Fanatec releases the long awaited QR2

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So as if by magic I checked UPS about 10 mins ago and suddenly it has tracking information (nothing was a couple of hours ago) and my delivery slot is within the next 2 hours. :confused:

It really is a shambles over there at Castle Fanatec.
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So the QR2 wheel-side and base-side are now fitted (standard version). I recommend putting some tape on the hex key when fitting the wheel-side QR2 or you will scratch the unit fairly easily.

For background I'm coming from the QR1 Lite, have the 8Nm DD Pro wheelbase, and the CSL WRC rim.

I can confirm the QR2 is absolutely rock solid. Zero flex or knocking in the interface itself and the QR2 is a lot stiffer than the QR1 Lite so the flex in the overall QR is gone also.

I just ran 10 laps at Sebring in the BMW GT3 and it is clear to me now that the flex present in the QR1 Lite was filtering out some of the feel and with QR2 the rim instantly felt more lively - way beyond placebo or wishful thinking. Also gone now is the annoying knock/clunk you can get with the QR1 Lite during heavy changes in FFB from left to right - so that is very welcome indeed.


Fanatec design department (ignoring the time it took to develop) - great job - 9/10.
Fanatec shipping/logistics department - complete shambles - 0/10.
UPS - semi shambles - 3/10.
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I see on forums and on Youtube comments that people are struggling to find a simple and cheap torque wrench that will do the job when tightening the bolts for the base-side QR2 installation. Some people are worried about damaging stuff if they overtighten.

What people need is a hex/allen tool aimed at cycle maintenance. I have one of these which is great for tightening seat/stem bolts etc on a bike without wrecking some fancy piece of carbon fibre through your ham-fisted efforts:

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I can confirm the QR2 light is solid. Way better then the qr light. No play no noise. I might later get the QR2 metal for my V2 hub but very solid. So unless it wears out the lights are solid.