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Now Open!

Welcome to my very own tracks planet! This thread will show you some track ive created :)

1. The tracks will be separated by 3 categories: Fictional, Replica, and Fantasy.
Fictional: Created by myself but for real purpose of racing.
Replica: Replica of the existing tracks, IRL or not.
Fantasy: The most outrageous, interestingly shaped tracks ive created for art.
Note that the fantasy and replica category may overlap depending on the layout of that track.

2. Probably weekly depends on IRL Situations.

3. You can use my track and upload it on Youtube or such. But it must with me credited as the GTP name.

4. I still got a ton of planning to do. Banner, presentation, and such. The first one may be full of mistakes so just be patient.

5. Quality is key. I try to make all tracks with curbing and well placed ornaments.

6. Finally, i got my PSN on public XD. Dont FR me unless i told you to.

7. Try to be constructive on criticism.

8. Only my best selected tracks are in the track database.

Note that i will not take requests for the earlier stage. I still wanted to experiment a little bit and also expressing myself. I will do it if i have a free time and finishes experimenting.

Hope you like it :)

Download here :) v!/friend/FIRZiGTS/course/
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The track lists:

Week 1 Batch 1: The Prologue (1/10)
Cannonball, Sudenring, Sierra Lakeside, Sentul, Derpway.

Week 1 Batch 2: Replica Fever! (4/10)
Singapore, Willow Kart and Horse Thief Mile, Yoshi Kart, and COTA.

Week 2: MotorSport Vision Favourites! (11/10)
Outlon Park and Cadwell Park.

Week 3: The Rollercoaster (17/10)

Zaandvort and Kyalami (Elevation)

Week 4: The Animals (24/10)
Monstercat and Swansea

Week 5: HIATUS

Week 6: The Older Days (9/11)

Eifel du Mans (2011 and 2015)

Week 7: Real Oriental Tracks (15/11)
Shanghai (Elevation) and Yeongnam Korea GP

Week 8: The Hermit Kingdom
Pyongyang Street Circuit

Week 9: The Long Last One
Eifel Climb
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The Gallery is now open!
The first featured tracks: The Prologue (Date: 1/10):

The Pikes Peak/Can Am like Speed Circuit. Designed for top speed while also pushing the aerodynamic boundaries of the car. So think twice when you reduce the aero. My favourite pastime with Can Am cars on rFactor is now in GT6.

Type: Fictional
Recommended car types: Le Mans Prototypes and Can Am Cars.


A rather relaxing circuit. Enjoy the lakeview and a distant road. Designed multipurpose, for either cruise or real racing.

Type: Fictional
Recommended car types: Touring cars, Formula 3.


Inspired by 1960's racetrack, this track pushes the limit of the car, back before the regulations. No curbs and grandstands (except one on the start line) are needed. Breathtaking views there, just like what 60's racetracks made of.

Type: Fictional
Recommended car types: 1960's Le Mans.


My local track. Pretty great for touring cars and time trials, just like Tsukuba.

Type: Replica
Recommended car types: Touring Cars, GT3, Super GT.


Oh yeah, this. I was featuring this in the main update thread. And now is here for download! Its actually very good for time trial. And it turns out its beautiful too! I was proud of this one, really.

Type: Fantasy
Recommended car types: Light cars.

Thats it folks :)
Again, still just 3 days since last but its ok. Im just too excited to this feature plus im on a bit of a free time. So enjoy.

For all this batch here, except Singapore GP and Yoshi Track, Im going to experiment on creating a track with peeking, not tracing. Results may vary, though. But you do get a sense of elevation changes and various environments instead of the crap that is Eifel flat.

One last thing, there is a BETA tracks. Means its not really in the finished state yet due to the circumstances and time constraints.

Large Batch of Excitement (Before i busy again): Replica Fever!: Date (4/10)

Singaporean official GP circuit. Now in daylight and not in the city.

Type: Replica
Recommended car types: Supercars.


Shame on PD for not including this to GT6 officially. Due to the CM limitation, the track is a bit too large.

Type: Replica
Recommended car types: Karts.


Again like no. 2

Type: Replica
Recommended car types: Tuner cars.

