Ferrari Challenge Car List (not wish list)

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  1. Hun200kmh

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    We have been discussing this game's list of cars in several threads, so I decided to open this one to keep things in order.

    We have had, so far, some conflicting opinions about how many cars are in this game, and because the official site isn't updated, the game is still new and no one from these boards can already claim to have unlocked all cars, the simple fact is that we just don't know how many cars we can unlock(before any new DL pack comes available) and what cars they are.

    Now, some facts:

    We have 21 Trophies and there's one in-game hint saying that we can unlock 21 cars (or 22, I'm not sure) in Trophy mode. So far, I've nothing to say that this is wrong, for every Trophy I've won I've received at least one car (I think I unlocked two cars in the first trophy, but I'm not sure).

    I have also unlocked a new car in each Challenge race I've won (only two races so far, I decided to go for the Trophies first).

    The official website has, in the Unlockable cars section, and under the title "Below is a selection of a few of the many unlockable cars" 46 slots, 21 one of them used, 25 unused, but with a message "Coming Soon"

    So, beyond any doubt, we have already 22 cars that we know what model they are (F430 Challenge + 21 identified unlockables).

    But, we also have proof of two more cars (if you check carefully in the "unlocking cars official Thread": F348 Berlinetta; F355 Berlinetta).

    These are cars that, probably, should be shown in the "unlockables", but system 3 probably didn't have the time to update their official site.

    So, my only guess is that the 25 unindentified unlockable cars are in the game.

    And that takes the total count to 47 cars (maybe the info in the game-boxes is right and we have 50)

    Anyway, these are the 24 cars we know so far. Take is as an Official list:

    I - "Title car" (1)

    - F430 Challenge​

    II - Unlockable cars shown in the official website (21)

    - F348 Challenge
    - F348 TB
    - F355 Challenge
    - F355 GTB
    - F360
    - F360 GT
    - F430 GT2
    - F550 M
    - F550 GT
    - F575 M
    - F575 GTC
    - F40
    - F50
    - FXX
    - F250 TR
    - F250 LM
    - F250 GTO
    - F365 GTB4
    - F512 M
    - F512 S
    - F333SP

    III - Other cars already unlocked by players (2)

    - F348 Berlinetta
    - F355 Berlinetta

    If you unlock any car that is not on this list, please post.
  2. doblocruiser

    France Nantes

    I think every 430 Italian / European / American count as one car to. So every different livery is also counted for as 1 car.

    please correct me if i'm wrong ;)
  3. animalica


    If you take a look at the leaderboards you will only see 22 different cars:

    - 250 GTO
    - 250 LM
    - 250 Testa Rossa
    - F333 SP
    - 348 TB
    - 348 Challenge
    - F355 Berlinetta
    - F355 Challenge
    - 360 Modena
    - 360 GT
    - 365 GTB/4 Comp.
    - F430 Challenge
    - F430 GT2
    - 512 S
    - 512 M
    - 550 Maranello
    - 550 Maranello GT
    - 575M Maranello
    - 575 GTC
    - F40
    - F50
    - FXX
  4. Hun200kmh

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    I think you are right, that's why the F430 Challenge only counts as one in the list I posted

    I never checked the leaderborads, but in that 22 cars list there are two cars missing. Two cars that we already know are in the game, and were - both - already unlocked by several players (me included):

    F348 Berlinetta
    F355 GTB

    So, that's why I say that, so far, we have 24 cars confirmed.

    EDIT: The F355 GTB is in the official site, the F348 Berlinetta isn't, but was unlocked by players. Sorry for the confusion.
  5. I asked Mark a question about that and he responded:

    Draexin asks: The back of the box says the game has 50 did you come up with that number? The 24 F430 Challenge cars and 22 unlockable cars add up to 46. Are we missing something here? Also, about the 25 "coming soon" cars on the website, are they hidden somewhere in FC or is it downloadable content? If downloadable, why only 25? That's nowhere near "every ferrari ever made".

