Fanatec CSL Elite to G25 Pedal Adapter. DYI?

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I could not find my old account, so I started a new one. Please help if you know the solution.

I have a Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 and G25 pedals. Is there a non-third party way to connect the two? Is it as simple as connecting the right wires, or is some sort of dongle required?

I searched, but could not find anything. If anyone knows the procedure to make an adapter, please link or post it here. Thanks in advance.
Thank you.

Console, PS4.

I also found this,

which states:

"RJ12 pin - Pedal wire

1 - Red +ve
2 - White signal +ve
3 - Green signal -ve
4 - NC
5 - NC
6 - Black GND"

But, I think this is for the PC, as per the context of the thread.

I am getting Fanatec pedals shortly, but just got the wheel, and am impatient to try it with the pedals I have.

I have enough electronic knowledge to solder the wires, so, very limited, but if I need to adjust the pots' voltage coming out of the G25/27 pedals, this magic would be beyond my means.

Basically, if it can be done by routing the G25/27 cables to the correct pins on the RJ12 going into the CSL, I can do it, anything more complicated, I would not be comfortable risking the wheel.

Any further help greatly appreciated.