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The crown jewel of Formula 1 races blooms into action as the streets of Monte Carlo prepare to be driven on by the 20 F1 cars. The historic streets are perhaps the race every driver wants to win most (apart from their home race if applicable). Red Bull have been historically dominant around this high-downforce, low need for power, circuit. Qualifying is everything, and Q3 on Saturday is often described as the best session of the season by purists. Prepare for Armco scraping escapades and wall-tapping pole laps as we prepare for the MONACO GRAND PRIX!

First Grand Prix

Number of Laps

Circuit Length

Race Distance
260.286 km

Lap Record
Lewis Hamilton (2021)​
The best part about the Monaco GP is knowing the Indy 500 is on afterwards.
If this is yet another race where Red Bull is caught slipping, this year might actually be worth getting up at an ungodly hour to watch for the first time in a while.

Hell between this and the Kyle Larson attempting the double, The whole day might actually be worth destroying my sleep schedule for.
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I won't say he's a choker but he definitely keeps making a lot of mistakes, not only at Monaco.
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Hopefully Mercedes car works well here and Lewis can win again, about time he gets a lap together in qualifying.

Will be a good test for Yuki to see if he can be best Honda driver here.
Only way Mercedes wins is if there's rain, and there's barely any chance of that on Sunday.
Early days but Mercedes 1-3 so far. Top 4 are Mercedes powered. Leclerc and the bulls yet to do a soft run, Red Bull look a bit lacking in pace versus the other medium runners.
I think this going to be a Leclerc and Ferrari show basically, it will be theirs to lose. Leclerc was 2 tenths down on medium tires. He was P1 for a while on Hard tires with people on Medium tires not matching his time. That Ferrari will be quick on the soft. The strange thing for me here is the Red Bull. I can understand Perez struggling but Max as well....that's 2 races in a row now where their Fridays have not looked good at all but he won last time out so let's see if he'll pull something out of the bag here too.
Ok Charles, maybe you're not overrated.
About a second faster than the rest on the medium tyres.
Ok Charles, maybe you're not overrated.
About a second faster than the rest on the medium tyres.
He has to make it to Sunday before we can remove that (or the cursed) tag.
Could it finally be the year that Leclerc wins his home race? I'm about 50/50 on him crashing at some point.

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