Game save for PS3 Virtual Memory, PAL?

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    Looks like these save files are just what I need. I'm having a bit of trouble with them though. When unzipped I'm given a single file called 'GT1andGT2gamesaves' rather than the two files that a PS3 (or old memory card) requires. Should I be doing something else to get to a stage where I have usable files? Please let me know as I've just bought GT2 (UK PAL version) again but my old PS1 memory card with uber cool cars on it seems to be irreparably corrupted. All the saves on (usually the reliable source) are for the US or Japanese release too. I'm so stressed with this that I've started to pull all my fur out.
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    I got it working!!! If anyone else has this trouble, here's how I sorted it and got it working on my PS3...

    - Unzip the file that you downloaded from here called 'GT1andGT2gamesaves'

    - If this leaves you with a file with the same name that Windows doesn't recognise, right click on it and then click on 'Open'.

    - Scroll down the list of programs and click on 'Winrar' (or whatever program you use to unzip files).

    - Go through the unzip process again that this brings up which will then give you a folder called 'PS3' (or a folder called 'GT1andGT2gamesaves' with the 'PS3' folder in it).

    - Copy the 'PS3' folder to a USB flash drive and put it in your USB slot on your PS3.

    - Go to 'Game on your PS3's XMB' and select the USB device

    - Go to the game save that you want to transfer, press the triangle button and choose and 'Copy' (If you haven't created any virtual PS1 memory cards before it will prompt you to create one, but then it will copy it across.)

    Sorted! Big thanks to Famine for uploading these saves. I now have many more cars than I earned myself on my (now useless) memory card all those years ago :)
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    Is there anyway you can put the files up rather than a zip because My computers can't seem to extract them.
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    just download winzip or winrar, they are free and work fine. ps I'm new I signed up so I could come here and try those PAL save files after searching for a couple hours for the same thing as the original poster wanted.. and they work great :tup: playing gt1 ah such memories lol.. I got that game back in 1998..time flys I guess.
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    Thanks for the zipped game save zips but should I even bother? I'm guessing PAL saves won't work with NTSC-US versions?
  6. Famine

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    United Kingdom
    No, they won't.

    However, I now own an NTSC-UC PS2 and I can probably generate an all-gold-licences game relatively quickly if you want one?
  7. ZeroVspec


    Famine if you would be so kind as to generate a NTSC U GT1 and GT2 all gold license with associated prize cars. I would be eternally grateful.
    "IF" you could also generate a NTSC U GT4 save with the licenses all gold and the prize cars as well, with the Garage Named - Zero, that would be awesome.

    If you or someone could help me out with these 3 starter saves, it would help me out tremendously.

    Thanks a million