Formula 1 Ooredoo Qatar Grand Prix 2021Formula 1 

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1. Hamilton
2. Verstappen
3. Alonso
4. Perez
5. Ocon
6. Stroll
7. Sainz
8. Leclerc
9. Norris
10. Vettel
11. Gasly
12. Ricciardo
13. Tsunoda
14. Raikkonen
15. Giovinazzi
16. Schumacher
17. Russell
18. Mazepin
RET. Latifi
RET. Bottas
FL: Verstappen 1:23.196
Would be fun if Lewis wins here and next race, and either both Max and Lewis get a fastest lap, or neither of them does. Then we would enter the last race with a tie
Part 1 done. Now another Lewis 1 Max 2 in SA with FL for Lewis
Except for Lewis and Max running away from the field, it was a decent race.

Congrats to Alonso for his podium. Definitely DotD. Great results for Ocon and Alpine. I'm pushing for AlphaTauri to take 5th in the WCC, but Gasly and Tsunoda were nowhere.

Solid results for Ferrari again. Another sizable chunk of points for them. I may have to resign myself to a McLaren 4th in the WCC with only two more races left. I understand the need to pit Lando. Ricciardo was so far off the pace.

Shame about Bottas. He was actually doing well until the puncture.

I gotta wag the finger at Mick for that sketchy re-entry in front of Alonso.

Horner to the stewards.

12.2.1.f Any words, deeds or writings that have caused moral injury or loss to the FIA, its bodies, its members or its executive officers, and more generally on the interest of motor sport and on the values defended by the FIA.

12.2.1.k Any Misconduct towards:
• licence-holders,
• officials,
• officers or member of the staff of the FIA,
• members of the staff of the Organiser or promoter,
• members of the staff of the Competitors,
• doping control officials or any other person involved in a doping control carried out in accordance with Appendix A.
I did genuinely wonder before the race started about the war between Christian and Toto that eventually one of them would wind up having to watch the season finale from home.
I hate Ted and Crofty.
Every time they speak, their number one goal is to out-clever each other with amateur attempts at humor - to the point where it often gets in the way of the information they’re supposed to be conveying to the viewers. As a foreigner (i.e. not British) it’s extremely aggravating.
So now, Verstappen can win the title at Jeddah if he wins with fastest lap with Hamilton 6th or lower, or without fastest lap with Hamilton 8th or lower without fastest lap or 7th or lower with or without fastest lap, or if he finishes 2nd with fastest lap with Hamilton 9th or lower, or 2nd without fastest lap with Hamilton 10th or lower.

Hamilton can't win the title until Abu Dhabi.


Now, what about Helmut Marko's comments on Spanish TV "DAZN" (it's supposedly "da zone"... le sigh) of: "You know the FIA can't organize a proper marshalling system and they are hiding their incompetence on the shoulders of the driver. Unbelievable."
It’s evident Merc were playing silly buggers with that wing, because of the change in straight line speed difference at Qatar. But, they got away with it.
That seems questionable. I doubt they would get a significant advantage without it being clearly visible.

DRS provides a significant advantage and sometimes that wasn't enough if they got the zones wrong, so I just can't see how some minor wing trickery will allow them to blow past. But we should be seeing party mode back for the next two GPs. 🥳
It’s evident Merc were playing silly buggers with that wing, because of the change in straight line speed difference at Qatar. But, they got away with it.
What evidence? Unless I missed it, there hasn't been any test result or proof indicating anything....All we can speculate here is that Merc are probably running a different engine mode since the straight is not as long as here as it is in Brazil. Can't wait to see that straight line speed that Red Bull has been talking about though in Jeddah cause that will certainly be a power track.
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Merc. was running an older engine on a possibly different mode, which could explain the speed difference. But I guess it's better to share more claims like how Merc.'s speed at Sao Paulo was clearly cheating b/c (checks notes)... Max was in the bottom 5 of the speed traps.
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