Forza Horizon 4 October Content Update: Route Creator Arrives, Hot Wheels Return

Discussion in 'Forza Horizon 4' started by GTPNewsWire, Oct 23, 2018.

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    I'm disappointed with the seasonal events and Forzathon shop this time around, the F355 is nice though but it's not quite like the 812 Superfast. The Hot Wheels car isn't to my taste, but I don't mind that so much as the super wheelspins from previous weeks being replaced with vanity items and the GT-R, being such a cheap car with a cult following, is a poor choice for a reward since anyone who wanted one could just buy one like I did almost immediately. Why it's not at least rare when they're selling for upwards of $250,000 in real life is beyond me...

    And the Reventon FE? If they were going to put one of the mastery unlock FEs in the shop couldn't they have picked something more expensive like the MC12? Again, I'm pretty sure anyone who wanted it would just buy the Miura and unlock it.

    It kind of feels like they think we had it too good and are at least testing the waters with reduced rewards and rarity of seasonal stuff. In any case, I did the two championships and bought the F355 in under two hours so I'm done with the summer content already!
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    I love the addition of the Insignia, I think it's a good-looking car.

    Not a big fan of the Performante Spyder though, we don't really need more Lamborghinis. The Mustang too, I'd rather have the Galpin Rocket Mustang that JC drove in the first episode of Grand Tour, looks better to me.