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I watch a lot of shows and listen to a lot of music on YouTube, so I thought we should share our favorites.

Itchy Boots
Noraly, a young Dutch motorcyclist, travels the world solo on her motorcycle. Great adventure, and she's genuinely interested in the people and places she encounters. Updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Indie & Folk Radio
New music daily, terrific monthly and yearly compilations, and five separate 24/7 streaming channels for all your Indie and Folk music needs.

Hosted by Simon Whistler, a likeable British YouTuber with at least a dozen different channels, all of them interesting. Not surprisingly, this channel focuses on geography.

Part of the WhatCulture group. They cover everything Star Trek in a fair and honest manner while still demonstrating their love of the franchise.

Share your own favorites.


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Casual car game Streamer. He's probably the first creator that I subbed to on Twitch.

He dives into the rich history and current happenings in the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, 2b2t.

As his name suggests, he does drum covers of any video game and meme music.

Evangelist Studios
He's my uncle, so...

Tats TopVideos
This group does amazing work with animation countdowns, especially with their SCP lists.

Wrench Every Day
Jared does a fantastic job with car builds and everything in between.

And basically all VTuber channels 😁
Mostly IronMouse and Gawr Gura
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Ooh, I'll share some of mine also.

Channel that reviews obscure games and shovelwares. I appreciate how he plays low-hanging fruits that many would treat as a cheap gag and tries to find enjoyment and positivity in them.

Wouldn't be surprised if people here already knows about him. A large man with very calm and soothing voice prepares, eats, and reviews bunch of military MREs from all over the world. It's more entertaining than it seems.

Ant Lab
Channel ran by an entomologist. New videos are few and far between, but it has informative and high quality videos about the world's most underappreciated creatures.

Spirit Of The Law
Channel featuring Age of Empire series-related videos and analysis. I haven't even touched Age of Empire since I graduated elementary school, but I just find his level of analysis fascinating.

Todd in the Shadows
Channel that reviews latest pop musics, and some old songs and albums from the past. I really enjoy his deep dives into old pop musics, albums, and some historical context behind those.
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In no particular order.

Joel Haver
I really like his comedy style and he also does some really cool animations, he even got Justin Roiland to guest in one which is rather cool.

Dark Simpsons
I like the Simpsons and I like dark comedy, so having The Simpsons edited to be rather dark is right up my alley.

Ryan George
Including him is super easy, barely an inconvenience. On a serious note, while he is kind of a one trick pony, he does a good job keeping it fresh and pokes fun at the absurdness of society.

Love his Super Serious Track Guides

Rather than simply playing older racing games he also goes into the history of where and what he is racing, it's a rather cool concept that deserves more attention than it gets.

Todd in the Shadows
Channel that reviews latest pop musics, and some old songs and albums from the past. I really enjoy his deep dives into old pop musics, albums, and some historical context behind those.
I really like his One Hit Wonderland and Trainwreckords series', it seems like he truly tries understanding the video subject rather than simply reading the Wikipedia page.
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Being Scared

Brick Builder




David Butler


Epic Heaven Music

Epic Music

History of the Universe

IMSA Official

Jump Rope Dudes





Mr. Nightmare

Mysterious 5

Nuke's Top 5



Premium Music HQ


Really Slow Motion

Scary Mysteries


SG Music

Slapped Ham

Strange Mysteries

The Proper People



Think i got them all.

I mostly spent all my online time on youtube and gtp.
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New Zealand
New Zealand
Somewhat unhinged but extremely entertaining Aussie channel that mainly focusses on reviewing audio gear, especially crappy old MP3 Players

Quite a relaxing and informative retro tech channel.

Really entertaining BeamNG channel.

Dawid does Tech Stuff
Reviews a lot of computer parts and the like with a very sarcastic but hilarious tone.

Vinesauce Joel/Vargskelethor (Technically a streamer, but his vods are on youtube)
Great variety streamer, probably best known for destroying windows operating systems.

Call Me Kevin
More great variety gaming content.

Jimmy Broadbent
The Thiccest sim racing(and real racing) boi.


