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    Hi everyone, my name is Andy and I am from England. A little bit about me, I am 35 years old and have been involved with games since the 80s, fell in love with sim racing in the mid 90s when we had a pc and I spent ages playing Indy Car Racing 2 and Grand Prix 2.

    I got into GT in the mid 2000s, I bought a ps2 when vice city came out, but was a low paid shop worker at the time and so £40 for gt3 was too expensive for me, especially as work was erratic and I had to be prepared to be able to sort my bills out if work was slack. Having never owned a ps1, I saw gt1 in Gamestation for £6 and bought it, I loved it but never actually tried to complete it.

    About this sort of time GT4 was being previewed in magazines and I loved the idea of it, I bought GT3 and loved that too, I always intended to buy it and complete it etc.

    Life has a habit of getting in the way and it ended up being another 10 years before I bought GT4, for £4 from a retro games fair, I still havent tried to complete it yet.

    Main reason I am here is I love sim racing and especially GT as it is pretty much the forerunner to all of that stuff, I own GT 1-5 and also 5 prologue and GT PSP. I never bought 6 because of reported downloads taking days especially with our terrible Sky Broadband that we had at the time. I also don't own a ps4/xb1

    I am aiming to complete psp and one other, would prefer for it to be either 1-4 or one of the prologues, any reccomendations?
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    G'day Andy,

    I'd highly recommend having a serious go at GT4.
    Out of the options you've got, this edition of the game is not only the most complete but also, has polled very well as the best GT title as voted here on GT Planet.
    It also has the Nurburgring Nordschleife & IMO, it doesn't get better than that :bowdown:

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    United Kingdom
    Welcome, Andy! :cheers: