Future of Livery Editor Competitions

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Do you think the new idea for deciding a theme is good?

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Do you promise not to start a livery for every idea entered šŸ˜‚
For full disclosure, I can also see the list.

I've yet to finish my LEC 5 entry.
I've yet to start my LEC 6 entry.
I wouldn't worry about me starting one ahead of time, I can't even start them on-time!
Suggestions are only added to the randomizer once I got an entry ready for them :lol:

Best plan of attack is to follow @Nuschel01, take note of each new livery he creates, and log them for a "Future LEC Themes" leak thread where we can speculate and discuss future potential themes and start working furiously on new liveries to conquer any possible eventuality of the LEC.
Thatā€™s crazy. unrelated, how do follow someone, asking for a friend.
Go here and click the little guy with the + next to his head in the top right corner :D

Edit: I have it from a good source that the next theme is ā€œchrome paintā€. Get going everyone.
Iā€™ve always wanted to do a greyscale theme so no colour at all, chromes and metallicā€™s allowed, just white, greys and black
Drop it into the theme suggestion form. Sounds like one that could be fun! I think we did a monochrome comp in GT Sport days too.