotaries, and an old car comes out of hiding
Post 30: More
Post 31: Snow
Post 32: Another new year
Post 33: Italy
Post 34: Hip to be square
Post 35: The Supra is here
Post 36: Old Mercedes F1 (sort of)
Post 37: Introducing Super Formula
Post 38: Flying kart
Post 39: Audi TT
Post 40: Attempted phone wallpaper
Post 41: Mille Miglia?
Post 42: Old Le Mans
Post 43: Some of the above
Post 44: More pictures
Post 45: Stelvio Pass
Post 46: X2019
Post 47: Group 4 Road Car
Post 48: Classic GTO returns
Post 49: Alpine heat
Post 50: I ran out of titles again
Post 51: Rollover
Post 52: Neon Tokyo
Post 53: Where'd the turbo go?
Post 54: RUF is back
Post 55: Which one's Pink?
Post 56: Closing out the decade
Post 57: Portrait
Post 58: Monochrome Formula
Post 59: Electric Blur
Post 60: Laser light
Post 61: More things
Post 62: Generality
Post 63: McLaren-Honda Super Formula
Post 64: More McLaren
Post 65: More Super Formula
Post 66: Roadsters
Post 67: I think these next few were for photo comps. I can't remember
Post 68: Dark Side
Post 69: N24 R92
Post 70: RSR
Post 71: Pace car
Post 72 and Post 73: Mark IV Silhouette
Post 74: Rotary racers
Post 75: More GT League
Post 76: Tomahawk
Post 77: Roadster tour
Post 78: XJ13 "Chrome Line"
Post 79: The definitive GT meme
Post 80: Old Le Mans or something
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Nismo Factory
Apart from the latest shot, which looks great, I'm especially digging shot #1 and #3 from your first set of pictures. Keep 'em coming!
On the run
Apart from the latest shot, which looks great, I'm especially digging shot #1 and #3 from your first set of pictures. Keep 'em coming!
I'll post more soon, once I get a chance to fire up the full game.
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On the run
Now that I have played the full game for a while I have a few new photos. The fun part will be taking pictures of all of them, cause I already have so many. With the 2.5 million the deluxe edition gave me plus the 650 grand or so I got from the beta I ended up buying the Tomahawk X, GT-R LM Nismo, Honda Project 2&4, Lexus LC500, BMW i3 and Chaparral 2X. I also bought a Corvette C7 Group 3 Road Car from the Mileage Exchange. I probably wouldn't have bought so many cars had I anticipated the massive amount of prize cars.

20171017003412.jpg 20171017004042.jpg 20171017022150.jpg
Left: I already owned the TT Cup from the beta but the full game gave me a free TTS. I tried starting the game before the 1.02 patch was done downloading and it gave me a red TTS but it of course couldn't connect. So I ended up with a blue one instead.
Middle: We Are Number One
Right: Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
20171017050407.jpg 20171017050846.jpg
Left: Safety Dance
Right: Pacing problems​
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On the run
Got a few more.

20171017203215.jpg 20171017203225.jpg 20171017215404.jpg
Left: Mine's the scratched up black one because yes, it is hard to drive a car with the extreme handling precision at over 300 mph. I think I geared it for just over 310 here, though I have pushed it over 330 elsewhere.
Middle: Got a Group 1 Bugatti. Seems like an alright car.
Right: Group 4s at Suzuka East. Might try a Group 4 that isn't the Scirocco, the Mustang seems good from the missions and such I've tried it in.
Right: Tried the TT I got. Really impressive car.​
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On the run
It's that time again, now that my flash drive seems to have stopped hating me or something.

20171021002546.jpg 20171021002558.jpg 20171022235037.jpg
Left: Cool looking widebody Corvette.
Middle: A Mustang is an odd choice for a rally car but I like the results.
Right: The GT by Citroen could be considered one of the forerunners to the Vision GT project.
20171022235047.jpg 20171022235059.jpg 20171022235110.jpg
Left: French sport compacts (And a 4C) at Suzuka East.
Middle: Dodge invents flying car
Right: Bought a 911 GT3 RS because of course I wanted one. I miss the wilder color schemes the 997 GT3 RS offered but I do like Lava Orange. Who knows, maybe the 991.2 GT3 RS will bring back the wild colors.
20171022235120.jpg 20171023014401.jpg 20171023015941.jpg
Left: double quattro
Middle: The GT3 RS in a more appropriate setting. As you can see I scratched it up a bit. It's not that hard of a car to drive but it'll oversteer just as easily as the back end will grip. You can definitely feel the rear engine layout.
