F1 Caption Game 2018: VOTING - RD21 - Open to Mon 17th Dec 1000 GMTFormula 1 

Touring Mars

ツーリング マルス
Glasgow, Scotland
Final Round - VOTING


  • Please see the rules in Post #1 before casting your vote
  • Please vote for both rounds, making clear which votes are for which caption
  • You have three votes for each caption which may be split two ways (2-1) or three ways (1-1-1)
  • Remember your vote is final and cannot be edited or changed, otherwise it will be discounted
  • Please read all entries before voting
  • Provisional deadline for voting is Monday 17th December 1000 GMT (all votes will be counted up to when the results are posted)
  • Good luck! :)

Submitted Entries
While Hamilton and Vettel end the season with a flurry of tire smoke, the smoke coming from Alonso’s car is actually yet another engine failure!

With winter ahead and less pressure on a good diet, Alonso and Hamilton take up Donuts and Smoking again.

Gran Turismo 2 licence test strats on display

Whilst Hamilton and Alonso partake in smokey donuts, the bosses of Philip Morris International rub there hands together at more subliminal advertising.

Alonzo and Hamilton celebrate the legalization of recreational canabis in Canada with a little smoke.

Rumour is that Volkswagen supplied the engines for this race.

The Wonder Woman promotional tie-in wasn't very well received by the audience.

Local Hookah lounge files complaints regarding smoke nuisance at the end of the race.

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