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Got any videos, epic moments or livestreams to share? Here's the place to do so. :)

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Here are all the news videos I posted in the general thread.

The lack of an official Horizon 4 video thread on this forum means that whiny voiced AR12 kid is going to appear a lot in these pages until someone tells us to cease and desist. Here is his long promised Q&A with Microsoft's Dollar Bill Bill Dollar.

More dev talk with Nick from AR12 for anyone who is remotely interested. Maintaining a daily news cycle on a trickle of Horizon footage is an ambitious undertaking. MS could at least have allowed him access to the B-roll. Anyway, grab the aspirin and guard your ears:

Reports that the audio in Forza Horizon 4 has an annoying grinding whiny noise deep in the mix probably stem from videos featuring the voice of Nick Andrew, such as this third instalment of AR12's mammoth interview with MS's Bill Dollar.

C'mon... someone had to post it. Plus, it's the weekend so playing the "count the ums" drinking game while watching him crash into things isn't exactly going to ruin your day.

I'm in love with this game. The roads in the upper part of the map feels like I'm in a Top Gear episode or a video from Chris Harris. It's so damn beautiful.

Some videos from me, playing on regular Xbox (not even the S).

Driving the M5 E60 in those roads I mentioned, in Autumn... already made the game worthy for me.

Playground are doing a stream today:

It's fun just watching them hoon around and reassuring to know that they're not godlike drivers.

I accidentally left a stream running on my PC at home and I'm watching this at work so it looks like you can earn points from multiple streams at the same time.
Hello guys and gals! And Welcome to my Very First Forza Horizon 4 Vid!

Enjoy! :D and don't forget to drop a Like and Comment!

Not sure if this is the right place to post my videos. ;-;
If they are supposed to go in a separate channel or its own thread please tell me! xD
The Aventador FE is the most ridiculous car I have ever driven on a Forza game, the power is stupidly high compared to anything else, it's power shocks you even time you floor it espeically if you try to drive like normal then open it up after a period of time to remember your driving a rocket ship:
This was such a beautiful ride. I love this car and always wanted to drive it in a game, the Austin Healey 3000.


(and I seriously need a decent capture card.) :indiff:
Hello guys and gals! And Welcome Back to yet another great Forza Horizon 4 Video! Sadly today something rather strange happened if I do say so myself! xD

Enjoy! :D And don't forget to drop a Like and Comment! ^-^

Hello guys and gals and Welcome Back to yet another Great Forza Horizon 4 Video! Today we will be driving Akio Asakura's 240z which is nicknamed Devil Z.

Enjoy! :D and don't forget to drop a Like and Comment!

This is probably one of the coolest videos I did. Just because it`s so simple.

No Hud, just pure sound. I love this car, since FH2. (or even before in other games)