FoolKiller Becomes Bionic - NEW UPDATE Nov 19, 2012

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You've shown emotional and intellectual resilience and a degree of dedication and focus to your health that I'm confident many would not be able to. I wonder whether I would be able to in your situation.

You're a tough bastard man! No matter what happens tomorrow, today I say well done!

This a hundred times. I truly doubt I myself would be able to. Tough bastard indeed.
Thank you all for your comments. A constant trouble eventually becomes normal. It is everyday and mundane. It is easy to forget what it looks like from the outside. I know you all help me, but forget it can affect others.

You've taken all of limited control you have over your situation and used it well.
It's all I know how to do. I'm unable to let things just happen. When I first found out I needed a transplant I felt as if all control was out of my hands. That is the scariest thing for me. Then I found something I could grab on to and didn't let go.
I mentioned our fundraising for our AHA Heart Walk. With money in hand we are at about $4,100. My challenge to the team is if we hit the goal of $5,000 I will shave my head. I've recently upped the ante a bit by saying it will be a full-on razor shaved cue ball.

We have one major fundraising event left, and this should prove a success. On Sunday September 14th, from 3-9pm, I will get 15% of all sales at our local frozen yogurt place. Sunday is their busy day.


Today I also picked up our 3'x5' torch to decorate. We got that for earning $2,500 before September 1st. Every company that helped will have their name/logo placed on it.


Along with this, the church I grew up in is taking up a collection this coming Sunday. So, I expect two large checks coming in next week.

I am excited, thinking we will make it. I hope I will be posting a video of me smiling stupidly as my wife removes my hair in about two weeks.
Well, I just got home from the hospital. I had a check up on Monday and I was in atrial fibrillation. Since my blood thinner levels were good we scheduled a time when it was convenient and defibrillated me. I was asleep for maybe 30 minutes. Knock me out, shock me, check heart, wake me up, and send me home. It was so quick that when my wife and I stopped for lunch we had to wait 20 minutes for the restaurant to open at 11:00.

And so goes my life.