F1 2019 Will Feature Driver Team Changes (Even Mid-Season)

Discussion in 'F1 2019' started by GTPNewsWire, Jun 23, 2019.

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  2. Cholton82


    Im unsure whether I’ll even buy this as my time for games these days is limited and normally solely PC2 . But one thing that would concern me is that it’s overdone and before you know it the Team lineups are changed beyond recognition just to showcase this feature.
    I mean it needs to be believable otherwise it may ruin the game
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  3. jake2013guy


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    I'm intrigued what happened to make that screenshot and who's alongside Perez at Mercedes.

    Also, I'd like to see what kind of logic is in this situation. Is it solely results based or are there other factors at play such as Stroll's dad owning Racing Point?
  4. ClydeYellow


    I figure they are probably using the same mechanic that determines the player's reputation with the various teams for the other drivers; if that's the case, the relationship between teams will come into play, but Lance's daddy owning Racing Point likely won't.
  5. HopAlong


    As long as its implemented better than previous similar mechanics. In one of the earlier games I had a couple of fluke finishes in a backmarker car and it cause me so many issues. Finishing in the regular position for the car would have the team act like your performance is sub par. Same with when you get damage where the AI was at fault and the game acts like you under performed. Look how 3/4 of the field all use the extra components at the same race, instead of it being more realistic.

    I don't mind if we have one under performing driver changed at half season or a couple at the end of each season, but I do if after a engine failure and a derpy AI being lapped crash relegates Hamilton to Renault after 5 races before getting promoted to Red Bull by race 10.
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