Faster Pit Stops Too Quick?

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Do you like the faster pit stops so far?

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  1. SUPRASTAR0003


    Any thoughts on the recent changes to pit time? Some tracks where the pit lane is short, it used to take 10 secs or more, now it takes 1 second to pit in, 3 seconds to change tyres (without refuelling), and then 1 second out of the pits, leaving a total of 5 seconds lost. I DO get why PD have reduced the time lost in pits allowing for more strategy, but 5 - 7 seconds makes no sense.
  2. NJ72


    United Kingdom
    Wait, this is a thing? Not driven an endurance races since the update.

    Why has nobody mentioned this in the undocumented changes thread? And why isn't it in the documented changes?
  3. breeminator


    It does actually make sense in terms of scaling the pitstop loss to match the general scaling of the race. Strategy used to be biased hugely in favour of the absolute minimum of stopping, because the pitstops took too long relative to race duration, now the number of pitstops is more in line with what it would be in the equivalent full duration race.

    I explained here why the duration of them should be reduced:
  4. pantherjag


    I think it's a good change overall as its has made races far more strategic especially in FIA but in a few places it is a bit short. In the nations race with the super formula at suzuka it was literally 4 seconds loss at a stop which is too short.

    It was changed in 1.43 I think. They changed stops in sport mode to match stops in offline mode and it did appear in the patch notes
  5. Granadier


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    Shorter pit stops are good to give more opportunities for strategy to play a part in the shorter "endurance" races, particularly C. I think they have swung too far in the opposite direction though. Their solution to this problem was to make cars teleport to their pit box on entry, and then teleport to the pit exit when leaving. That definitely shortens the pit time because you no longer have to wait for your car to drive to the box at the pit limiter, but it also negates any and all strategy when it comes to track specific pit lanes. Long lanes no longer factor into whether or not you should pit, how many times you should pit, or what lap you should pit.

    Fuji is an excellent example of this. Last week's Race C was a 1-stop strategy for most drivers. Usually when this happens you can apply strategy around when you decide to pit. Do you decide to come in early to attempt an undercut of the front of the pack? Do you stay out an extra lap to try and extend you lead? That strategy was entirely negated though by this teleporting. In a Gr. 1 car you could round the final corner onto the straight as a driver ahead of you was going into the pit lane, and by the time you reached the end of the straight they'd have exited the lane and still be in front of you. They lose virtually zero time.

    So yeah, I voted "no" but it's conditional. I like that the shorter times give more opportunities for races to have pit strategy versus just fuel/tire saving, but I think they went too far and should actually back up the change to a middle ground. @breeminator 's suggestion of a scaling time based on multipliers would be a good solution IMO.
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  6. Ashthebash


    It worked well for most of the Race Cs because it gave an option for strategy rather than either a one or no stop, dragging your tyres out as long as possible being the only competitive way to go because losing 20s+ on a pit stop was impossible to recover. But for a pit stop to cost just 3s as it did in the Nations on Saturday is going way too far.

    Overall I like them, they throw in more choices for strategy, but maybe they've become a bit too quick
  7. NJ72


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    My Bad