Ferrari 250 GTO CN.3729GT '62

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I use the suspension and LSD settings by Arrakis Speedshop (Feydrautha). LSD = 9/14/15

I raced this car in a series last year called "Cobra Ferrari Wars" against the Cobra 427, Jaguar E Type, Corvette C2 and Ferrari 250 GT. The 250 GT is as fast at the same weight and power limits and costs 7.5m. The Cobra was too fast even with power limited to 289 replica levels. It was faster than the E Type which is a heavy car - the lightweight version is really needed in the game.

I presume the lack of adjustability on some suspension settings might be because the 250 GTO had a live rear axle with leaf springs - like an old Ford Cortina. It was once described as handling and driving like a Mark 1 Cortina with a 300bhp engine!

I have another race series for this car coming up later this year - I have found that with a 350bhp limit it is very similar in performance to the Ferrari Dino, Ford GT40 and Alfa Romeo TZ2.

Hopefully PD will give us a 289 Cobra and lightweight Jaguar E Type to go up against the 250 GTO - these would be comparable in performance and handling.
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