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It's that time of year again where the Formula 1 Paddock travels Down Under to Melbourne. Albert Park is often one of the most packed circuits for in terms of spectator numbers, as the City Centre parkland circuit becomes the nation's Motorsport Festival for a weekend. This year brings the extra excitement of the first visit to the Southern Hemisphere for FIA Formula 2 and Formula 3! In F1, we are witnessing the start of Red Bull dominance for a second year, but Aston Martin have shown to be keeping up in the first races, can Stroll or Alonso break ahead of a Red Bull this time out? We will see at the AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX!

First Grand Prix

Number of Laps

Circuit Length

Race Distance
306.124 km​

Lap Record
1:20.260 Charles Leclerc (2022)​
Youtube was kind enough to randomly recommend me a video from early 2020, with a thumbnail showing the original breaking news announcement that the Australian GP is cancelled.

I only panicked for a few seconds before realizing it was old
Mercedes p2 & p3...I didn't see that coming!!!!
Albon ahead of Alpine and Haas....good job!

Hopefully this will be a good race!
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Checo with the disappointment of a weekend continues on. Qualifying was 1am for me, what happened with him?
Locked up, ended in the gravel, beached himself. Didn't seem to have any damage. He mentioned an issue over the radio, suggesting the lockup was caused by that
Whoa, nice start by George. Bad one by Charles. 😮

edit: Wait... did Stroll bonk Charles?
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