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I thought you were going to say setting fire to the grass.

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The grass has caught fire again :eek:
Burning grass? I hope the drivers don't get Shang-high

I don't think even C. Montgomery Ecclestone had flaming track in his gimmick rolodex.
Just caught up on the highlights, and holy crap! Wish I woke up earlier. Fire. Stroll topping FP1. More fire. Rain. Max making more mistakes in the wet than I've gotten used to seeing. Zhou and Bottas making SQ3. Lando's SQ pole lap getting deleted and re-instated.


edit: Lando nooooooooooooooooo!
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Dang, Perez mugged Alonso and Sainz.

Oof, Charles gets by Alonso, too. Puncture, boo.

edit: Retired the car, extra boo!

moar edit: Congrats to Zhou for doing well in front of the home crowd.
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Norris choke again and then it quickly became business as usual for Max. That battle behind Lewis was quite entertaining. Sucks for Alonso with that retirement. Now let's see what happens later. I wasn't going to stay up to watch this but I'm intrigued now.
Lewis out in Q1. Checo barely survived.

Sargeant binned it again. Williams are patient but he must be right on the edge of being dumped.
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Lewis at it again with the supposedly "setup change" about he just drive the car and stop trying to be an engineer?

That aside, this grand prix can be good but when it's bad, it's really bad. Looking at this grid. I don't think there will be much in terms of excitement. I had hoped that because they can tweak the cars between the sprint and the race, there would be more competition but doesn't seem like that will be the case.
That was a good day of Formula 1 action and I am expecting a good race tomorrow especially the battle for third place.
Lewis at it again with the supposedly "setup change" about he just drive the car and stop trying to be an engineer?
The setup excuse is getting old. He's going to need some new material when he goes up against Leclerc.
Watching the build up to the race on Now TV on my PS5 while I have my pc with the WEC site giving a countdown to the start in Imola.

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