Right: I really like this car. For something so powerful it's really easy to drive. The settings (Which you can't change except tires, traction control and brake balance) say the car could theoretically go over 400 mph and there's definitely enough tachometer space for it but without hacks it's not gonna happen. I've only taken it up to around 250 and if they add Route X later I don't think it'll be able to make it too far past 260. Still, it's a great car to drive.
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On the run
It's been ages (Well, just over a week), so here's a massive dump of new pics.

20171030235515.jpg 20171030235526.jpg 20171030235535.jpg
Left: Didn't VW stop making the 2 door?
Middle: Initial... Dirt?
Right: This car seems really fast for an N200 from the one time I drove it.
20171030235547.jpg 20171030235557.jpg 20171030235607.jpg
Left: Battle of the seven figure cars (Except I won this Veyron)
Middle: It almost makes sense as a Group B.
Right: Not Ken Block. Is it just me or is the Focus one of the harder Group Bs to control?
20171030235622.jpg 20171030235632.jpg 20171030235644.jpg
Left: Because 77 is greater than 458.
Middle: I just had to get a picture of the 650S with the airbrake deployed. Mine is the Storm Gray one on the left.
Right: Remember that brown 458? This is the same car. During the beta I had put it in a similar livery with white GT logos and a color resembling Rosso Corsa. I think white GT logos look better on red than black. The paint is red flakes and the wheels are Vegas yellow, a color that apparently comes from a real car. I just don't know which one.
20171030235655.jpg 20171030235705.jpg 20171030235715.jpg
Left: My scenario of choice for drift point grinding.
Middle: For some reason it took me quite a while to realize this car has a diesel engine.
Right: Bugging the GT-R
20171030235724.jpg 20171031005845.jpg 20171101004306.jpg
Left: The fake homologation specials just look cool. I do plan to collect them all.
Middle: Fishermans Ranch seems to be a spiritual successor to Grand Canyon.
Right: Everyone's favorite Group 4. Or at least one of the more dominant ones.
20171102233601.jpg 20171103010839.jpg
Left: Same car, decked out in a custom livery.
Right: Won an LM55 from a prize spin so I made a livery. The car looks really good in Rosso Alfa.​
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Entered the flying Tomahawk pic into the inaugural GT Sport Photo Mode competition.
On the run
Guess who's back, back again?
20171113001624.jpg 20171113001637.jpg 20171113001646.jpg
Left: A beautiful homage.
Middle: Japanese sport compacts at Tokyo
Right: Spreading my wings
20171113001658.jpg 20171113001707.jpg 20171113001716.jpg
Left: This car would actually be good if you could increase the top speed and race it in one of the N classes. As is it's a poor apology for not having the i8.
Middle: Because one GT-R pic wasn't enough.
Right: Stealing the Mustang's position at the Horse Thief Mile
20171113001726.jpg 20171113001735.jpg
Left: The game gave me the Veneno for getting all silver on the driving school tests so at least I don't have to actually buy the most expensive car in the game.
Right: From the finish line of the Lago Maggiore 30 lap endurance mission. I won by maybe a few car lengths over the 458 after running out of fuel at the line, meaning I had to coast to the end.

The SLS pic will be my entry into the second week of the photo mode competition.​
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Epic's back, tell a friend.
20171120020303.jpg 20171120020313.jpg 20171120020324.jpg
Left: Gotta go flat
Middle: No ordinary Golf
Right: The Group B WRX in a more appropriate color.
20171120020334.jpg 20171120020345.jpg 20171120020355.jpg
Left: Group Bs at the Ring
Middle: Getting sideways with the NSX
Right: The L750R is ridiculous and I love it.
20171120020405.jpg 20171120020415.jpg 20171120020425.jpg
Left: Of course I had to pick a Mustang for the Horse Thief Mile.
Middle: The LM55 at Kyoto
Right: More 911 Nurburgring action
20171120020449.jpg 20171120025901.jpg
Left: Group 3s at the Nurburgring
Right: A custom livery for the Beetle. WR Blue looks good on any car.

The first Beetle pic will be my Week 3 Photomode competition entry.​
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New pic time again!
20171128173123.jpg 20171128173132.jpg 20171128173141.jpg
Left: The 458 GT3 in Rosso Corsa, a much louder color than the shade of red the car comes in.
