GBRC Mazda Cup Starts 29/9/19 8pm GMT untill 10pm GMT (3 Places left)

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Back again and missed not being able to race and the loss of points stings still there will be other race events, I managed to get back to the hotel just in time to see 5 mins of the 911's
Sorry to see there where PSN problems setting up the room but seemed like it all settled down so thank you once again Jason for hosting
and Rob for party chat.

So after all that the standings are.......

Darbray 121
Scenga 116
Fido 112
EFC 111
Trevonick 100
Marridian 99
Lunchbox 85
Rob 79
Aldy 67
coke 66
Zolon 65
Bruma 36
KingKong 35
Husky 33
Zeb 23

Its still anybody's at the top and well done so far to the top three to be fair there's still a good position battle for the rest of the field the next track is tight tight tight and look out Roman will be with us.

Me personally I need to get some good results to regain some of the points I've lost from missing a week although I have no chance of getting in the top three unless we have a whip round and send them away for a weekend so they can miss a week but don't think that will happen.

Cant wait to get back to racing with you all so see you Thursday night, there or be square as Carl would say.

Cheers lads.
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United States
This was one of the hardest races I can remember. I'm pleased with my results and my pace.

Race 1. Mack, Fido and Carlos had the pace and the frustrations of the difficulty to pass was starting to get to me and started making mistakes. I eventually fell back into the clutches of Nigel, Jason and Tomos and had some really good battles. After a bit of back and forth and mistakes from Fido and Nigel I was able to hang onto 3rd.

2nd race everyone was jockeying for the same line. I decided since I was in the back to try the outside line and boy did it work! I think I made up 7-8 positions on the first lap alone. Unfortunately Fido who started towards the front was able to build a huge gap and after battling Mark for 2nd it was too late. I just went for fastest laps and see if I could cut off a few seconds. For a while Fido and I were basically running the same laps but I poured in some flyers in the end (and I think he made a mistake). Finished second but not far off and w a fastest lap.

3rd race was the bit of the same of the 2nd race but not as swift through the field. Carlos was really putting some heat on me and even Steve was lurking behind him. I worked my way through the field but this time it was Tomos with the gap and I had to settle for 2nd.

Great hosting tonight and really good battles. You really have to plan your passing opportunities and exercise patience!
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Well what a nights racing that was very busy on track and there was nothing in it one slight mistake and three cars got by in less than a second.

My memories were brilliant racing neck and neck with Mack and Elias lap after lap let alone the other races with everyone else being so quick the only way past in most cases was through somebody making that slight mistake, by the way good to see you back Elias if only to annoy Carl

Theres still only elevan points separating the top four and just as I said last week right through the field there still a few very close points wise who could just get slightly up in the rankings.

So the points are.......

Darbray 159
Carlos 154
etc 151
Fido 148
Meridian 127
Lunchbox 119
Rob 103
Trevonick 100
coke 97
Aldy 87
Zolon 65
KingKong 52
Zeb 51
Husky 47
Roman 44
Bruma 36

Final round next week nice open track but some tricky corners so again should be fun.
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United States
So they're calling for some appalling weather on Sunday which might affect the trip back from my race. There might be a chance I might miss qualifying and there for race 1 but I'll be there.
United Kingdom
So they're calling for some appalling weather on Sunday which might affect the trip back from my race. There might be a chance I might miss qualifying and there for race 1 but I'll be there.
Is this in the New York area?
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
The end of what I think was a brilliant series due mainly to the car, all you lads were close in times and a lot of us on track just the ingredients for great racing.
It was good to see some newcomers and old names join in the series as well,
Steve......KingKong glad you joined us you were getting quicker all the time.
Neil.........Huskybloke you are definitely getting quicker and a podium finish on the last race of the series well done mate I'm sure you'll be there more often. All of us were getting quicker as the series went on but I noted Rob and Andy are really getting their skills honed, what excites me is if this continues we're going to get closer and closer racing as the weeks go by.
A BIG thank you to you all for turning up each week and Jason for hosting chat and covering for me on the Sunday I went away.

So big drum roll..........the results are in........

1 A13DarBray1TS 196
2 EFC125 193
3 GBRC-Scenga77744 160
4 Maridian 157
5 Lunchbox147 153
6 GBRC-Fido-996 148
7 Trevonick 139
8 GBRC_Robant111 136
9 GBRC Cokebloke 135
10 GBRC-Aldy13 110
11 RacingRoman23 82
12 HuskyBloke 76
13 Zolon32 65
14 jjKingKongjj 52
15 Zebaldus 51

Congratulations Tomas for the series win well done Mack and Carl for the other podium positions but well done to all of you we were all battling that one person just ahead of us on points Rob you were always just in front of me after my Sunday away I tried so hard to catch you with the points but didn't get there well done mate