Beta Tracks:


Yaaaay, Mario Kart track! Sadly there is no ornaments yet and the road is a bit too narrow. However, no curbing is intended because karts arent quite friendly for curbs.

Type: Replica, Fantasy
Recommended car types: Karts.


The tracks still not leaning to the right as i can see. I do get the length almost right, though. No curbing and ornaments atm.

See you at the next week :)
Hello again guys!

Added to OP:
- Only my best selected featured tracks are in the track database.

The MotorsportVision Favourites (Date 11/10):

Yay! Great track and quite fast. You just need a right care to race on. DUe to the CM restriction, the start line is on the other place.

Recommended cars: Touring cars, Super GT, GT3.

With elevation since im decided to use the Eifel instead of the flat one. Due to the CM Restriction the shape might bit distorted. But hey it works :) And best of all, its only 0,15 miles from the real life! Tricky corners, narrow road, and elevations. Not suitable for formula cars or LMPs. But fun for touring cars.

Recommended cars: Touring Cars, Tuner Cars, Normal Cars.

Hope you enjoyed it :)

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Hello guys!
- When the track says (Rendition), it may not fully recreated the shape. But the basic feel are pretty close to IRL.

The Rollercoaster (Date 17/10):


Circuit from South Africa. Bit bigger due to CM limitations and the elevations is a bot exaggerated but its more exciting this way. Breathtaking views.

Recommended cars: GT3, Super GT, Touring Cars.


CM limitations made the track looks like that. But overall feels and elevations are close. I like this track. Feels like rollercoaster.

Recommended cars: LMP, Supercars, Touring cars.
Yaaaay, original tracks!

The Animals (Date 23/10 aka a month anniversary):


The track is guaranteed fun with cool elevation changes. It does look like a swan (?).

Type: Fictional
Recomended cars: Le Mans, Supercars.


Aww yissss! Who is the cat i wonder :)

Type: Fictional
Recomended cars: Touring cars, Normal cars.
The GT5 days.

The Older Days (Date 9/11):
Today, i want to introduce you to my track from the older days of GT5. This track are also literally my very first creation from year 2011, thats 4 years ago! Its also on exact shape, almost on elevation, and almost on length. Safe to say, due to even more limitations it was, its quite dangerous.


So since were on GT6, ive updating the track and look for it now!

Adding some chicane so itll be more fun and less dangerous. Experience my very first track ever :)

Type: Fictional
Recommended cars: Le Mans Prototypes, Formula Cars, Touring Cars.
Real Oriental Tracks (Date: 15/11)

Shanghai. Quite a challenging track. Great view. Also with elevation!

Type: Replica
Recommended cars: Le Mans Prototypes, Formula Cars, Touring Cars.


Not the best of track nor the famous. But great for touring cars!

Type: Replica
Recommended cars: Normal Cars, Touring Cars.
Oh yes. Oh my god. This is a thing.

The Hermit Kingdom (Date:21/11)

Based on the Pyongyang Racer game.

Experience the joy of driving through a communist town with dictatorship! With Sierra environment because taking Pyongyang scenery is prohibited with punishment of death, i think.

Type: Fictional
Recommended cars: Normal Cars, Le Mans Cars.
The Long Last One (Date 30/11)

Really great flow. Test both top speed and handling. Long and great view.

Type: Fictional
Recommended cars: Normal Cars, Super GT500, GT3,
This thread is back after 4 months! Note that it will not be weekly anymore so enjoy while lasts.

The Resurrection (Sort Of) (Date 9/4/2016)


Im very proud of this. Originality and such. Tests many aspects of the car. Lap time akin to Spa Francorchamps. Nominee of the Track of the week.


Type: Fictional
Recommended: Le Mans cars, Sport Cars, Supercars


Inspired by the Porsche DLC from Forza 6. This track is really chaos XD

Type: Fictional
Recommended: Sport Cars, Normal Cars


Super speed track. Be careful with the elevation!

Type: Fictional
Recommended: Le Mans cars, Sport Cars, Supercars


This track really corners. View is good too. Dont get distracted!

Type: Fictional
Recommended: Le Mans cars, Sport Cars, Supercars, Normal Cars