Middle: None of the drivers are named Mario
Right: Getting sideways in the NSX rally car
20171128173151.jpg 20171128173201.jpg 20171128185705.jpg
Left: And also on dirt
Middle: I decided to enter the WRS time trials. Week 1 involves the RC F Group 4 at Dragon Trail. I think they're all Larini.
Right: The newest car on offer at the Mileage Exchange. Still holding out for the RCZ or Atenza. Maybe in the next round.
20171128192646.jpg 20171128192655.jpg 20171128192705.jpg 20171128193149.jpg
I wanted to put some real effort into a custom livery for Week 4 of the GT Sport Photomode challenges so I made a Gulf livery for the Beetle. I used a 917 for reference. The stripe might be a bit too dark but I think it still looks good against the bright fluorescent paint. The second Suzuka pic will be my entry.
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On the run
Actually, I've changed my mind and this will be my entry:
I'm keeping the fluorescent blue and orange that don't quite match the real Gulf Blue and Gulf Orange but I learned the HSV values for the real Gulf Orange to put them on the striping. Next I plan to make a Gulf livery for the Porsche 919 which will likely use the real Gulf colors instead of fluorescent colors that somewhat resemble them. I do think the fluorescent colors work fine, but I would also like authenticity. Maybe I'll change the colors on this Beetle at some point too.​
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Don't have very many this time around.
20171209004504.jpg 20171209004518.jpg 20171209004527.jpg
Left: My Week 5 Photomode entry.
Middle: You haven't truly lived until you've taken 130R flat out at 180 mph in a front wheel drive LMP.
Right: The second week of WRS. I already made the joke so I'm not going to.
Because I don't know. This livery has since been replaced with rainbow flags covering the entire car except for the inside of the wing which the livery editor can't seem to get to. I could just get lost in the livery editor for hours. I still have a few other custom liveries I need to show off including the full rainbow GT-R LM, an update for the Gulf Beetle and something for the R.S. 01 GT3.​
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On the run
I'm back.
20171226000103.jpg 20171226000115.jpg 20171226000125.jpg
Left: I have now painted it in Soul Red but I don't have any pictures of the repainted car yet.
Middle: WRS Week 3
Right: Minis at Yamagiwa
20171226000135.jpg 20171226000150.jpg 20171226000200.jpg
Left: Something about drifting
Middle: Got carried away with stripes. Might make a color inverted variant now that I have a Giallo Modena paint chip.
Right: Undertaking.
20171226000210.jpg 20171226000220.jpg 20171226000230.jpg
Left: I now have every Tomahawk variant except the GTS-R.
Middle: I don't even know why I decided to do this.
Right: Probably not as fit for throwing as an actual tomahawk.
20171226000242.jpg 20171226000253.jpg 20171226000305.jpg
Left: Supercars at the Expressway
Middle: Attack of the clones
Right: Not sure where GT League got the livery for this 86...
20171226000314.jpg 20171226000324.jpg 20171226000337.jpg
Left: Or this DS3...
Middle: And other AI liveries
Right: Showing them who's Bus
20171226000347.jpg 20171226000358.jpg 20171226000408.jpg
Left: I can't remember
Middle: WRS Week 4: I can't Brands Hatch
Right: Got nothing here. Just VIZIVs.
20171226000419.jpg 20171226000433.jpg 20171226000443.jpg
Left: I just had to. Shoutout to PSN user garyjoe for making this livery.
Middle: 2X 2X
Right: Because I had to use one of the festive Scapes.
20171226000453.jpg 20171226014242.jpg
Left: Only now have I discovered the dealership Scapes.
Right: My Week 6 Photomode entry. Week 6's theme is custom liveries. This is a livery I've been wanting to do for quite some time but I had to wait until I learned how to use the livery editor to its full potential. I'm sure many of you will recognize this one. Now that I've learned how to use the livery editor I've really come to appreciate how good it is. Though I have no frame of reference for how it compares to Forza or any other games with livery editors.​
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On the run
My first pics of the year!
20180113015719.jpg 20180113015729.jpg 20180113015740.jpg
Left: Getting sideways with the M4
Middle: Not pictured: A Samba Bus slowly trundling along at the back of the pack
Right: My good longtime companion, would participation in a spirited day of gentlemanly auto racing in a controlled environment be of interest to you this fine morning?
20180113015750.jpg 20180113015804.jpg 20180113015814.jpg
Left: This was just too priceless not to capture.
Middle: A closer look at the RCZ. Probably my favorite of the homologation specials.
