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    I think it's more worthwhile to give a point or two for pole position, but I don't mind this.
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    The reasons behind the rule are laudable at best (seeing drivers push harder, perhaps trading blows in an attempt to claim that point, giving the fans something else to cheer about), but restricting the awarding of the point to just the top 10 means that there are also plenty of instances where the fastest lap could be nailed easily by a driver in a position to do so who is 11th or lower, thereby rendering the point irrelevant and redundant.

    The problem with fastest laps is that they're too situation specific – it could be decided by one driver getting DRS at a convenient moment, by chance or with a little help from an ally, etc.

    It also opens the door to a potential collusion. One extreme possibility would be if a title could be swung by getting a driver into the top 10 late on with the fastest lap. Imagine the conspiracy theories were a Haas to conveniently retire, and create a situation that would give a Ferrari driver the title if the championship hinged on the last race. It's desperately unlikely, but strange things do happen.
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    I like that idea.

    Speaking of F1, has anyone else seen that F1 show on Netflix??? I think it's called F1 Drive to Survive. IT'S EPIC!!!! Truly a well made documentary on the sport. Even a non-F1 fan with ADHD can enjoy this show, it's really that entertaining.
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    From before the announcement, I missed this piece from the same man on why this rule is terrible. Sums it up pretty much perfectly, I think.


    In "normal" F1 Races where the Race proceeds/runs without any special issues/conditions etc will end like this:
    On most of the tracks, Mercedes and Ferrari will battle at the front, and RedBull or maybe a "best of the rest" Team will pit for new tyres at the end and easily get the fastest lap. Completely stupid idea.

    And i can even prove this, i can show you many races from the last couple of years where exactly that happened. Cars at the front run the least amount of pit stops necessary for the best strategy leading to bad tyres at the end of the race (+ saving the engine). I remember Alonso, Ricciardo, Verstappen and a few others who pitted for new tyres just to get the fastest lap as a motivation to speak like.

    And i dont really understand the idea behind it. What do they wanna achieve with this? Its not like the cars are cruising around in the last couple of laps. Strange, just strange
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    I don't think it's a particularly useful addition to the race (never been a fan of these types of gimmicks). I also don't see how it will have much impact when a race win is 25 points.


    Then I considered the fact that we're doing, what, 21 races this year? In theory that's 21 points up for grabs, or essentially a race win (or a 2nd place, I honestly don't remember what a second place earns). As mentioned above, I don't think the top tier teams will be chasing it because it'll impact strategy too much, but I suspect secondary drivers (Bottas, etc.) and teams like Red Bull might consider mounting a concerted effort?

    And as mentioned, that 21 points is far more important to the mid-field teams, so perhaps it'll be a big deal there (though it doesn't do anything to benefit the consumer/fan really).