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    Thanks for the feedback Hami, much appreciated. You pretty much summed up my driving style for this event, in an effort to find more speed I was trail braking, chucking the car in and trying to get on the gas as early as possible! Hence it is quite loose on entry, and I think some people commented on mid corner understeer, which was probably my effort to set the car to be stable under throttle when gassing it early.

    I've looked at your tune and noticed you're running stiffer rear springs and ARB, I'm guessing to reduce understeer. My question is, when would you decide to use just stiffer springs or just stiffer ARB, or as you have done here, a combination of both? I set my miata up with stiffer rear springs but stiffer front ARB - it seemed to me that the springs affected corner entry more, and the ARB's worked more for mid corner. What I was aiming for was rotation on entry and then stability mid corner. I was worried about the springs also making the car oversteer on exit, but found I didn't have that problem for some reason (maybe just due to the lowish power).

    As far as I know, IRL springs would affect entry, exit, and mid corner since they are used in both pitch and roll. ARBs are roll only so would come into play more in mid corner? Do you find this is true in GT6?


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    u have any nascar Daytona online setups?
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    Check the every tune list thread the op has a link to a Google doc that had 90% of all tunes on gtp