I'm subbed to a lot of channels, but here are the ones I watch the most.


savagegeese - really good car review channel

My Old Car - a channel about cars from the 80s to 2000s that were sold in NA.

nascarman History - A really good racing history channel

Josh Revell - f1/feeder series videos

Black Flags Matter - Motorsports history, mostly nascar.

David Land - He covers all the big series, focuses on american series mostly

Doug DeMuro - you know this guy

Donut Media - a dumb automotive channel


Truegamedata - COD Warzone channel, mainly focusing on stats and weapon builds. He also has a great website.

GVMERS - video game doc channel

Skill Up - one of the only reviewers I trust

The Act Man - another good reviewer


Today I Found Out - this guy has other good channels too

Dark Docs - military history, they also have a few other good channels

Company Man - does videos about large companies

DW Documentary -

MetalBallStudios - This is a 3d artist who does size comparisons mainly, very interesting channel
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These are channels I frequently visit:

  • Digital Foundry
  • Skill Up
  • ACG
  • Worth A Buy
  • MrMattyPlays

  • Doug DeMuro
  • Autogefühl
  • 24H Series

* Dr. Sten Ekberg

* Marques Brownlee

* Jangbricks


Fission Mailed
Video Game Stuff
Many A True Nerd - has really good Fallout content.
Pikasprey - has really interesting, quirky stuff on Pokemon as well as other games. His playthroughs are fun.
False Swipe Gaming - a singularly dedicated Pokemon channel with cool videos on the history of Pokemon in competitive play.

Web Original
TeamFourStar/TFS Gaming - always been a DBZ Abridged fan, enjoy some of their video game playthroughs too.
OSW Review - a hilarious video review series of old wrestling shows.

ThePrimeThanatos - a non-stop, live 24/7 synthwave channel.
BGH Music - has some awesome piano covers of songs, game music and more.

There are others I watch quite a lot but I don't want them to be taken down so they shall remain anonymous.


Delicious Doorstop
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Ageing wheels - Midwest-based YouTuber covering offbeat vehicles and ongoing projects
Big Car - Overviews of the history of specific cars and marques with a focus on European models
Ruairidh MacVeigh - Similar to Big Car but with a more varied look at other forms of transport from the past, as well as major air and rail incidents
JayEmm - Numerous detailed test drives and information on whether certain used cars are worth buying

Civvie11 - Retro FPS reviews with a dry and comedic delivery
Hats Off Entertainment - Mini-documentaries showcasing the entertainment industry's past, such as lesser-known cult classics and forgotten media
LGR/Techmoan - Both produce similar content with LGR focusing more on retro-PC content and Techmoan on video/audio device overviews
TheRealJims - The Simpsons season reviews and in-depth videos on each character
Solar Sands - Mostly their more recent arts and culture deep-dive content
The Tim Traveller - Visiting some of the weirder places of interest throughout Europe and details on how to get there
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Two sides to this one. Guy plays Geoguessr a lot... which is interesting (to me). But also does quite a bit of 'exploring', like trying to cross small countries in a straight line... and the "How not to travel Europe" series was great :D

Kentucky Ballistics
I'm not into guns or gun culture at all, but I do enjoy this channel. Guy shoots stuff, it's fun, and somewhat informative for someone like me.

Good for Chilli related stuff.


Wymondham, Norfolk
I have a fair few I religiously watch so I'll throw those in here. Mostly guitar related.

Andertons TV:
guitar demos mostly, fun comparisons and stuff, excellent playing and the presenters work well.

The Troglys guitar show:
history of models, mainly Gibson related, good learning platform for.model history but he does do newer models, tears them apart for deep dives.

Guitar and gear demos but more relating to the heavier style of music, creates awesome demo tracks.

Riffs, beards and gear:
As above but edgier. Fluff is a cool guy and has some fun series.

The Race:
Good source of Motorsport content.

Awesome tech channel, Marques is great, has had some big names on his interview show, just solid, very well shot content.

What Culture (gaming and star wars):
Everyone loves a list, what cultures are some of the best, they also do good chat videos on the latest gaming and star wars news.

