Forza Horizon 5 photo mode thread

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No photo mode thread yet? Here we go!

FH5 Taycan 01.jpg

FH5 BMW 01.jpg

My new best friend!
Holy cow that second photo is actually incredible. Kudos, would be interested in seeing your photo mode settings for that.
Mostly standard but it depends on the scene and the direction the light is coming from. Some shots i put +3 or 5 on exposure and add little bit contrast but most of the time the standard settings are perfect. And i take alot of photo's i mean really like 100+ each session and i take the best out there so i have a higher chance to get that perfect photo. Also im a semi pro photographer in real life so that helps also a little bit when taking pictures in games 😅 .
Still messing with photomode settings, but so far I'm having a better time getting good results than in previous Horizon titles.

C63 Racing.jpg

C63 Rolling.jpg

Also, either the traffic AI chose a very odd spawn point, or one of the Forza devs has spent too much time on the Type 7 Instagram page.

959 Jeep.jpg
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So... best method for photo quality is using the Xbox Bar screenshot function? This game makes my 1080p resolution feel old 😬