Right: What's somewhat amusing about the Vulcan in this game is that the official car list lists the car as Group X (Which would actually make sense for a track toy such as this) but it's an N800 in game. Not that I'm complaining.
20180113015824.jpg 20180113015834.jpg 20180113015844.jpg
Left: The Veneno in action
Middle: This was the fifth week of WRS. I'm probably not going to bother with WRS anymore.
Right: The GT-R in action at the 60 minute Nurburgring endurance. I hope they add more races to this apparent Group 1 endurance series. Mostly because I enjoy driving the GT-R LM.
20180113015857.jpg 20180113015907.jpg 20180113015942.jpg
Left: Group 3 VWs
Middle: The natural habitat for this car, I guess?
Right: Never noticed how similar these cars look.
20180113015952.jpg 20180113020002.jpg 20180113020015.jpg
Left: The "TT LM Edition" at the Alsace endurance mission
Middle: A typical Turn 1 at Nurburgring GP. Though this hairpin is pretty tight.
Right: This was my first workout of the year.
20180113020025.jpg 20180113020036.jpg 20180113020047.jpg
Left: The rainbow GT-R, now with more rainbows
Middle: Aurora Flare Blue Pearl looks great on my R.S. 01 GT3 but Bay Side Blue has much more flair.
Right: The Group 4 Veyron operates on the same logic as the Group 3 Beetle, only in reverse.
20180113020058.jpg 20180113020110.jpg 20180113020120.jpg
Left: Group 3s at night, with my Jägermeister 911 RSR.
Middle: The last of the homologation specials to be released. Naturally, I painted mine in Rosso Alfa.
Right: The Jägermeister Porsche in action at Alsace. I won this daily (Which was a ten lap race) by over ten seconds.
20180113020134.jpg 20180113020149.jpg 20180113020204.jpg
Left: After creating the initial livery I repositioned the Jägermeister decals on the hood and doors so that they are not obscured by any of the number plates, and went with a custom color that tries to look more like the orange on the real Jägermeister Porsches.
Middle/right: One of these (preferably the first one) will hopefully be my Week 7 Photomode entry. That still needs to be sorted out.
20180113020218.jpg 20180113020229.jpg
Left: There was an achievement for doing a Scape of a BMW GT3 car at the Nurburgring. And the game gave me this M6 at some point.
Right: There was also a similar achievement for the Audi LMPs at Sarthe. And I happened to have both.​
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On the run
And it looks like the first Samba Bus pic is eligible for the Photomode competition.
On the run
Got a few more.
20180123022714.jpg 20180123022726.jpg
Left: I'm whatever towards the Group 1 Alpine but it looks cool.
Right: The updated Gulf Beetle.
20180123022744.jpg 20180123022756.jpg
The right one will be my Week 8 Photomode entry.​
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On the run
20180130234101.jpg 20180130234111.jpg 20180130234120.jpg
Left: At least they knew exactly what they were doing with this race.
Middle: I made a thing for the Scirocco.
Right: An odd coincidence how the only two real Group 4s are both VW Group products.
20180130234129.jpg 20180130234140.jpg 20180130234151.jpg
Left: I also made a thing for the Group 4 WRX. With WR Blue naturally.
Middle: Japanese cars at Suzuka. My car is the R32.
Right: That 458 doesn't look so Speciale to me.
20180130234201.jpg 20180130234210.jpg 20180130234220.jpg
Left: I just had to have one.
Middle: A X-Bow with 540 horsepower maybe isn't such a good idea.
Right: Rolling in the super Nova
20180130234234.jpg 20180130235219.jpg
Left: All that's missing is the LM Spec II. The LM Spec II would be good for Group 3. Oh well, at least I can download the livery.
Right: My Week 9 Photomode entry.​
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On the run
20180209233743.jpg 20180209233753.jpg 20180209233803.jpg
Left: I'm not good at this car. But it sounds pretty cool.
Middle: Now that Group 1 has become a mainstay in the dailies the LM55 is my main.
Right: Congratulations random FT-1 driver, you got on my gallery.
20180209233812.jpg 20180209233822.jpg 20180209233832.jpg
Left: The Group 1 Tomahawk looks like an old GT1 car.
Middle: "FAP"
Right: I made a livery for the LM55. It's a replica of the RX-792P.
20180209233842.jpg 20180209233852.jpg 20180209233901.jpg
Left: Those two cars probably have the same engine
Middle: Only when putting this image here did I realize something... off with those wing side decals. Maybe I can fix that in the livery editor.
