Freightliner Cascadia Coming to ATS

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From SCS Blog:

Over the past weekend, we put out a teaser video hinting at a new and upcoming truck that will arrive for American Truck Simulator. Many of our avid fans have immediately identified the make and model of the truck. The hype is real; with the awesome support from Daimler Trucks North America, you will soon get to drive the most popular truck on US' roads!

To quote Freightliner's sales literature, "The Cascadia® is the most advanced on-highway truck Freightliner has ever offered. With more than one million hours of R&D and millions of miles of real-world testing, the Cascadia® is the result of sustained, concentrated investment in the future of trucking. Advanced aerodynamics help it slice through the air and boost fuel efficiency. Freightliner reimagined the Cascadia® interior, starting with the dashboard, which features an all-new instrument cluster and automotive-style steering wheel controls and switch placement, to meet driver needs. The Cascadia® is offered with the Integrated Detroit™ Powertrain, which integrates the most fuel-efficient DD15® and DD13® engines ever designed with the technologically advanced DT12™ On-Highway Series transmissions and specifically engineered Detroit™ steer and high-speed ratio tandem axles for optimal, efficient performance."

You will soon be able to experience the Freightliner Cascadia® for yourself from one of your local in-game dealerships!

There's more information and pictures on the blog, plus a look behind the scenes of capturing all the data for the truck.
Yes! It's finally happening! I can't wait to drive the Cascadia officially (without mods).
It's nice to see this finally make it in the game, I remember them teasing the previous gen. some time ago.

I'm really interested to see how both SCS games grow over the next year, Ibiza will be a great addition to ETS2 and it will be interesting to see where ATS goes since it seems they are really putting some resources into it now.