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  1. VXR


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    The paths in this new game are much more organic, not deliberately walled off trails. Some of the tracks running through rolling hills and fields provide the most stunning scenes in this game.
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  2. rauf00


    True ab. hills, but for pad sake not in street or luxury cars!
    And completely open scenery in all aspects ruin almost every non fields race just because theres no need to keep wheel on black. Every corner and turn can be flattened by cutting it...
  3. VXR


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    If you didn't care about your car, you could do that in your own vehicle, too. You don't have to exploit the game.
  4. willbsn13


    I wouldnt really call these "first impressions" as I'm lvl 68 and counting, and have sunk around 17-18 hours into the game so far, but alas here goes:

    This game is amazing. The handling feels spot on and much improved from FH1, and with the inclusion of weather, it gives the game a more diverse experience while play it. It feels like what the original Horizon was trying to be and some. The car diversity and selection is unparalleled in any other open-world/arcade racing game on the market, the map is bigger (slightly) but more importantly, more open for exploration. Everything from the graphics and the atmosphere it gives the game to the improved and breathtaking sounds, this game is great on so many levels. Online multiplayer is fantastic fun aswell, rounding off as deep as a single player you'll get in a AAA game these days.

    Only things from me to make this game pretty much perfect would be:

    - A map expansion containing another city, bigger than Nice (Marsielle, Genoa anyone?) as I think the game needs another big urban area for tight city street races akin to that of PGR, plus there hella fun.
    - A map expansion containing some Mountains that are actually driveable. It seems silly for the game to be set in Southern Europe, for there not to be roads like the Stelvio Pass, climbing mountains with draw dropping vistas. Make it happen PG.
    - A course creator. Imagine what some of the creative minds that we have in the Forza community could do with a race creator - Full scale rallies could be made possibly, more endurance races and more tight a technical sections could be achieved also. And allow us to do championship events in them :D
    - THE 1984 PEUGEOT 205 T16 AS FREE DLC (please don't make us pay for it after we have done in F4 and F5, pls Playground, pls.) WITH THE GROUP B BODY KITS

    To sum up - This game is one of , if not the best open-world racer to date (For me atleast) Nothing comes close to the content, visuals, diversity and fun this game offers (for open-world). Playground have created a true great with this one.
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  5. TonyJZX


    not a first impression either as i got both finales and am Level 100+ and I'm 6/28 in all six zones

    i'm at the point where i'm 'done' with this game just like fh1

    this is the best game of this generation however lets bitch a bit first:

    * the offroad races kind of suck, the AI jumps a lot in difficulty and most seem like flat to the floor 200km/h runs thru the country weaving thru trees and houses that stop you dead if you hit them and forces a restart

    this is not fun

    * the world isnt that big and the forcing you to do the same races in different class cars gets old and btw. i'm only Lvl100

    * the constant driving to and from locations wears

    * the AI doesnt have to pass thru checkpoints

    * the car meets are useless and bugged i believe

    * the bucket list are hmmm

    * the photos are hmmm

    * the boards are hmmm

    * the drive model is very very easy, i mean simulation everything, all aids off but then nothing comes close to forza5 but saying that the impression of speed especially in the city is unlike most other games

    thats about it

    the circuit races are the best

    the point to point isnt too bad

    barn finds great

    i liked how even the hot hatches had a rwd option

    i'm in two minds about the versus challenges but theres only 5 and they were piss easy anyway

    of course the gfx audio and the rumble as you pass over grass, ashphalt, bush, light brush is unparrelleled

    i really liked the fact they didnt make you run the finale in the supercars, they made you choose, you could do it in a fiat 500 if you want

    but why did they make you run it twice??? and why are there two finales?

    at this point i'm wondering why i should play on since i'm only 6/28 on the races in each zone
  6. TonyJZX


    also levante fm is the best and suits the scenery

    the no need for tuning is both good and bad

    it sometimes became a tuning war with the AI to see who could tune the best for the race

    also there's some rubberbanding thats painfully obvious
  7. TonyJZX


    the cities seem dead with no people except your moron festival idiots behind the close barriers

    it was like racing in a ghost town (did the festival folks kill all the french and italians?)
  8. Master Weasel

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    So I was fourtunate enough to try the Xbox One version for the first time at a friend's house and I played long enough to do a few championships. Saying I was totally blown away is an understatment.

    One thing that surprised me was how great the game feels with the One controller. Being a wheel user, I was convinced that I would not be able to go back to playing racing games with a controller, but this is an exception. The One controller is the best I ever used for a racing game and I especially like the vibrating triggers.

    And goodness, the graphics. The RAIN. :drool:
    When it begins to rain, the game just transforms right in front of you. It's so atmospheric, especially when it rains at night.

    The car list is top-notch, as usual from Forza. It's almost perfect if the huge number of Ferrari's doesn't bug you. I could've spent all day admiring the car selection.

    There are other things I could talk about but those are my brief thoughts on some things that stood out to me the most.

    Needless to say, I cringe whenever I think of the 360 version. I might play it again for the sake of comparing, but I don't see myself playing it anymore in the long run.

    I'm really tempted to get an Xbox One now. I know I complained about Fanatec wheel compatability in the past, but I'm almost willling to overlook that.
  9. Wolfe

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    I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss the dynamic weather, superior physics (?), extra map, and some of the DLC cars. I'm kinda counting on Project CARS to bury the notion of buying an XBone for only one game franchise, but PG might be launching Forza Horizon 5 on the "Xbox two" by the time PCARS is released, especially the Wii U version. :dopey:
  10. Hey guys. I wasn't sure if I would like the sim cade or arcade or whatever they call it. Anyway after completing the demo I find I like it. Different to Forza 5 but likable. So I have decided to splash out for the downloadable version of the Day One Ultimate Edition with VIP pass and Car Pass for £71.99.

    I have a question though that many people here can answer while the XBone is still downloading the game and the DLC. How much of the game do I need to complete before I can start driving around the open world in multiplayer ?
  11. Ialyrn


    Always best to any game get to 100% before playing.
  12. Nice most features are now unlocked except for clubs feature.

    Is it possible to drive the Mille miglia route in this game?
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    Just got FH2 a few days ago and I have some things to say. After playing the game for 2 days now, I thoroughly enjoy it. The car selection, the map, are all plentiful. For an Xbox 360 game, it doesn't look that bad. There are some weird bugs here and there but they are not anything game-breaking. I could say this was a good choice as my first Xbox game.

    CAMAROBOY69 Premium

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    I still absolutely LOVE this game. The Storm DLC made even better. Then to top that off they released FH2 Fast and Furious as a stand alone game for everyone to play FREE! Playground games has truly has impressed be beyond any of my expectations with this game. :cheers:
  15. UKMikey

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    It was definitely worth the wait and has more than lived up to the hype for me. Now if only Microsoft could have released a console capable of running the game at sixty frames per second at this image quality without breaking gamers' wallets it'd almost have been perfect. We'll have to wait and see whether Forza Motorsport 6 benefits from the work done on this amazing game.
  16. TonyJZX


    I just went back and had a go a Forza Horizon 1 and the Rally DLC and I kinda think FH1 has more to do and less repetition of missions.

    Its kinda funny, I finished playing FH1 in 2013 and only just finished it and it seems more... epic... in scale that Horizon 2.

    The Rally DLC which I hated in 2013 is actually quite ok for what it is and I golded the lot over the last week or so.

    I want to get Storm Island but its $26 here...