Fanatec CSL DD Reduced to $199.95 When Bought as Part of Any Bundle

Fanatec has announced that the price of its entry level direct drive wheel base, the CSL DD, will be reduced to $/€199.95 when bought as part of any bundle of base, rim, and pedals.

It’s an offer that should sound a little familiar, as that’s the effective price of the CSL DD when it’s bundled in with any of the various “Ready2Race” bundles. However Fanatec is now making that discount global; you only need to select your choice of pedals and a wheel rim, and the CSL DD base will drop to $199.95.

That means you can now pair up any compatible wheel rim offered by Fanatec with the CSL DD, as well as the pedals of your choice. You can also add other pieces, like a gear selector, without affecting the discount.

Furthermore the Boost Kit 180, which increases the maximum torque from 5Nm to 8Nm, is available for a $50 discount when included in any such bundle, coming in at $/€99.95.

In addition, Fanatec has put together a selection of bundles in a special Ready2Race section of its store all using the CSL DD to underpin the setups.

That includes the original CSL DD Ready2Race kit, featuring the CSL Steering Wheel P1 V2 and the CSL Pedals, as well as the 8Nm version which adds the Boost Kit 180, at $/€399.95 and $/€499.80 respectively.

Fanatec is also offering both sets with a CSL Steering Wheel BMW swapped in, for $/€20 more. You could also prepare for the upcoming Forza Motorsport with a game bundles that includes a ClubSport Universal Hub V2 and ClubSport Wheel Rim GT Forza Motorsport for $679.85.

It’s not necessary to select one of these pre-made bundles; you are free to mix and match as you please, with the discounted prices for the CSL DD and Boost Kit 180 applying to any purchase that includes a wheel and pedals alongside the direct drive base.

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