Forza Horizon 5 Season Change: History Starts Here

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Oh, if anyone spots any errors, PM me. Xbox was being an absolute turd with images it was pretending to upload but not and it did not enhance my mood.
It wasn't bad but it still needs other cars.
To be honest, I think that would just make it much worse. The AI in Horizon games is so incredibly bad that I always prefer racing alone :boggled:
The Trial is a pain with the under powered Mini. AI seem to have a bigger advantage this time round. Race 1 not too bad but 2 and 3 they look miles ahead on the map.
Here I was being so happy for a D-class trial. "Finally, a reason to slow car fast!"
Agreed on the Eventlab being a good one this week as well, it gave me touring car track vibes, although I do believe it's ever so slightly too long and it's a shame there is no AI, faults and all.
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So, the Ford Mustang Mach-E does not count for the Trailblazer Daily Challenge :(
I got really lucky with Wednesday's daily challenge (Winning Streak/Eliminate 3 opponents in The Eliminator). I spawned right next to a car drop (lvl6 Porsche 959), beat 3 opponents and eventually won the whole thing.

I'm not a fan of The Eliminator and play only to complete challenges. Usually final showdowns have featured 10-12 players, but this time there were only three of us at the end. I believe that the daily challenge forced players to be more aggressive in challenging other players instead of camping out at the perimeter.