Fanatec CSL DD Reduced to $199.95 When Bought as Part of Any Bundle

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probably just inventory mgmt - overstocked on csl but not the GT DD pro. If the console market is the major target, then PS compatability is the bigger draw? PS5 vs X series? Or users w both? W the pro u get more options. Yes the tax is annoying but if the demand is there…

And its only the 5nm model -
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I guess I can complain a little having just spent $1000 on GT DD Pro and a set of CSL Elite V2 pedals.... It would have been nice to have got a little brake, like being able to buy the GT DD Pro with upgraded pedals from the get go. Now I have a set of regular CSL pedals I don't need...
Still even at the old price fantastic value for a dd wheel, I have one and upgraded to the LC

Great bit of kit

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