Right: I was bored and had a million to burn.
20180209233910.jpg 20180211014141.jpg 20180211020353.jpg
Left: I don't even know why they let you rally this car.
Middle: My entry for the Week 10 Photomode competition. I could have use someone else's Red Bull livery but I decided to make my own.
Right: Best hairpin ever​
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It's time again.
20180303235557.jpg 20180303235607.jpg 20180303235617.jpg
Left: It's a blue Corvette. That's all I've got.
Middle: The 919 rocking what little livery the LMP2000 had.
Right: The game gave me a free one so I decided to.
20180303235628.jpg 20180303235637.jpg 20180303235647.jpg
Left: 6 chasing 6
Middle: Not sure why the VGT race in GT League let you use this car. It's way too fast.
Right: VGTs at Alsace. You may spot my black BMW VGT.
20180303235656.jpg 20180303235707.jpg 20180303235716.jpg
Left: The most surprising addition to 1.13.
Middle: F1500s at Suzuka.
Right: The new Alpine was one of the cars I knew would be in 1.13.
20180303235726.jpg 20180303235735.jpg 20180303235745.jpg
Left: Got nothing here. But look at that product placement.
Middle: I at least had to try and drift this thing.
Right: More drifting
20180303235815.jpg 20180304005427.jpg 20180305001110.jpg
Left: Photomode Week 11: Don't focus on a car but still show one. So I found this scooter in the Nurburgring GP paddock. Behind it you can see my 911.
Middle: The Pantera drives amazingly well.
Right: GT vs. GT​
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On the run
Got just one for you today, my week 12 Photomode competition entry.
The theme is old cars. The Pantera pic above would be fair game but I decided to do this instead.​
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On the run
New photo mode competition and new update means image time.
20180403004648.jpg 20180403004657.jpg 20180403004707.jpg
Left: Red Bull for babies
Middle: A work in progress. Don't know when I'll get around to finishing it.
Right: GT500s!
20180403004717.jpg 20180403004726.jpg 20180403004736.jpg
Left: Blue roadsters at Blue Moon
Middle: Tokyo at night
Right: Skylines
20180403004746.jpg 20180403004755.jpg 20180403004806.jpg
Left: I fixed the livery
Middle: Bay Side Blue Moon
Right: More Skylines
20180403004815.jpg 20180403004824.jpg 20180403004833.jpg
Left: Gulf Miata?
Middle: I'm still not making the joke again.
Right: Too much glare.
20180403004842.jpg 20180403004854.jpg 20180403004905.jpg
Left: Same as above but with the Bleach Bypass filter.
Middle: Classic GT40!
Right: Headlights go up?
20180403004915.jpg 20180403004925.jpg 20180403004934.jpg
Left: I've seen at least half a dozen of these in real life.
Middle: GT500 GT-Rs
Right: Experimenting with narrow aperture
20180403004957.jpg 20180403005007.jpg 20180403005016.jpg
Left: Seemed appropriate
Middle/Right: Week 13 for the competitions is all about narrow aperture. The right one will be my entry.
And also I got the RC F​
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On the run
Got a few more.
20180416010304.jpg 20180416010314.jpg 20180416010323.jpg
Left: Drifting the Mach Forty
Middle: Strangely, the Group 1 Audi VGT is eligible for the VGT race in GT League but the e-tron is not.
Right: There's no way I can beat the Nurburgring time this car set in real life.
20180416010333.jpg 20180416010344.jpg 20180416023608.jpg
Left: WRX at Interlagos
Middle: Photomode competition 14 entry. Behind the Mustang you can see an M4.
Right: This car is very fast.​
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On the run
Got some new stuff.
20180502014707.jpg 20180502014718.jpg 20180502014727.jpg
Left: I still don't know who thought putting a Beetle in Group 3 was a reasonable idea.
Middle: Or a Mustang in Group B. The Evo makes sense and so does the Focus too, but the Mustang not so much.
Right: A VGT garden
20180502014737.jpg 20180502014747.jpg 20180502014756.jpg
Left: A110s. I wish the Mileage Exchange would give us a Bleu Alpine paint chip.
Middle: DS3s Racing
Right: I like the corner. That's all I've got.
20180502014806.jpg 20180502014815.jpg 20180502014825.jpg
Left: The McLaren VGT at the Ring
Middle: The cockpit of this car just looks so cool.
Right: Laser car
20180502014835.jpg 20180502014844.jpg 20180502014853.jpg
Left: GT-Rs at Big Willow
Middle: I just had to get a pic of the new Supra.