Car Throttle:
My personal choice for a regular car show. Fun presenters and have done some excellent, top gear esque challenges.
1 h from Nürburg
Tried to avoid listing the most obvious channels like digital foundry, Playstation, etc. and getting a bit of variety. Of course here only channels with english spoken content. German channels wouldn't help most people here :D

Motorsport / Cars Content

- Harry Metcalfe is the creator of Evo Magazine and has a wonderful garage and does real world road tests of different sports cars and is a regular on UK based classic car auctions. Highlight are his trips like taking his Ferrari Testarossa from the UK into the Sahara desert across Europe and parts of north Africa on his own wheels.

- Best channel for beautiful car reviews and storys like the Porsche 911 GT1, McLaren F1 and CLK GTR trinity movie(s)

- Kym is a australian F1 photographer and takes his viewers behind the scenes of F1. It's a behind the scenes channel from the view of a F1 photographer which is quiet interesting to see many things you won't find on TV or in other media apart from the usual sporting part. Of course it includes a lot of travelling in between the races.

- VIN Wiki car stories invites different people telling stories from their car lives. From supercar owners to more or less normal car guys you can find the whole range of car enthusiasts with nice stories around our favourite hobby.

- Marty and Moog from down under are very long in the youtube game wrenching on very different cars and taking them to the racetrack or the australian outback or Japan or Germany. Absolutely my favourite "wrench" channel with very good made road trip movies from time to time.

- Most hilarious meme F1 reviews. It's a yes or no for his videos and nothing inbetween.

- just another car spotting channel but Gordon just has an eye for the weirdest things happening while attending cars & coffee meetings, "gentlemen" rallys or just LA based car gatherings and supercar spotting on Rodeo Drive. Also owner of the slowest but loudest oldschool F1-sounding like V12 Merc with the 12,000 $ exhaust.

Gaming / Video Games / Electronics

- lovely little video game channel mostly focused on retro games with MJR having a soft spot for arcade racing games

- my favourite gaming console (+etc) repair/fixing channel

- Gran Turismo guide channel - very good advice for GT Sport and surely will continue for GT7


- Live cam from the sea otters at Monery Bay Aquarium or the kelp forrest 😍

- Enes is my favourite house tourer showing mostly expensive houses, yachts and RVs from around the world
- Enes second channel with behind the scenes stuff and shorter videos

- Have you ever seen people cross countries by foot on a gps-based straight line? Sounds boring? Was my first thought years ago too but those straight line missions are just amazing and often better and more bnreathtaking than your usual TV thriller.

- Berm Peak formerly know as Seths bike hacks. You could even watch Seth if you aren't into mountainbikes or cycles. Just entertaining whatever he does.

- My favourite mountain bike channel. Sam is just an awesome lad with my sense of humour and very good biking skills and great ideas for his videos.
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South Africa
South Africa
Let's see...

As far as motoring channels go, it's your usual:

Doug DeMuro, Cars & Bids, Top Gear, Tavarish, Hoovies Garage, Car Wizard (guess how I learned about that channel), Donut Media and VinWiki.

As for gaming, surprisingly I don't sub to any racing channels but:

NamcoBandai (for their Tekken tourney stuff), Justin Wong and a couple other fighting game channels.

And I just realised that I'm subbed to quite a few music-related channels, like PunkRockMBA, Rise Records, Better Noise Music, Two Steps from Hell, Nuclear Blast, Roadrunner, Trivium, etc, etc. Oh, and a handful of reaction channels, too - like Lost in Vegas and Nik Nocturnal.


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Does my own channel count? 😁


I'm surprised how many channels have already been posted here that I watch that are non motoring-related, but here's a few of my own:

Astrum - Astronomy

Atlas Pro - Physical and Biogeography

Bedtime Stories - Stories about ghosts, aliens, cryptids, famous murders etc.

