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    Because the sport and the weekend goes on. Haven't you ever partied like hell at a wake? Why would you do that when somebody had died?

    And anyway, do we know that the F2 race had even happened at this point? Do we know that they're Verstappen fans?
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    The truth? I followed a bunch of drunk Dutch guys through a hiking path in the woods after going through the tunnel to the other side.

    It was a hike to get to and there was a service road next to it.

    On the topic of legality, I can't tell you if it was for public or not.
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    More than 10 years ago there was a bridge over Kemmel straight wicht you could use. So it made sense to walk to that spot. Nowadays not so much. You prove me wrong. Hope you enjoyed it!
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    Don't have much to offer other than what everyone else has more or less said:

    -Great job by Leclerc on a sorrowful weekend.
    -Thanks to Lewis for providing us with interest in the final few laps (almost managing to 'Verstappen' Leclerc)
    -Heartbreaking for Lando, solid drive and fantastic luck/performance from McLaren.
    -What has happened to Vettel?
    -Albon definitely showed the goods (even a 7th place would have been a good result given his situation, but lucking into 5th was outrageous) and I hope to see what he can do in the proper leading pack if he qualifies well at Monza.
    -Did someone have a grudge with Ricciardo and just decided to screw him on purpose?
    -Verstappen definitely at fault for his incident, but he was just trying to hard to makeup for that slow start and paid the price

    Just enough interest to make the race worth watching. While I enjoyed watching Lewis just hunt down Leclerc (those Ferraris really do fall apart on old tires), it would have been heartbreaking for Leclerc so I'm glad he narrowly avoided it.
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    I don't know if you're claiming that this video is of people celebrating but that's not from this year. It has to be at least a year old as they tore down the concrete stands for the WRX course.

    I was annoyed with some people partying in the Green Camping area Saturday after the accident but at the same time it was shortly after and many people probably didn't even know about it. People also react and handle traumatic things differently. The vast majority of people I saw were very somber and quiet. There was a lot of stunned people walking around.
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    Wow, did anyone else miss this from the F3 race on Sunday? Simo Laaksonen's car managed to get buried under the tyre wall at Blanchimont, a bit like Luciano Burti and Daniel De Jong have had in the past at the same spot, but he went even further under.
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    Halfway through the Kemmel straight under the TV screen there's an area, usually quite crowded, which is definitely public since it has garbage bags, toilets and security people. Said security people seemed to have no problem with spectators standing outside this area along the straight. This is from FP3:

    On the same side there's also an interesting spot right at the braking point before Les Combes, you get a very good view and you're really close to the cars. Ignore the awful quality of this picture, this is just to get an idea of the spot:


    Speaking about legality, it's quite surprising that they still allow people to sit and stand on top of that hill alongside Blanchimont and Bus stop, it's very steep with crumbly dirt and big rocks here and there. One foot wrong and you're having a really bad time, taking other people with you on your way downhill. Or you send one of those rocks flying over spectators' heads.

    I agree. I was standing in the middle of the Kemmel straight on Sunday and it was quite touching to witness the silent applause to the ambulances, fire department and medical staff doing the parade lap and the minute of silence. Standing in the middle of usually loud dozens of thousands of people and only hear the wind through the trees was really striking.
    A few people took the Johnnie Walker plastic signs on the tire walls after the race and used them as a sort of surfboard going downhill from Raidillon to Eau Rouge, covering several meters (it's that steep). Not really classy after what happened, but I guess they were just too excited about being on top of one of the most famous corners in the world.
    Overall, I felt like people have been very respectful, also considering the amount of beer per capita in there.
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    Apparently Nico Rosberg criticized Max’s Spa start & early exit...

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