F1 2017 - Classic Lineup Discussion Thread

I get that they're all championship winning machines but I feel it would be even more fun to get in a crapbox like a Forti and try to keep up with a GP2 field (or the MCL/32)
Even though it is a great sampling of classic F1 cars, I would have loved to see the 1994 Williams Renault, even though it only came second overall that year, It Is still a legendary car, yet mysterious. But to hear that screaming and thunder engine in the game would be big. And what about the 1984 McLaren, and 1984 Toleman, Ayrton Senna's first Formula One car.
The 1994 Benneton, and the 1994 MTV Simtek Ford. Cheers:bowdown:👍
Well,they might be cool cars...
But where are cars from the backmarkers like the Minardi from 1990 or the Onyx ORE-1 from 1989?
Or what about the 2000 Arrows or the 1994 Simtek...

But honestly, there are lacking cars from the 80s.
Seems like everyone just wants to ask for cars that they haven't announced. Considering most F1 games haven't featured any classic cars at all I think it's a pretty good lineup. If they're only going to put it about 10 classic cars I think it would seem a strange one to include some of the backmarkers.

Here's hoping they include some more in DLC - and possibly tracks. Imola?
Or what about the 2000 Arrows or the 1994 Simtek...

What makes these cars particularly notable or iconic in F1's history?

You have to bear in mind that Codemasters will be limited in how much classic content they can create, both in terms of licensing and time/resources. Whilst putting in some of F1's more obscure/less well known cars - or recreating a single season's entire grid - might sound great to the diehard fans, for everyone else it makes far more sense to focus on cars that have achieved something significant, or are truly memorable (like the 1995 Ferrari, interestingly the only non-championship winning car on the list). And, IMO, they should try to cover as many eras of F1 in this way, before thinking about anything else (it may not be feasible but it would be great if they could have cars from every decade of F1 at some point).

As much of a fan of F1 as I am, if Codies ever said something like "well, we could have done one of Gilles Villeneuve's Ferraris.........but we decided to put in the 1996 Sauber instead", I don't think I'd be too happy either!

The two exceptions to this are of course the cars in my profile picture. Because hypocrisy Jordan. :P :lol:

Wait, that's it? How on Earth is Brawn not apart of this?

Licensing issues with Mercedes

I worry it's no coincidence that the cars are all from teams currently on the grid - I think that was also the case with the 2013 classics. I really hope that's not all they'll be limited to when/if they look to add classic content in the future.