Formula 1 Lenovo Chinese Grand Prix 2024Formula 1 

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Whoa, that trophy's legit. 😮

edit: Looks cloudy. Max mentioned light drizzle?

moar edit: Great start by Alonso.

even moar edit: And Max walking away. 😑

yet even moar edit: Go Landoooooooo! P3.

and yet even moar edit: Weird Alpine pit SNAFU with Gasly.

another edit: Boo, Bottas out, and finally a VSC.
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Now an SC. Sauber stuck in gear? Maybe just give it a... kick?

Jesus, Stroll... 😤

edit: Hope Lando gets another good jump on Charles after this SC.
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That sucks. Ricciardo was finally having a decent day, and now he's getting swallowed up. 😔

edit: And now retired. 😤
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Ha, "No, thank you." Go Landooooooo!

edit: Ah, so that's why Piastri dropped off the back of Russell. Thanks, Lance! /shakesfist
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Lance Stroll = Lance D'oh!

Edit: kinda hoping for a mechanical failure for Max so Lando can win as tight as that sounds.

Edit 2: Checo will probably get him anyway though, meh.
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Thought it'd be more exciting, what with the SCs.

Another nice points haul for McLaren. Lando! Almost washes the taste of that sprint race out the mouth. Oscar did very well to hold on to P8, despited damage.

I expected more of a scrap between the Ferraris.

Shame Alonso didn't finish higher up, but that countersteer moment was awesome.

Haas point! Thanks, Hulk!

Bummed for Ricciardo. Solid day ruined.

Stroll is a donut. Or a muppet. A donuppet.

They should turn off Hamilton's mic. He has gone full Alonso with the GP2 engine. Stroll needs to go and the man for the VSC/SC decision should be thrown into the Yellow Yangtze river.

In other news. Not a bad race. Absolute dominance by Max, good racing for the rest of the field.
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Having only watched the highlights, what was the supposed logic behind pitting for softs he'd definitely have to change again?
The way I interpreted the choice for softs is that the Aston strategy team was banking on the idea that a 30 lap stint on the hards to the chequered flag was unfeasible or not optimal, and that everyone who pit under the safety car would eventually become easy pickings by the end of the race for Fernando on fresher mediums or be forced to stop. The choice for fresh softs specifically at the safety car restart was to help Alonso carve his way through the field.

Edit: Fernando apparently had no fresh set of hards
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