Right: My entry for the 15th Photomode competition. The theme is speed. Just speed.
The Enzo drives fine but the brakes are terrible.​
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On the run
20180512235506.jpg 20180512235516.jpg 20180512235525.jpg
Left: Shaken, not stirred. I got the DB11 in Hammerhead Silver because I've seen one in that color in real life. Anyone wanna bet that James Bond will get behind the wheel of one of these soon?
Middle: GT-Rs at Monza. Mine is the "Stealth Model" at the front.
Drifting an expensive car
20180512235534.jpg 20180512235544.jpg 20180512235553.jpg
Left: Track day Bond!
Middle: I wish the Samba Bus could accept more power.
Right: Gives you wings
My entry for the 16th competition. It's about static images. So here's a bunch of Alpines.​
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Here we go again.
20180527232039.jpg 20180527232050.jpg 20180527232059.jpg
Left: 86s at Blue Moon
Middle: RC F at the Gardens
Right: Group 4s at Miyabi. The red 4C is mine.
20180527232150.jpg 20180528001806.jpg
Left: The 17th competition theme is Vision GTs in mundane situations. So here's an LM55 sitting around in New York.
Right: A garden of Group 4s. I love flying off that curb.​
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Since the June update dropped I've got a HUGE load of pics this time around. Brace yourselves.
20180617223329.jpg 20180617223339.jpg 20180617223349.jpg
Left: Super S-FR
Middle: Not quite the Group 3 Road Car but still plenty capable.
Right: Old vs new Ferrari race car, with the color inverted version of that 458 livery I made.
20180617223358.jpg 20180617223407.jpg 20180617223416.jpg
Left: Le Mans baby! And those sweet Group Cs.
Middle: Without BoP to nerf this car to sensible levels the Megane Trophy is way too fast for Group 4. BoP or not it's still a great car to drive.
Right: At best you can only soup up this tiny thing to 49 horsepower. To be useful for any legitimate racing it would need at least double, but I doubt it would even be able to handle that kind of power anyway.
20180617223426.jpg 20180617223437.jpg 20180617223447.jpg
Left: Great handling but can be rather slippery.
Middle: More Group C action
Right: And the third of the Group Cs. Imagine if Le Mans was like this in real life: Classic prototypes running alongside modern ones and also stuff like Vision GTs. With hypercars slated to become the top class at Le Mans maybe we'll see something like the Audi VGT in real life.
20180617223458.jpg 20180617223507.jpg 20180617223516.jpg
Left: Group heading 4 Spoon
Middle: "Brands Hatch"
Right: F1500s at Monza
20180617223530.jpg 20180617223539.jpg 20180617223547.jpg
Left: F1500s at Nürburgring GP
Middle: Two Meganes in front
Right: A Panorama of hatchbacks
20180617223557.jpg 20180617223607.jpg 20180617223618.jpg
Left: Hatches in Tokyo
Middle: The Soul Red Atenza Group 3 Road Car. It's interesting how this and the Evo and WRX Group B road cars maintain the profiles of sedans even though they don't seem to have rear doors.
Right: Old and new Mustang. Meanwhile, the Mustang doesn't have this given that it didn't have rear doors in the first place. Unless Ford decides to make a Mustang sedan. They could call it the Falcon.
20180617223628.jpg 20180617223638.jpg 20180617223649.jpg
Left: It's a red 458. That's about it.
Middle: The Diablo is surprisingly easy to drive. As for the Miura, I'm not going to save up 15 million to buy it.
Right: A garden of bulls
20180617223658.jpg 20180617223709.jpg 20180617223718.jpg
Left: An original livery concept for the F1500: A Jägermeister McLaren-Honda. The 27 plate is because Senna's MP4/5-B had it.
Middle: The Huracan at Big Willow
Right: And also the Veneno
20180617223727.jpg 20180617223736.jpg 20180617223745.jpg
Left: R18 at Le Mans
Middle: My birthday was on June 14. This was my birthday car. I wanted either this, the XJ13 or the Miura for my birthday. I got the P4. This is fine.
Right: The 18th photo competition is about anime liveries and I barely even anime. So I went the lazy route and just found an Initial D livery and called it a day. I wanted to find a Sailor Moon livery (because reasons) but couldn't.
20180617223755.jpg 20180617223805.jpg
Left: Group C group shot
Right: I got a duplicate 458 GT3 at some point so I decided to paint them in opposite liveries.​
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