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Ferrari 348-gtc_lm milky windows removed and redone (links provided to car's)Skins  without-black-window-trim

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United Kingdom
maximeerkat submitted a new resource:

Ferrari 348-gtc_lm milky windows removed and redone - skin

removed milkyness from Ferrari 348 windows + redone them so they look alot better quality plus other minor bits

i can only do so much with this there are problems withy both versions of this car. this is for the one that was updated by velo if you want these to work on the other version (claudio 1.0) all you need to do is change the naming of the .dds file

the interior banner is not (as far as i know) changeable its a case of it is what it is. looks better on the claudio 1.0 but the glass...

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is it possibile to do something for front lights that seems detached from the bumper? I erase the mod for that issue
Real lights are inside the bumper, not outside


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