    Mark Cale: Regarding the downloadable content, we're not restricting how many cars we're going to release, and the aim is to eventually have every Ferrari ever made. It's a bold statement, but we'll endeavour to deliver on that. Moving foward, we will deliver five cars each downloadable pack, starting with Nurburgring in August. Now, in terms of how many cars are in the game, there may be cars that haven't been found yet, as in non-downloadable content. There's definitely 50 cars on the disk, but you'll just have to keep looking!
  6. Hun200kmh

    Portugal Lisboa

    Well, so far we have 24 listed above (with the "title car" counting only as one, and not 24 like you asked). If indeed the F430 Challenge counts as 1 (not 24), we still have 26 cars to discover.
  7. that's not the case as mark cale said. the F430 count as 24 so 2 more cars we need to discover right?
  8. F1KimiFreak


    Anyone knows if the really has 50 cars? or the 24 F430's?

    As i plan on taken it back to the store as it does not provide what is on the boxart. Would be handy to know for sure...
  9. 50 "different" cars
    24x F430 in different layouts
    26x other ferrari's--> 2 are still unknown
  10. F1KimiFreak


    Any one feel this is a rip-off. It tells a lie on the box ... :S expected more from a 'official ferrari' product :ouch:

    The game its self is good but common 27 cars :indiff: when saying 50.
  11. true true true and roughly 1 euro for each car extra with the DLC.

    but hey in holland we get ripped-off each time we stop at a gas station :p
  12. animalica


    I`m always skeptical when it comes to XX cars in the game.
    MotorStorm has technically just five because every vehicle of a class has the same statistics - same for Smugglers Run 1+2.

    But just 2X cars for a overpriced game?

    Except for Diesel which is more expensive here in Moffrika.
  13. F1KimiFreak


    so we get rip off for fuel (i not, dont have a car) so we can be ripped off everywhere, okay...

    Even GT series put more cars on back of the boxart then it has because of the 10 different? subaru impreza en mitsubishi lancers, but atleast not 50% of the total content. :) Anyway store does not want to take it back, which is logic.
  14. jup

    try selling it second hand maybe here on GT planet
  15. TheMoose

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    Just bringing this back up.
    has anyone got a confirmed list of all unlockable cars & know what races unlock what cars?
    I've completed all the challenge races but I know I didn't finish good enough in one of the races to unlock that car, the problem is I know it's in the Italian challenge but I can't remember what race it was.
  16. Kent

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    Was the 599 left out?
    I have the game for PS2 and I'm picking the cars I want to unlock. Right now I'm working on the 333 so I can get to the Enzo (or FXX or whatever :p ) but I'd love to pick up a 599 in the process.
    Can anyone confirm or deny if the 599 is in FC?
  17. RedHamster


    I was just wondering after the qualifying, race 1 and 2 do you have to come third or more to unlock the car or are there different cars for you coming first, second or third thanx
  18. Hun200kmh

    Portugal Lisboa

    Don't bother with that. As I see it FC will always give you a car if you do one of the following (and you still have cars to ulock):

    a) Win a Challenge with a victory in every race;

    b) Win a Trophy with a victory in every race.

    So, if you don't know what was the challenge, just do a trophy you haven't done before.

    Kent, I'm not sure about the PS2 version. In the PS3 one the 599 is in the game but it comes as a special "gamestop" prize and you unlock it not by racing but by entering a code with the pad buttons. That code is mentioned in this forum somewhere, search "gamestop ferrari 599" you'll probably get it.

    EDIT - Found it:
  19. You can unlock more cars in Arcade mode.

    And, on the back of the case we all know it says drive over 50.

    But guess what i think i fighured it out now.

    U know all the F430 challenge team cars? I think those r the rest of the cars.

    Cuz the team cars r all real ferrari drivers.

    So i think that those r the rest of the cars.
  20. jjaisli

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    I think that's what System 3's attorney claims anyway.
  21. GT_Prologue5


    The 599 can be found in DLC now, or theres a code you have to do at the main menu screen
    Other DLC cars
    612 Samman (not sure samman's right but its a specail version)
    430 Scuderia
    F50 GT
    365/4GTB Daytona Spider
    330 P4
    and others
    and DLC tracks: Nurburg GP, Riviera, etc.