Funny Pic Thread. (Episode VI: Return of the Laugh)

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Sonic ZR1

Russian Federation
Tomsk oblast
PSOne = no PSN

Clarkson driving Caterham VEEEEEEEERRRRRYYY fast (scary)




Regarding complaints about Ponies:

Stop complaining. If you don't like them, you don't have to post about not liking them. Seriously, grow up.

I honestly did not understand, or like them at first. But I gotta say that they're growing on me. No, this does not mean I am in support of them, but I think that they are funny.

I'm going to lock this for a little bit and think up some new/revised rules. When I unlock it I expect that there will be no more complaints. This is one of the longest running FPT's we've ever had, and I'd like to see it stay that way.
Unfortunately this thread is to be permanently closed, seeing as someone else took it upon themselves to make a rule-free, and from what I can see.. Utter chaos "Funny Pic Thread"

The revisions to the rules were being discussed in The Infield, and that thread ended with a moderator lock while I was asleep. The result being no consensus on a final draft of rules.

The rules before the lock were to be as follows:

Rule 1: Post funny pictures.
Rule 2: Don't complain about the content of someone elses post if you find it to be not funny. Your sense of humor may vary from theirs, if you do, at least show what you think is funny too.
Rule 3: Do not provide bait to start a flamewar.
Rule 4: Images posted in the thread will not violate the terms set forth in the AUP.
Rule 5: Do not post walls of pictures. A few a day from each user is plenty.
Rule 6: Do not argue about anything, it will be reported and dealt with accordingly.
Rule 7: Don't point that a picture is a repost.That just clutters the thread with unfunny-ness.
Rule 8: Try not to post so many "MemeGenerator" images, the majority of them don't make sense unless you frequent 4chan.
Rule 9: Don't quote a picture that already has been quoted 4 times before.

Sadly. This is the end of the 6th iteration of the Funny Picture thread. I hope that everyone that reads this understands that these rules should apply to the new thread. They aren't hard to follow and they certainly don't restrict you from posting anything.

It was great being your 6th Funny Pic Thread host, this one managed to last the longest with the most amount of content.
Not open for further replies.