Ben G Thomas - Palaeontology

Dark Simpsons - Dark comedy Simpsons stories

Exil - League of Legends

Fascinating Horror - Famous accidents and disasters

Geo History - History with maps

Ghost Town Living - A guy restoring an abandoned mining town in California

History Buffs - Reviews of history films

History Hit - Dan Snow history documentaries

How Ridiculous - Aussie guys dropping/throwing different objects on/at other things

Jago Hazzard - History of the London Underground

Klayton Fioriti - Jurassic Park fanboy

Mentour Pilot - Airline pilot explaining famous plane crashes

MetalBallStudios - Animated size comparisons

OverSimplified - Animated history videos

post 10 - Unclogging storm drains and culverts and urban exploration

RealLifeLore - Geography

The Armchair Historian - Animated military history

The Proper People - Urban exploration

TheRealJims - Simpsons lore

TierZoo - The animal kingdom as if it's a video game

Top5s - Ghosts, UFOs, scary stories etc.

Twisted Toonz - Professional voice actors and impersonators doing table reads of movie scripts using their repertoire of voices
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A few more favorites:

Two women fall in love, quit their jobs, buy a Mercedes Sprinter, turn it into their new house and travel all around North and South America. Updates on Sunday.

Soundhead Entertainment
About 90% videos of playing the PC version of Wreckfest, with a few other games thrown in. He's kind of a smartass but his enthusiasm for the game sells it for me.

Two Hot Wheels enthusiasts who call themselves 3D and 2D host the ultimate 1:64 scale diecast model downhill racing series on YouTube.

Nice Guys
Based in France, it's a 24/7 stream of great Indie music. Also compilations, albums, and singles.

Chillhop Music
Great relaxing lo fi hiphop. Live channels, compilations, albums and singles. That raccoon has the best life.


Meme Dissident in Exile...
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Just wanted to share some more cool channels I've found. Finally, some good Youtube recommendations for once.

A channel where a guy talks about the car design and tries to tweak it (or fix it altogether) using Photoshop. He seems to be on top of his subject matter, and I find his critique on car design to be both interesting and informative.

Some entertaining and seriously high-production value videos about all things motorcycle.

Video Game Esoterica
A small channel where guy talks about old arcade games and occasionally posts longplays of them. He also goes in depth about restoration of arcade boards and retro consoles, but I'm mostly here for his impressions of old arcade/console games.

Deurklink - Theme Park Games!
A channel with rather self-explanatory name. Some low-key videos about a guy creating a theme park on games like Parkitect and good ol' Rollercoaster Tycoon.

Jay Leno's Garage
This one wasn't recommended to me, it was actually in my subscription for quite some time. I'm surprised nobody put this on their list yet, so I'll take one for the team.
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I can't believe I haven't mentioned Epic Rap Battles of History yet. A few favorites:
Thanos vs J. Robert Oppenheimer
Harry Potter vs. Luke Skywalker
George Carlin vs. Richard Pryor
Mythbusters vs. Ghostbusters
Sir Isaac Newton vs. Bill Nye
James Bond vs. Austin Powers
Thomas Jefferson vs. Frederick Douglass
Western Philosophers vs. Eastern Philosophers
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Land of the smelly onion
A few of my favorites:

Automotive Related:

Cleetus McFarland

Vice Grip Garage

Junkyard Digs

Gentry & Sons Trucking

FSC Trucking

JH Diesel & 4x4

Food Related:

Guga Foods



America's Test Kitchen


Weird History


Fascinating Horror

Maritime Horrors


Corneria City
I'll just throw in a few I watch on the regular.

Metal Jesus Rocks.

Mighty Car Mods.
Finnegan's Garage.

Travel vlogs.
Bald and Bankrupt.
Eva Zu Beck.

Movie Reactions.
Popcorn in Bed.
CineBinge React.

Wrestling Bios.
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Rather than simply playing older racing games he also goes into the history of where and what he is racing, it's a rather cool concept that deserves more attention than it gets.
I just started watching this channel and it's really good. The narrator is a natural and knows what he's talking about. The tracks and the cars he chooses are all fascinating to me. I've watched the video about the 1923 Spanish Grand Prix at Sitges-Terramar (a track that holds great interest to me as I wrote the original Wikipedia entry about it several years ago), Tripoli Grand Prix from the 1930s, and the 1967 Targa Florio. His channel is a great concept, very well done.